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10 Ways to Save Money Buying Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft Supplies

Updated on February 8, 2019
Elderberry Arts profile image

Claire has worked with crystals, herbs and various aspects of paganism for over ten years. She has also studied reiki up to master level.

Many altar items can be sourced cheaply or for free.
Many altar items can be sourced cheaply or for free. | Source

Over recent years the popularity of paganism and practice of magic has been growing steadily and this has led to an increase in the availability of items associated with these. Most towns have a pagan or witchy type shop stocked with a wide range of items including crystals, wands, candles, tarot cards and incense. These shops can be a great source for tools and materials and also ideal locations for meeting like-minded people. Many of these shops benefit from having experienced staff that can offer guidance and may also run classes or groups or know of other people that do. Pagan and witchy shops can be a great source for altar tools and decorations and may stock books on a wide range of topics such as spells, divination, reiki, crystals and various branches of practice: for example Wicca, green witchery, kitchen witchery or Norse paganism. For many people it is bonus to be able to find all of the items they may want or need in one place and still have a choice rather than being restricted to one brand or type. For those that don’t live close to this type of shop, the internet offers a huge number of online stores to suit every taste and all beliefs.

Unfortunately there are a few downsides to shopping in metaphysical and pagan specific shops on or offline. Firstly they can be expensive and for some this can be very restrictive and mean that they are not able to practice as they would like or as often as they wish. It can also have the effect of making people think that they need all of the items on sale or that they are not a good enough witch because they do not have every tool or a hug range of coloured candles or crystals. However this is not true at all and it is important to remember that no tool will make you a better witch or more dedicated to the gods and goddesses you follow. The true magic and dedication is found within you, in your intent and how you live your life rather than in the items that you own or money you have. Visiting dedicated shops can be difficult for people who want to keep their pagan beliefs or practices private and even potentially harmful for anyone who must keep their true beliefs hidden due to the views of others around them. Sadly there are still a great number of witches and pagans who must follow their path undercover due to misconceptions or risk of persecution from other people.

Handmaking items adds a personal touch to items.
Handmaking items adds a personal touch to items. | Source

Fortunately for anyone that wishes to save money or who is living with a very tight budget there are many options that can be cheaper and yet still easy to access. Many everyday shops sell items that can be used with witchcraft or incorporated into many pagan paths. For example, candles, essential oils and incense have become more widely by people in general and so are stocked in more places now than in the past. A huge variety of herbs are routinely used in cooking and so are easily bought in any supermarket or are already kept within the home and these have many uses for those practices magic.

This more widespread availability of many items not only makes them more accessible but has also helped to blend them into everyday use and culture. These days many people enjoy burning scented candles or incense at home purely because they enjoy the fragrances and essential oils have also gain popularity for use with the newer electric diffusers available. This familiarity can be of great benefit to those who must or wish to hide their path from the people around them as it means that some items are no longer viewed as being unusual, weird or viewed of as only part of some dangerous occult practice or godless belief.

Ten Tips for Witches on a Budget

1. Candles – If you wish to use candles in spells or on your altar, these do not have ben specific spell candles (also sometimes known as chime candles). Any candle is fine but as most spells state that candles should be left to burn down it is worth considering the size of any candle you buy. Large pillar candles are good for general burning or lighting for fragrance but not as suitable for spell work as they take many hours to burn down. Tea light candles and even birthday candles can be good cheap options for candles are can be bought in many shops including some supermarkets, homeware stores and discount shops such as The Dollar Tree or Poundstretcher.

If you burn candles outside of spell work and rituals any leftover wax can be saved. If the candle contained herbs or any other decoration, remove these and the wick and store the wax in a dry container. Once you have a decent amount of wax this can be melted down and used to make new candles. The easiest way to do this is by placing a new wick into a glass container and then pouring the melted wax in. Wick can be bought in one long continuous length or already cut into set lengths. The ready cut wicks often have a small metal wick holder attached that makes them easier to use. This can be fixed into the bottom of the jar with a little melted wax, before the rest is poured in around it. When cutting your own wick you can attach the metal holders yourself or suspend the wick in the container by tying it around a pencil balanced across the top.

