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7 reasons to start a church

Updated on May 1, 2013

It's Biblical

Days after Jesus left, the church planting movement began. It started in Jerusalem with the Apostles. Paul (formerly Saul of Tarsus) took the church planting movement to Western Asia and modern day Europe. The first generation of church planters spent a few months planting a work, and then would find a leader from within the group of new converts. Paul planted church after church after church. This is simply the best method to evangelize the world as Jesus called us to in Matthew 28. The church is the most effective way to effect a culture and a people group.

There are more tools than ever

Granted, to be effective all we need are God's Word and Holy Spirit, however, today the internet and technology have aided in the work. More than ever, encouragement can be found in social media, online information, and communication. It leaves no excuse for us. Today we can look up how someone else effectively used social media to reach people, how someone began meeting in a school, how a church used outreach to grow their congregation. The number of resources available to a church planter today are incredible! Use them.

It's easier to give birth than to raise the dead

You've known it for a long time. It's just easier to start a church on the right track than it is to redirect a dying church into a healthy relationship with God, community, and it's leadership. This is not a call to give up on hurting churches. In fact, more than ever we need veteran church re-builders to aggressively go after our dying churches. However, the good news is, many are looking for a new church to replace their church that just died. There are infinitely more people who need the church to reach them with the gospel.

The great advantage of a new church is that it can start off on the right foot. There are no traditions, nobody is stuck in their ways yet. We can't let fear of failure keep us from starting new thriving works for God.

church planting creates excitement

People genuinely love Jesus. They want to be excited about their faith. Building a new church builds excitement. There is no greater venture to attempt. When people get involved in a church plant it gives them ownership. Suddenly they are concerned with who comes to church. They get to watch first hand as lives are changed and a church is established.

It forces tough decisions

When a church is portable (renting), has little to no staff, and little to no income, things get tough. Tough decisions have to be made. This is not always bad. It forces us to really evaluate what is important to us. When money is tight we have to cut what isn't absolutely necessary. This forces health to become vital. A church that is early in development has to value the health of the body. This is how growth takes place. Sadly, many churches place value on other areas as the budget, staff, and resources increase. It's good from time to time to see what it is that is absolutely necessary.

Here's the point, the early church had persecution, no buildings, little money, but they knew what was important. They knew what they couldn't go without. Worship, fellowship, and encouragement were always valued.

It builds Faith

Watching God use normal people to do extraordinary things will increase the faith of even the weakest believer. It brings you to a realization of just how capable our God is of using such incapable people. Suddenly, anything becomes possible. Planting one church becomes planting five churches, which leads to a movement in a community.

It builds the kingdom

God uses the church to reach people, to encourage believers, to build faith. His church is His gift to us. He loves His church, He expects us to do the same. We need churches everywhere that people live. God loves the church (not the building, but the body) because it is His people. The church should not be a place that is constantly building facilities, building it's staff, or it's reputation. The goal of the church is to build the kingdom. This will require staff, buildings, and community involvement, but they can't be the primary goal.


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