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11 to 25 of 100 Tough Questions Answered

Updated on December 30, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

11. Does God Exist?

Yes. The Bible tells us that God has placed a desire to know Him in our hearts which explains why man has this longing to find a supreme being. If evolution were true we would not have this desire nor would we have even the concept of what a god or God would be. Evolution is totally void of any idea of the spiritual realm and does not contain in its framework, any mention or evidence for a spiritual world. In fact the process itself is described as a non-thinking, non-comprehending, non-emotional, non-possessing process which is robotic in function and nature.

With this ‘father’ of all that exists there is no room for this desire to know God and it cannot explain why this desire exists. There is the excuse that man wants more than what he sees in this world and they want some sort of hope. Yet if evolution is absent of and has no concept of hope, how could it instill such feelings into what it evolves? It can’t. There is no possible way that evolution could impart to its ‘offspring’ what it itself does not possess nor can conceive.

An example, man has always wanted to fly like the birds and history plus mythology are filled with tales of each attempt to master the art of flying, more without success than otherwise. In the last century man was finally able to invent and construct airplanes yet if there had been no birds to give man the concept of flying, then there would be no planes or helicopters today.

Since evolution is described as a non-thinking, non-feeling, non-comprehending process it is impossible for it to for it to ‘create’ anything we see today or even know which abilities or characteristics would be needed for each individual animal. How would it know to evolve the camel to survive in the desert? It couldn’t, for it wouldn’t even know that deserts existed or would exist. How would it know what changes to make and be able to make those changes in time before the species became extinct? It couldn’t without foresight, planning, comprehension; understanding of how things work it is i possible for evolution to do anything it is credited with doing. How do we know God exists? By the very fact of creation and the impossibility of alternatives.

12. Is Evolution True?

No. One of the fatal flaws that evolutionists face is that everything they say evolution did is only attributed to it, scientists have no evidence nor proof that: 1. evolution is responsible, or 2. that that the process actually exists. The whole theory has come from the fertile imagination of a man who is a self-confessed non-believer and who felt his original belief in God never took. Thus it is safe to say that this theory is a product of a deceived man who could not provide any proof other than theory or conjecture.

Even the advocates of this theory who accept Darwin’s premise can do no better. At best they can only do what they criticize Christians of doing and that is trying to prove a pre-conceived idea. In a lecture given by an evolutionary scientist (details have been forgotten) it was stated by the lecturer that in one experiment, ‘if evolution were true, such and such would take place. It did and evolution must be true…” The problem with this statement is that it is very mis-leading for the scientist ignored the fact that he was trying to prove a pre-conceived idea and that he did not include the fact that alternatives to evolution could produce the same result.

Such ideas are conveniently omitted and the manipulation of the facts produce a false conclusion and show that objectivity is not in the evolutionary laboratory. This kind of trickery is what confuses the unaware believer. The evolutionist uses his credentials as a scientist to create a sense of authority to justify his/her experiments and to convince legal pundits to their validity while laying false charges against the Christian scientist and his/her work.

Another fatal flaw in the evolutionary mindset is Genesis 2:1 which states: “1 thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array.” There is no ongoing creation at work, just like Jesus’ work on the cross, when He said ‘It is finished’, God’s work at creation was finished on the 6th day. What takes place today are the results of God’s designing abilities and the result of the fall of man when Adam sinned. There is no evolutionary process in action or at work trying to continue what God said was completed.

As stated earlier, evolution is the product of a fertile mind of a deceived man and its origination undermines any claims of its validity. There are many questions which the evolutionist nor theistic evolutionist cannot answer, such as; ‘why did God wait till the 19th century to reveal the rest of the truth? or Why did God use a non-believing man to reveal more truth?, then there is, if there is no God why did this knowledge come in the 19th century and what do we do with it if there is no hope? All we have is despair.

These type of questions show why evolution is not true, the theory does not provide any answers nor any hope. Its inability to provide any neither proof nor credible evidence without hype, conjecture, inference and hypothesis along with an unrealistic time frame for development clearly demonstrates its falsehood and exposes its true purpose of trying to deceive God’s creation. Be careful and do not let the secular idea that science is the final authority fool you. It isn’t and it is too limited to provide people with the truth as creation is outside of its scope and boundaries. It is merely a tool and wielded wrongly, it will provide the wrong results, just like any other tool we use today.

#13. If a person is to take the Bible by faith why are Christians always trying to prove the Bible true?