2. Charity/Thrift Shops – These can be great sources for a range of items including candles, incense, jars, candle holders and cloths for use on your altar. Many also sell glassware, plant pots and most have book sections that can be a treasure trove filled with books of all kinds. What items you can find will vary from store to store and even day to day depending on what has been donated which can make visiting this type of shop more like treasure hunting, sometimes with great success. Another great aspect of going to charity/thrift shops is that you will be reusing items that otherwise may have been thrown away by their original owners. This helps to protect the environment by preserving resources and cutting down on waste and is a great way to bring repurposing and reusing items into your life and care for the earth. Buying from this type of shop is also helping to support charities and organisations that in turn support others. If you wish you could choose a shop that supports a cause close to your heart or connected to your craft: for example nature based charities if you are a green witch or a foodbank if you are a kitchen witch.

When bringing items home for your craft it is important to cleanse them to remove unwanted energies that may be present. Each item has passed through many people and places on its journey and these are not always pleasant. This is especially true of secondhand items as you do not what type of environment they have been in previously. Cleansing can be carried out simply, for example by burying items in the ground, soaking them in clean or salt water or using smoke from a smudge stick or incense.

Sea shells have many magical properties and can be collected on most beaches.
Sea shells have many magical properties and can be collected on most beaches. | Source

3. Herbs – The herbs that you use in your spells and other craft related activities do not have to be bought from specific witch/pagan shops. Many herbs and spices can be bought in supermarkets and other shops and will be much cheaper. These include rosemary, thyme, parsley, cloves, cinnamon and poppy seeds. There is also no reason why you cannot use herbs that you already have in your kitchen at home. For less common or non-culinary herbs you may need to seek out a dedicated shop or website or alternatively you could research the herbs magical correspondences and substitute it with another that fits your need. For example bay, caraway, mint, rosemary and violet all have healing properties and so can be used in workings of this type.

Many herbs can also be grown at home even if you only have a small amount of space available. Herbs can be grown in pots on a windowsill, patio or balcony even if you do not have a garden. Choose herbs that you use often to help maximise the benefit of growing your own plants and look into harvesting and drying these varieties to boost this even further.

4. Look to Nature – Depending on where you live you may be able to find item for free at local parks, woodland, beaches and other open spaces. This can be a source of many items such as:

  • Leaves
  • Feathers
  • Pine cones
  • Shells
  • Stones
  • Flowers
  • twigs

However these should be collected mindfully and without harming plants and wildlife in the area. If you wish to collect plant material this should be taken from what has already fallen to the ground whenever possible and do not take large amounts from one plant or area, or more than you need.

Herbs can be used to create your own cleansing sticks and incense.
Herbs can be used to create your own cleansing sticks and incense. | Source

5. Buy in Bulk – Although this option will cost more in the outset it can be a good way of saving money in the long run. In most cases it is cheaper per item to buy a larger packet of an item than to buy two smaller ones over time. It may also be possible to find bargains in bulk/wholesale shops or online. Some of these will sell to individuals as well as businesses and have small minimum orders making them more accessible. Larger lots of items such as crystals, candles and herbs can also often be found on eBay cheaply and are good if you use these regularly.

6. Aim for Quality – If you can, in many cases it is worthwhile paying more for a better quality item as this will last longer. Very cheap versions may save money now but if they do not last long before breaking you will need to then pay again to replace them or continue on without them. For items that get a lot of use or are more long term purchases such as divination tools it is worth saving up to buy a quality item even if it means waiting a little longer to buy.

Many glass containers can be reused or repurposed.
Many glass containers can be reused or repurposed. | Source

7. Recycle Jars and Bottles – Save any glass food containers from things such as baby food, drinks, cooking sauces, condiments and sandwich spreads. Once the contents are finished thoroughly wash and dry these free containers and then they can be used in many ways. Some examples of how to use these include:

  • Storing herbs
  • Holding crystals
  • To store candles
  • As witches bottles/jars
  • In jar/bottle spells
  • To create magic charms such as house protection bottles

You can also save and reuse jars and other glass containers from candles and any other items such as stationary supplies or health and beauty products. If the container originally held a candle then it may be suitable for reusing as a candle holder or for making your own candles in. However care must be taken using other glass containers with candles as some may crack or break from the heat.

