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100 Greatest Urban Contemporary Gospel Slow Jams Pt. 1

Updated on February 24, 2017

In no particular order ...

1. (3 way tie) True Love, Spend Some Time, Start All Over Again * Parkes Stewart

2. You Are My Everything * Virtue

3. My Love * Deleon Richards featuring Tim Miner

4. Could This Be The One * Al Green

5. Love The Hurt Away * Tim Miner featuring Brian McKnight

6. Cry No More * Virtue

7. It's You * Kingdom

8. Wonderland * Darwin Hobbs

9. Love Wouldn't * Kelli Williams/ David Hollister

10. Smile On Me * The Winans


11. Love Won't * Angie & Debbie

12. You Must Know * Tim Miner

13. Colorblind * Cindy Cruse

14. Wish Me Love * Nicole

15. Anytime * Scott Springer/ Jon Gibson

16. He Watches Over You * Sandi Patti/ BeBe Winans

17. Dear Friend * Charlie Peacock

18. Fly Like The Wind * Jon Gibson

19. It's Real * Crystal Lewis

20. G-o-o-d Times * The DeBarge Family

21. Count On Me * Whitney Houston/ CeCe Winans

22. In Harm's Way * BeBe Winans

23. Glad You're Here * Daniel Winans & The Second Half

24. From The Heart * Keith Staten

25. Older * Kelli Williams featuring Tonex


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