Dr. Bryant Wood in a lecture on Jericho and the Bible Critics (ABR) said it best when he said: ‘We are not trying to prove the Bible true but we are trying to disprove the critics. ‘This is very important because not all believers have the time or the inclination to investigate and properly research into an opinion or conclusion.

It is also too easy to hear the word ‘expert’ and automatically shut one’s mind off and blindly accept what the person is saying even though he or she may be presenting a theory contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

Jesus is the Truth and believers must make sure they are getting the truth or they are in danger of being led astray and relating a lie to Him. The Bible lays out the criteria to determine who is or isn’t a false teacher and the believer needs to compare those requirements to the speaker and his or her message. This is not judging but keeping the wolves from entering into the chicken coop.

#14. Why would the Dalai Lama and other ‘good’ people go to hell?

Being good is not an automatic ticket to heaven, anyone can be good but it takes a strong person to turn their back on the world and its ideas, rewards and pleasures. Following Christ is not accepting the world and Him which a good person can and does do. Instead salvation depends upon a simple choice and action, accept Christ as your savior and repent from your sins.

Good people, like the Dalai Lama, do not do either. They may acknowledge Christ as historical or as a good teacher but they do not always see that they need to repent or that they are need of a savior. The Bible is very clear here as we look at John 3:16 which says: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son, that WHOEVER BELIEVES in him shall have eternal life.

Thus the criteria for salvation and entrance into heaven is not being good but believing in Jesus Christ. This does not mean that after one believes they get to live life the way they

#15. Is homosexuality sin?

The short answer is yes with an explanation. It is not because of the familiar saying that most evangelicals recite, ‘God created Adam 7 Eve, not Adam and Steve’. Such frivolities do more harm than good. Homosexuality is sin because God finds it an abomination and it mocks what he did at creation. he did create man (anthropos) in two forms, male and female and gave them a command, ‘Be fruitful and multiply…’ such a command would be useless if God created homosexuality as there is no chance of multiplying with same sex partners.

Also, since sin entered into the world at the fall of man, we can see that homosexuality was a part of that corruption that entered into God’s creation at that time because homosexuality goes against all that God created and perverts His intended purpose of the union between male and female. There is no command or comment in the Bible that directs a follower of God to cleave to a same sex partner but we do see comments that ‘a man and a woman will leave their parents and join together…’ Thus homosexuality is outside the will of God and disobeys God which makes it sin.

#16. Why do homosexuals appeal to the love of God?

As far as I can tell, homosexuals focus on the love of God and cite it often in their arguments for several reasons. 1. They practice an abnormal sexual preference and are thus rejected by all those who do not. This rejection makes the person who practices homosexuality loved starved and they are looking for some sort of not sexual affection to fill a need they cannot have filled. 2. The think that the love of God will overlook their choice of sexual preference and give them a pass into heaven because they claim to believe in Jesus Christ. 3. The appeal to the love of God because it is the compassion they seek and they hope that in that compassion they will find justification for practicing their sexual preference even though God has said He has rejected such practices.

What the homosexual does not realize is that to be a believer in Jesus, be accepted by Him and others and make into heaven, they must repent of their sexual preference and follow what God have said in the Bible. They cannot have it both ways and like everyone else they have to choose–eternal life or sin. This DOES NOT mean that they have to find a woman, get married and have children, if they choose salvation. NOT in the least, they can remain single and serve God to their fullest. There is no command in the Bible that a person has to be married to be a Christian but they do have to give up practicing their homosexual preference.

#17. Is speaking against homosexuality a hate crime?

For many years now, the homosexual community has lobbied to be called a minority but that would be a lie to label them as such. Since homosexuality is a sexual preference and not a race of people it would be impossible to classify them as a minority. Such acts sound like this community is looking for a safe haven in which to feel accepted by others and to be able to find retribution for the rejection by the heterosexual crowd.

Speaking against homosexuality is not a hate crime because one is not attacking the person per se (bashing these people physically is not the issue here) but in reality it is pointing out that that particular sexual preference is a sin, like lying, stealing, murder, and so on. One needs to repent of practicing it if they want to experience salvation and see heaven. Now there are some who do attack these people out of hatred BUT that is not what the Christian is doing or supposed to do. The believer is to preach against the sin and its practice while demonstrating God’s love to the person. If anyone expects the homosexual to change then they need to experience God’s love via His instruments, His followers. It is not enough to just preach homosexuality is wrong, they need to see and realize the difference between what they have and what Christ offers.

