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10 secrets to making the law of attraction work and what you may be doing wrong

Updated on June 16, 2010

10 secrets to making the law of attraciton work for you and what you may be doing wrong

10 Secret Reasons why the law of attraction may not be allowing your desire to manifest what you can do about it.

1.You are asking using the wrong tone.

The universe responds well to lighthearted requests. It does not respond well to aggressive hostile or angry approaches such as. I want my soul mate now! And it does not respond well to whinging like “I need my soul mate why haven’t I met my soul mate.” When “asking” it is important to approach the universe with the mind set that, if this happens-great! If it doesn’t happen, so what I’m OK where I am anyway. Desperation is never good when asking the universe for assistance either. The rule of thumb is…whatever emotional state you are in when you are asking, is the exact emotional state that the universe will return to you. Ask your desire and through experience so be sure to be light casual friendly and optimistic. Try these examples: I would just love it if….My boyfriend to be asks me to marry him Please bring me…. A great guy with a huge bank account and a great ass I love to think that….My soul mate lives in ________just like I do

2.You may not be asking the universe consistently

Asking consistently is something you will have to do if you have not achieved your own personal spiritual connection to the universe yet. Basically this can be done through prayer and or meditation, or just by wanting your desire badly enough through your vibration. Some examples of asking consistently are: Asking through prayer for 3 weeks at night before you drift off to sleep Taking 5 wishing minutes per day to visualize your desire with more and more detail each time Speaking about your desire to others and taking practical steps to achieve it

3.You have been asking too much

Asking too much so sometimes not good too. The universe wants to be sure that it can now go about its work in getting what you desire. If you are still asking then the message is that you have not finished the refining stage in asking. So how much should you ask? Once you have asked consistently for 3 weeks that is sufficient.

4.You are not backing up your asking with physical actions

This is a biggie You cant say oh guides please send me 1 million dollars. You expect someone to just show up one day at your door with 1 million dollars just for you. If only it worked that way. You must create many entry points for your desire to manifest in your life. So if you want that million dollars. Play the lottery, entry contests on line, visualize, know what you will do with it when you get it. Start dressing, and or behaving in some way as if you already have it. Then you have set the stage, and the universe send it to you.

4.Your asking are unrealistic for you starting point. Your present life.

This is very important especially in for desires which are what I call 1000 miles away. 1000 miles away desires are. …..With this universe says I'm trying to send it to you but bring your self in closer just a little bit to help me.

5.Its not your time to attract

This is another “biggie.” As an astrologer I know exactly what this means. I can tell you. If it’s not time its not time. However you can find out by having an astrologer check for you when the likely time will be that you will achieve what you desire. Astrology is a great tool for that.

6.You are lacking the emotional or otherwise portal (entry point) or (opportunity)for that object or person to enter into your life.

7.You are emotionally blocked from receiving it( carrying too much negative baggage.)

This is also a biggie. Clean up your life. And do it now! Here are some pointers. Get rid of your T.V. or otherwise greatly reduce the amount of time you spend watching Don’t waste your time chatting it up with “toxic” people Don’t waste your processes thinking about “toxic” people and how to handle them Don’t bother with “toxic” relationships. They aren’t worth it and confuse the universe as to what it is exactly that you want in your life.

9.You are fixated that it must enter your life in one specific way in one specific form.

I think we are all guilty of this. Here's my example. Actually if you want something you have a reason why you want it. Think of that one reason. Don’t be focused on 5 or 6 just one. The universe will take care of the rest. And does it so perfectly. Trust it! Don’t expect Mr or Mrs right to look or act a certain way. The universe will handle all of this for you. But go ahead put in one thing you like such as. “ Send me a man who is a Christian, or send me a woman who is the same ethnicity as me. The universe handles the rest. Stay open.

10.You have not yet asked the universe

You must ask. Choose a time and ask. Quietly and gently and know that you are OK. You universe loves you and wants your requests. So ask ( Read the chapter on how to ask)

11.You are unhappy where you are

Do whatever you have to do to start feeling better about your self. If you want to lose weight, do it. If you don’t want to be in that relationship. Don’t. If you have a friend who's always putting you down. Get together just once in a while, you will start to feel better even. And just talk on the phone sometimes. If your roommates get on your nerves, keep your door closed. Bring yourself peace, it doesn’t look for you. Any number of these means you are either not ready, or too focused about you goal. don’t give away your power give away your television Ask allowing be specific Law of attraction be selfish enough to say no Love and trust not fear and doubt Astrology be open, the law of attraction may be giving you what you want don’t notice it due to expectation 5-10 wishing minutes a day Manifesting money Your guides tools summary universe bring you what you ask for what you think about Regarding soul mates we have more than one so don’t feel that yours is that one person out of a billion that must be found I can assure you have at least 40 you just haven’t been speaking the language of the universe to allow the universe to assist you in meeting that special person.


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    • Danster547 profile image

      Danster547 7 years ago

      Wow these are some great tips!

      Check out this amazing story about how

      the law of attraction turned my life around

    • profile image

      Christine 7 years ago

      These was very helpful.thanks