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What a New Age Magazine Says about God: Fact or Fiction? Book

Updated on January 12, 2014

God: Fact or Fiction?: Exploring the Relationship Between Science, Religion and the Origin of Life.

This book deals in a very user friendly way with the BIG questions: What is the Big Bang? Can God's existence be proved? Does our universe reveal design? Was Jesus just a myth?

The Genesis of Brendan Roberts' inquiry is his deep Christian faith combined with personal revelation and experience. He also has a fascination for intelligent design, cosmology, microbiology and science. These are the elements he uses to show that the progress of the last century is science, far from contradicting religious belief, has illuminated the stunningly elegant design of the universe.

Roberts' writing is significant in its inclusions and dissections of both science and the long held intuitions along with deeply buried knowledge in the collective consciousness that the hand and mind of a God, is evident in creation.

Liberating discoveries about the startling nature of reality are a major force for change, undermining commonsense ideas and old institutional philosophies...Part 1 of the book shows that intelligent design is evident in living cells; within species; within nature; within our solar system, within the Universe.

Brendan postulates the theory that science alone is not the answer to the quest for answers to life and to knowledge. Religion and science together give us the wholeness to build a more complete picture of who and what we are. He says, "If you throw away science, you are left with various religious parties quibbling over scientific meanings. Alternatively, without religion, some scientists would seek to stretch the moral limits of science, and without moral constraints, there is no hope."

Brendan's own belief in and love of God comes through strongly throughout the book, affirming humanity's place as the crown of God's creation. We are the only species to be created with an eternal soul, and the only species to reason between right and wrong, good and evil.

An excellent book to pick up when you begin to wonder, yet again, who am I, where am I, and what am I? But it is Brendan's scientific knowledge underpinning the text, which ultimately increases our awareness of how truly 'awesome' our Creator is.

See Brendan Roberts' website for further details of God: Fact or Fiction?.


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      Asish 3 years ago

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      Aspen 3 years ago

      What a pleasure to find someone who idtefieins the issues so clearly