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101 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home And Life

Updated on June 20, 2011

How To Feng Shui Your Home And Your Lifestyle Yourself

What exactly is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is a Chinese astrology and science that focus on the balance between yin and yang. It is the balance of the energy in an area that will have a significant impact on the people in the space. By practising good feng shui, one can improve his or her health, fortune and wealth considerably. The practise of feng shui dates back to thousands of years ago with the idea that everything in the world and the nature is filled with Chi or energy and how this energy occupies a space which brings in a good harvest.

Feng (pronounced Fung) represents wind, where Shui (pronounced Shway) stands for the element of water. The belief is that the harmonious balance between gentle winds and clear water, leads to health and fortune.

When one applied feng shui correctly in his or her home or any space, he or she can benefit the good luck and good fortune that will be bestowed. The principles of feng shui is very simple. One has to just create a harmonic environment within your home by ensuring that the chi energy and the balance of yin and yang are enforced in the home. By doing so, it will increase your wealth and prosperity and also increase the happiness that occurs within the four walls of your home.

Basically, your home is not just a structure of walls, but also a sanctuary for you to relax and reprieve from everyday buzzling life. It is strongly believed by the Chinese that the elements of your home will greatly affect your daily life and Feng Shui can help direct this.

One thing that you must take note when learning feng shui is that, it is not feasible to become a feng shui expert overnight, especially since learning how to apply feng shui cures and remedies in your home demands a very careful study into the geography and orientation of the property itself. In addition, it is also essential for you to determine the various aspects such as the Chinese zodiac signs and the lucky KUA Number of each household member. There are numerous factors that you have to take into account when trying to create the 'perfect' or ideal feng shui setup at home.

Therefore, there is a need for you to understand the basics of Feng Shui before you try to do your own Feng Shui arrangements at home or your workplace. My advice is you should read up more on feng shui books and find more feng shui resources to study so that you can build up your feng shui knowledge foundation before you start to apply feng shui tips into your home and life. It is very important for us to master the feng shui basics and realize that feng shui is not a religion but a science. In addition, we need to ensure that we do not become superstitious after learning Feng Shui as it would only do more harm to us than good. We should not go to the extreme aspects and cause inconveniences for ourselves.

A simple rule for learning and applying Feng Shui is; There should be a balance for everything and so is Feng Shui. You will have to learn feng shui the right way and apply it correctly in your home and life. You must understand the reasons behind feng shui thoroughly before you try to apply any of the Feng Shui Tips. In fact, all of us can benefit from Feng Shui if we ensure a balance when applying this art of improving our lifestyle.

Simply embrace your environment and exudes positive energy through love and joy, and it will reflect the same chi energy back to you. Always remember that Feng Shui is about balance and harmony.

Feng Shui Basics - How To Calculate Your KUA Number And Know Your Auspicious Directions

One of the most important thing when learning and applying feng shui is to know the four corners of your living space that are most auspicious for you.

Basically, the four auspicious corners are your luckiest and most fortunate spots in any room, office or apartment for you. If you sit, sleep or work in any of these 4 auspicious locations, you will benefit considerably with good luck and good fortune, and even ward off bad luck. The formula used to find out your 4 auspicious corners is through calculation of your personal KUA Number according to your year of birth. Lets try to learn how to calculate your personal KUA Number here.

The first thing is to know your own lunar calendar year of birth. Remember that it is NOT your western calendar year of birth, but your Chinese lunar calendar year of birth. Take extra note that if you are born before the lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) each year, then you must deduct 1 from your year of birth (This only affects those who are born before February but it is also useful to check a lunar calendar to be exact). For those who are born after the lunar New Year, you need not deduct 1 from your year of birth, i.e your year of birth remains as it is.

Once you managed to find out your lunar calendar year of birth, you will need to add the last two digits. Keep adding the digits until you obtain a single digit number. For example, if your lunar calendar year of birth is 1974, then just add the last 2 digits which is 7+4=11. Next, you need to keep adding the digits 1+1=2 to get a single digit number. Finally:

For Men, deduct this number from 10. The result is your KUA number.

For Women, add this number to 5. The result is your KUA number.

If you get two digits after doing the above, keep adding until you reduce it to one digit. You need to obtain a single digit and that single digit will be your Personal KUA Number.