8. Gifts – If you able to ask for items that you need or want as birthday or holiday gifts. You could also trade items with other witches in your area, for example duplicate crystals or candles if you have several of the same colour or scent. For people who are unable to be open about their pagan beliefs or practice of witchcraft a good option can be to show an interest in connected items without mentioning either. IF you wanted to collect crystals, for example, you could borrow books on geology and crystals from the library or research them online without creating too much suspicion from those around you. Following on from that you could start to buy crystals and display them at home. The same applies to candles (especially scented) and incense as many people use these without any connection to paganism or magic at all.

If you enjoy art you can create pieces to fit your path, for example to represent sabbats or the seasons.
If you enjoy art you can create pieces to fit your path, for example to represent sabbats or the seasons. | Source

9. Foraging – As followers of nature it is great to be connected to the energy, plants and wildlife that live in your local area. One way to do this is to learn what lives and grows nearby. The next time you are out in local parks and spaces or even just walking along the street to work or school, pay attention to the plants and trees that you see along the way. You will surprised by the variety of things that grow even in the busiest cities. If you are not familiar with identifying plants there are many reliable guides that are available to buy as well as websites and apps. One example of this is The Woodland Trust Tree identification app (UK). This can be used to identify trees by various features such as leaf shape, fruit and bark type or to browse and read information on a huge number of tree species. This knowledge can further help your practice by helping you to safely forage for plants growing wild or in collecting items such as horse chestnuts, acorns and various fruits and berries that grow wild in many areas. It is very important to be certain of the type of plant before picking, especially if it is to be eaten, burnt or used on your body in any way. Some potentially dangerous plants look very similar to safe varieties or are only safe for use in some ways. As with collecting items from nature do not take too much of one plant or item or cause damage to any that are growing nearby. When collecting nuts, seeds, fruit and berries it is also important to ensure that there is plenty left for the animals and bird that live in the area to eat.

10. Crafting – There are many items that you can make yourself at less cost than buying them, even if you are not particularly artistic or crafty. Plain candles can be carved with sigils and symbols representing your intent and can also be heated slightly and rolled in herbs to empower them. Magical oils can be made using plain plant oils, herbs seeds and other items and it is also possible to create your own loose incense blends using herbs, resins and other plant materials. If you enjoy art or crafts as hobbies there are many ways that these can be incorporated with magic and paganism. When you are making your own items for use they can be infused with your intent during creation, making them personal to you and many people also believe that this enhances their power. Some ideas you could try include:

  • Painting or drawing pictures of your deities
  • Cross stitching relevant designs for decoration, placing on your altar or using in spells
  • Sewing small bags for spell/mojo bags or protection items such as tarot cards or runes
  • Carving a wand from a fallen tree branch
  • Drawing your own set of tarot cards
  • Creating a set of runes using found stones, wooden shapes or sliced branches
  • Model figures, candle holders or element representations using airy drying clay or Fimo/Sculpey
  • Make crystal or pagan/magic themed jewellery

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Claire


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    • Elderberry Arts profile imageAUTHOR


      2 months ago from Surrey, Uk

      Thank you, it is much appreciated. Yes, cleansing is very important. I am going to add a note on that for those newer to the craft, just in case.

    • Dale Hyde profile image

      Dale Hyde 

      2 months ago from Tropical Paradise on Planet X

      You have done an excellent job of sharing on how to save some money whilst practicing the craft! We, in our household, apply all that you have mentioned and have for years. No matter the source, we always do remember to cleanse any and all prior to using them in the craft. Cleansing immediately upon bringing them into the home is the best way to not forget. There are some very simple ways to do this that works very well. We use salt most of the time.

    • Elderberry Arts profile imageAUTHOR


      2 months ago from Surrey, Uk

      I definately agree on that and I find that often it's not just money that is saved, but resources and so our planet too. Can save us time too if we can find a way to use what we already have.

    • Elderberry Arts profile imageAUTHOR


      2 months ago from Surrey, Uk

      Thank you :) Every penny saved helps.

    • Blue Wolf Writer profile image

      Gemma Newey 

      2 months ago from United Kingdom

      Fantastic post. Great idea. Most witches are on a budget in this day and age.


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