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10 Ways Numerology Affects Your Life

Updated on January 7, 2015

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the age-old mystical study of how numbers correlate with events in history. Because numerology is associated with divinatory arts and the paranormal, much controversy surrounds this topic. Modern scientists no longer recognize numerology as a viable mathematical study, although Pythagoras and other early mathematicians commonly practiced numerology and other numerological divination. Numerologists today still believe an individual's
month, year, and day of birth are closely linked to personal attitudes, career choices, compatibility with others, and more. Discover ten ways numerology affects our lives.

Life Path

Numerology has a direct connection with your life path, which is basically the essence of your life. The challenges, opportunities, and lessons during the span of your life are directly related to your own life path number. To find your life path number, simply add up each single digit in your entire birth date and then reduce that number down to a single digit. Numerology only acknowledges numbers one through nine, so your life path number can only be a single digit unless it is master number - 11, 22, or 33.



Many elements make up your personality, the DNA of who you truly are. Numerology may provide some insight by revealing our surface traits. The personality number in numerology can help explain the characteristics we possess, how we act around other people, and how others perceive us upon first impression. To find your personality number, use the numerology alphabet chart to find the numerical value for every consonant in your first, middle, and last names. Reduce the sum to a single digit number, which is your personality number. Do not reduce master numbers 11, 22, or 33. Individuals with conflicting personality numbers tend to have difficult times bonding due to challenging numerical vibrations.

Finding Your Life Path Number


Finding yourself in a job or career you are compatible or incompatible with may be associated with numerology. Certain life path numbers are better suited for certain careers and totally incompatible with other careers. For example; an individual with the number eight life path might have difficulty working in a creative environment because eights tend to be very concerned about financial security and money. Someone with a number three life path, which represents written and verbal communication, might find him or herself more satisfied in a broadcasting or theatrical career rather working as a software developer or accountant.



We all have different interests that make us unique. Numerology can explain why we might find some activities thrilling and others absolute wastes of time. For instance, those with the number five as their life path number are known for their love of adventure and thrill, while six life paths are drawn to artistic interests like visual and performing arts. Although different life path numbers are linked with different interests, individuals of different life paths can enjoy similar activities.


If people keep telling you about your attitude toward life, numerology might answer your questions. In numerology, the attitude number can explain what a person perceives to be getting from life, and what makes an impression on other people. According to Glynis McCants, a well-known celebrity numerologist, other people don't know what to expect from you if your attitude number and life path number conflict. Discover your attitude number by adding together each digit of the month and day you were born, and then break down the sum into a single digit.

Relationship Compatibility

The world is full of incompatible matches, and people often wonder why relationships crumble. Although a host of factors are involved in relationships failing or succeeding, conflicting life path numbers can make relationships extremely challenging. Individuals of opposite life path numbers often have entirely different outlooks and philosophies on life in general. For example, individuals with the number four life path are typically grounded and thrive in solid relationships, making them incompatible with the three life path number, which is unpredictable and sometimes unstable in relationships.


Have you ever felt out of place in a certain city, yet completely comfortable in another? Every city and state has its own numerological vibration, and we either align or conflict with that vibration. Since certain cities are toxic to certain life path numbers, it's important to consider the numerological vibration of a city and state before moving there. Learn the numerological vibration of a state or city by using the numerology alphabet chart. Find the numerical value for every letter in the name of the state or city, add up those digits, and then break down the sum into a single digit.



A house or apartment may not really feel like home if its vibrational energy is different from your own. The numerical address of your home can determine your level of happiness and comfort. Calculating the numerology for your next home or apartment can ensure you are compatible with the numerical vibration of the property. Simply add each separate numerical digit in the address, and then reduce the sum to a single digit. If that number is not compatible with your life path number, the vibe of that particular property may complement your vibe.

Pet Names

Like humans, animals have their own personalities, and we often wonder about their origins. Your pet's name can actually influence his behavior because of numerological vibrations and astrological correspondences. Whether he is independent, adventurous, reclusive, emotional, or affable can correlate with his name. Learn your pet's numerological vibration by using the numerology alphabet chart to find the numerical value for every letter in his name. Break down the sum of those numbers into a single digit number.


Business Ventures

Business names carry vibrational energy that are either compatible or incompatible with your own vibrational energy. The name of your business is powerful and can determine whether it is successful or not. The address of your business is just as important as the name, and is calculated in the same manner as a home address. Discover whether your business name is right for your personality by finding the numerical value for each letter in the business name, and then reduce the sum to a single digit number. Having your life path number compatible with your business name can ensure a prosperous business.

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