Once you know your personal KUA number, you can find out your auspicious locations. Refer to the information below to learn about your auspicious corners & locations:

If your KUA Number is 1: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are Southeast, East, South, North.

If your KUA Number is 2: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are Northeast, West, Northwest, Southwest.

If your KUA Number is 3: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are South, North, Southeast, East.

If your KUA Number is 4: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are North, South, East, Southeast.

*If your KUA Number is 5: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are Men: Northeast, West, Northwest, Southwest. / Women: Southwest, Northwest, West, Northeast.

If your KUA Number is 6: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are West, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest.

If your KUA Number is 7: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, West.

If your KUA Number is 8: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are Southwest, Northwest, West, Northeast.

If your KUA Number is 9: Your Auspicious Corners & Locations In Descending Order Of Luck are East, Southeast, North, South.

Calculation of your KUA Number in Feng Shui is based on personal birth dates, and the compass points that indicate auspicious locations also indicate the best directions. To determine the best directions for your sitting, sleeping and working positions, you must also know what your personal best directions are.

Based on individual KUA numbers, the Formula describe the specific types of good and bad luck of all the eight directions of the compass. Visit 101 Feng Shui Tips Dot Com to refer to the table for easy reference of your Auspicious & Inauspicious Directions.

3 Amazing Tips On How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom For Good Health

In the context of Feng Shui, one of the most important place that you should Feng Shui is your bedroom. Your bedroom is a sanctuary for you to relax and rejuvenate. Your bedroom should be free from clutter and must be a comfortable space for you to rest. By applying good feng shui into your bedroom, you are creating good chi energy to flow smoothly in your bedroom space and bring good luck and good fortune to you and your loved ones.

  1. Sleep In Your Personal Tien Yi Direction
    You should sleep with your head pointing in your personal Tien Yi (Health) direction to ward off illnesses and sickness and bring good health to you. This is one potent feng shui cure to ensure good health and longevity in your life.
  2. Place A Brass Wu Luo Besides Your Bed
    To ensure good health and longevity, you should hang a brass wu luo on the left side of your bed. Wu Luo is known to ward off sickness and diseases and bring good health to its owner. 
  3. Never Sleep Facing The Door
    You should never sleep with your feets or head facing directly at the door. This is very bad feng shui as this position is how the dead are being placed and carried out. Always avoid sleeping with your feets or head facing the bedroom door.

3 Amazing Feng Shui Tips To Feng Shui Your Wealth

There are numerous feng shui tips to help you feng shui your wealth and bring great abundance into your life. Feng Shui is extremely effective in the area of activating wealth luck and bring good money luck into your home and life. We are going to touch on the 3 most powerful feng shui tips to activate your wealth luck and bring great prosperity into your life.

  1. Carry The Chinese 3-Coins Tied With A Red Thread
    The Chinese 3-Coin tied with a red thread is a very auspicious feng shui symbol. You can carry it in your wallet or in your bag to attract money luck and wealth luck into your life.
  2. Display A Money Plant At The Southeast
    To attract abundant wealth and money luck, you should display a money plant at the Southeast of your home. Money plants are known to bring great wealth luck and prosperity to anyone who displays it in their home. However, please take note that you should not place any live plants in your bedroom as your bedroom is a place for rest.
  3. A Three Legged Frog For Luck
    Frogs and Toads are generally regarded as auspicious creatures that bring wealth luck. Place the three legged frog symbol near the vicinity of the front door BUT facing inwards, as if it has just come into the house. This signifies wealth and money coming into your home.


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    • Fengshoot profile image

      Fengshoot 5 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, I do really believe in Feng shui Way of Arranging items, Decorate the house,to bring more positive energy for our house

      If you need an Information about how to decorate your living room in feng shui way, you can visit my website

    • profile image

      fengshui for office 7 years ago


      thanx for sharing this is nice article.. i like what you said about office desk. "Your desk will reflect you," says B.J.

      Gorman, author of "The Ch'i of Body and Place." can you address a bit more about THE DIRECTION TO SIT WHEN



    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 8 years ago

      Hi ,I love reading about vastu and feng shui,thanks for the tips.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      This was a very interesting read. I'll need to look into it more fully. :D

    • thanglynn07 profile image

      thanglynn07 8 years ago from Long Beach, CA

      Wow. That was a lot to take in...Looks like I need to rearrange my bedroom. Thanks for the great tips!