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5 most important Christian Principles

Updated on December 31, 2011


One thing that we notice in 2 Kings7:3 is that the deliverance of the lepers started from a question, 'Why sit we here till we die?' Do you know that if they had not asked that question, they would have died unknown? If you ask yourself the right question, you will not remain in the same spot. But if you are not used to asking why certain things turn out the way they did, or why you have continued to suffer from a particular problem, you may not see its end. If you look through the bible, you will find so many questions human beings, animals and spirits have asked. Do you take things for granted?Your present situation is the product of certain steps, actions and decisions you took yesterday. Always remember to ask yourself 'why?'


Those that can satisfy the King of kings these days must be tough and rugged. They must be people who can tolerate hardship and this is well stated in Timothy 2:3. Some believers easily melt under pressure. If some people go through a few days of hunger for their faith in Christ, they will call it quits with Christ. Those the Lord will us for greater works, those who will carry his latter House glory and be recognized as the Sons of God are rugged. They develop thick skin to afflictions, persecutions, difficulties and problems. For such people, discouragement and disappointment cannot stop their journey to Heaven. They would prefer to starve like the four Hebrew Children in Babylon than partake of the portion's of the king's meat. They are immune to abuses. If you still easily blow your roof over an abuse, you are not yet hardened enough for the Master's use


Apart from changing people and turning negative circumstances around, prayer can also change doubt to trust and fear into faith. You are either a doubter or a believer. You either operate in faith or fear. Every doubter is a potential believer. If you pray, the worst doubter can become the strongest believer. Doubting Thomas is a case point. He Doubted the Resurrection of Christ until Jesus visited the disciples and addressed his disbelief. Years later, Thomas went to India and was used mightily in signs and wonders. Is there someone who is doubting your ability to perform? Is someone finding hard to trust you? You can turn it around by tarrying on your knees in payer. If you can pay that price in your prayer closet, the same doubter will doubter will become your staunchest fan, supporter and heralder


When God visits the hopeless, hope is always restored. There was a woman whose mother was blind. They were very poor. They could not afford to pay the rent for their apartment, so it began to accumulate. Each time the landlord visited, he was forced to give them more time because of the plight of the blind woman. After being unable to collect his rent for several years, the landlord told her that if she did not pay her rent by the following day, he would have no choice but to evict her. Then the woman cried and prayed to the Lord all night but she fell asleep in the process. She was jolted out of her sleep in the morning with the strong aroma of a good meal emanating from her kitchen. There she met her mother cooking and her mother told her that the Lord had opened her eyes overnight because she had prayed so hard to him. After breakfast, she went to check her mail and discovered a letter which showed that her uncle of hers had died but left all his wealth to her

Are you going through a very impossible situation presently? Have you Lost all hope for a better end? Does it seem too late to intervene in your situation? Take Courage for God will not be late concerning your matter and he everything already figured out


We are called to run a race- a marathon. The Christian is not something you run for a few days and retire. One reason why believers drift off from the Christian race is because they are prepared to go the whole hog in the first place. Their salvation experience was superficial: it had no depth- no root. So many are still in the race- just temporarily, until they get an impressive and irresistible offer from the world. The reason some people refuse to take bribe or partake in some fraudulent activities is because they consider the amount involved too small to meet their fancy. But if it is sizable enough, they are prepared to dump their faith in Christ. Such people do not have root. When fierce winds blow, it is the deep-rooted tree that survives. Are you a rooted or rootless Christian?


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you for this marvelous missive. It is powerful and you delivered it gracefully. The story of the blind woman is awesome! How about that! God is Great.