Bringing salvation to someone, pointing out a sin, declaring what is sin IS NOT a hate crime but an act of compassion by one who wants to see more people saved from destruction and hell. This is quite within the will of God if done with God and through His ways.

#18 Is Christianity exclusive?

The charge of being exclusive is a common one made by those who cannot agree with Christ’s position or God’s rules. They find that not being able to find salvation their own way offensive and falsely accuse God of leaving people out in the cold. This false accusation is far from the truth and the reality and is a good justification to ignore what God has said and excuse or allow one to practice their own form of the faith.

Christianity is not exclusive as any person, no matter what race, gender, age or color can come to Christ, repent, believe and receive forgiveness along with salvation. No one who does it Christ’s way is excluded and God does wish ‘that none should perish’. WHAT IS EXCLUDED is sin and the doing it your own way. God is offering salvation and He gets to make the rules, not His creation, if people are unwilling to humble themselves and accept that fact then they will have trouble with salvation and will arrive at the false conclusion that God, Christianity is exclusive. In reality, it is the human that has rejected God and excluded Him from their lives not the other way around.

#19. Are Mormons Christian?

The short answer is –no. The simple reason for this answer is that they do not, despite what they claim, practice the teachings of Jesus as found solely in the Bible. The have turned to the books and words of a man whose claims could not and cannot be verified (see the Mormon page on this site). They have actually developed contradictory scriptures, with the Bible saying one thing and the Book of Mormon (and other Mormon scriptures), saying the exact opposite. The mere fact that the Mormons have additional scriptures, not given by God, alone disqualifies them from any part of Christianity. Their secrecy, their additional doctrines which are not found in the Bible AND the fact that these additional books were given approx. 1800 years AFTER the Bible tells us that they are not part of the Christian faith.

What we know of God from the Bible is that he is fair, honest, just and all that is destroyed if the Joseph Smith was right and that he got new revelations long after the resurrection of Christ. How? That 1800 year gap has billions of people missing out on the words of this new revelation and that is not honest, it is not fair and it is not just and it is not how God works. God has always provided a testimony for His creation so that they would know the truth and such examples are: Enoch, Noah, Melchezidek, Jesus, he Apostles and so on. At no time has God left a gap where people could not here the truth and be saved if they so choose.

We know that the Mormon faith is not of Christ and this gap helps provide the simple evidence to prove their declaration false.

#20 How do we deal with Jehovah’s Witnesses?

The Jehovah’s Witness, (hereafter j.w.s), Organization is a cult whose members thrive on being abused and rejected. Such harsh treatment is a badge of honor for them as they feel they are being persecuted for their faith. It is best to be polite, close the door softly on them, and let them go their way. Now one should NOT invite them in to their homes for discussion as the Bible tells us not to do so nor should you have dinner with them or whatever. Evil walks with them and by opening the door into your home and life you are opening the door to the evil that comes with them.

Now this does not mean that when you see them in trouble or in need of help that you ignore their pleas or plight, on the contrary, one must act according to what Jesus taught and be a friend to them. We are ‘to do good to those who do evil…’ we are just not allowed to open the door to their evil ways. It is best to look for God’s guidance when dealing with this or any other cult member.

#21 Are we allowed to say who is a false teacher or prophet?

Yes. The Bible warns us that many will come in Jesus name and say they preach the truth and that they follow Christ, yet what they preach is not of God nor of the Bible and that we should be wary of all those who preach the gospel. The Bible then gives us many different criteria with which we can tell the difference; ‘by their fruits ye shall know them…’ is one such criterion. Another is if they are ‘preaching another gospel…’ Such regulations, for lack of a better word, help us to discern who is telling the truth and who is ‘a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing…’

Also, if we know someone is preaching a lie then we have the duty to warn all fellow true believers of the false prophet so that they can be prepared and avoid being deceived. We need to watch out for each other as all Christians are not as strong as others and can easily be tempted to go astray. This is how we can say that there are cults and that they do not belong to Christ. The Mormons are a good example. They put up a good exterior and live their lives quite Christian-like but once you get past that illusion and see what they are really teaching then you can see the difference between their words and Christ’s and then be able to reject their advances avoiding falling into a snare of the devil.

