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54 Names Of Lord Vishnu

Updated on August 21, 2014

Acyuta-One who has never lost his nature and powers

Ahah-Luminous one

Anuttamah-He than whom there is none greater

Amrtah-One who is deathless

Anaghah-The sinless one

Amoghah-One whose worship will bear ample fruits

Aniruddhah-One who has never been obstructed from manifesting in various forms

Bhutabhrt- One who governs the universe

Bhavah-Pure existence

Bhutatma-The in dweller of all objects

Bahusirah-One with innumerable heads

Caturatma-One who assumes different forms

Govindah-One who pervades all words, giving them powe

Hrsikesah-One under whom the senses subsist

Isanah-One who controls and regulates everything

Isvarah-The omnipotent being

Janardanah-He to all devotees pray for for worldly success and liberation

Kesavah-One whose locks are beautiful

Lohitaksah-One whose eyes are red

Lokadhyaksah-He who witnesses the whole universe

Madhavah-The consort of Mahalakshmi

Madhusudanah-The destroyer of the demon, Madhu

Punya - One who has revealed what is holy through the Vedas

Punarvasuh - One who dwells again and again in the bodies as the Jivas

Pundarikaksah - One whose eyes resemble the petals of Lotus

Paramatma - The Supreme One

Purusottamah - The greatest among all Purusas

Padmanabhah - One in whose navel the Lotus, the source of the Universe stands

Pratardanah - Destroyer of all at the time of Cosmic dissolution

Pranah - The Supreme Being

Prajapatih - The Master of all living beings

Rudrah - Lord Shiva who drives away sorrows

Saksi - One who witnesses everything

Sriman - One on whose chest Goddess Sri always dwells

Sivah - Pure One

Sarvesvarah - The Supreme Lord

Sargah - One who is the cause of creation

Svasti - One whose auspicious form is characterized by Supreme Bliss

Sisirah - One who is shelter to those who are burning in the three types of worldy Fires

Trilokadhrk - One who supports all the three worlds

Upendrah - One born as the younger brother of Indra

Urjitah - One of infinite strength

Urdhvagah - One who is above everything

Visnuh - One who pervades everything

Vasatkarah - Yajna

Visvakarma - One whose power of creation is unique and wonderful

Vikrami - The courageous one

Visva-Retah - The seed of the Universe

Vedah - One who bestows Jnana on Jivas

Vamanah - One who has to be devoutly worshiped

Vidvattamah - He who has got the unsurpassable knowledge of everything

Virocanah - One who shines in many ways

Yamah - One who regulates all, remaining within them

Yogah - One attainable through Yoga


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    • profile image

      koushik singh 

      4 years ago

      first time i came to known about 54 names of lord vishnu thanks sir


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