This is important as we all have the responsibility to care for God’s followers and make sure that they are not drawn away back into sin. We do not shoot our wounded but lovingly dress their wounds, care for them until they can fend for themselves and with stand such deception and then continue to salvation. But when we make such declarations that someone is a false teacher or prophet, we better be sure and do not let paranoia, fear, false conclusions, assumptions dictate our warnings. Seek God’s word and be sure before crying wolf.

21. Does homosexual marriage threaten the institution?

I have thought about this and have come to the conclusion that NO it does not threaten heterosexual marriages or the institution of marriage. The recent California Supreme Court decision does not outlaw heterosexual unions, nor does it force people to only marry within the same sex. Heterosexuals are still allowed to get married have families and stay within God’s will. This decision does not change the fact that homosexuality is still sin and still wrong, it only allows for same sex couples to think they are normal and get to obtain benefits for their partners. Christians cannot condone such an act but we must act with compassion also and seek to do what Christ wants which is make sure His creation (and homosexuals are still part of His creation-the people not the sin) is looked after and we should not withhold what Christ has given to us from them. They need to experience the true nature of Christ so that they can realize the errors of their way and repent from their sinful lifestyle.

22. Does the California Supreme Court decision affirm the homosexual lifestyle?

NO, it does not. Human courts, while having some authority on earth, do not have the right or the power to over-rule God and what He has declared sin. This decision does not legitimize homosexuality and does not make it right or normal. Sin is still sin no matter what form it takes. The secular world will follow after their own evil desires and openly accept what God has rejected and we must not confuse this act with an act of God. God’s word is still supreme and is the final authority on all matters even if people reject what He is saying. What Christians need to do is 1). pray to find what God would have them do, 2) implement what God tells them with forgiveness, compassion, love, discernment and other tools God has told us to use, 3). be prepared for spiritual warfare. This is not an issue to be solved with the secular courts, there is more to this issue than a legal one, it is a spiritual battle and only God’s ways will win out. Let the world deceive itself, preach the truth with love, be a light unto the world with compassion and do not be discouraged by this decision, it does not threaten Christ or His followers, nor His institutions. People have freedom of choice to choose sin and those who choose Christ must make sure they follow what Christ wants in all areas of life. There is no permission to attack homosexuals in a violent or non-Christian manner, this issue must use God’s directions and those are found throughout the New Testament.

23. Is smoking wrong?

The Bible does not directly say ‘thou shalt not smoke…’ BUT it does talk about the body being the temple of God and it tells us to keep that temple pure. (1 Cor. 3:16-17; 6:19-20; 2 Cor. 6:16ff). Cigarettes have been proven to be a defiler of the body, depositing harmful chemicals and other pollutants into the system which disqualifies it from being an acceptable habit to practice. It pollutes what God wants to keep pure thus smoking, any kind of smoking, is wrong and should be avoided by believers. If you are looking for a verse similar to ‘be ye not drunk with wine…’ concerning smoking, you will not find it but these verses and God’s directions concerning the old testament temple are very clear about how God wants a believer to treat their bodies and smoking is not an accepted practice..

24. Why do teenagers and children die?

This is one of the hardest things for people, especially parents, to understand. Many regard such deaths as unjust or unfair or the loss of an innocent person yet if one looks at God and His word that is not the case. No one is innocent or we would not have need of Christ as our savior and the book of Romans deals with this quite well. We are all guilty no matter our age and we all need to accept Jesus as our savior to avoid eternal punishment.

But why do people die young? God said in Hebrews 9:27, ‘as man is destined to die once…NIV, all of mankind must face death. There is no promise of longevity for anyone as God does not promise long and fruitful earthly lives to people, thus each day should be lived wisely but not in fear.

Is this fair? Yes, for all of man is under the same rule, even Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead, still had to die again; no one has any guarantees concerning a long life and though we may not fully understand the whys of young death we must take refuge in the knowledge that God is true to His word. Being true to His word means that those who believe in His son can have confidence they will receive eternal life, the promise He gives us all; and that those who don’t will end up apart from Him in Hell, a warning against living a life of sin.

Each day is a gift and we should seek God how to live our lives so that when death does come we will have no regrets or anger of being robbed. We have no control over when we will die thus we need trust in God and that He knows what He is doing or we may end up like the unsaved, bitter and angry over the loss of a child. God is love but love does not mean we all get to see the age of 100 or that children get to grow up. That isn’t the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to serve God and bring Him glory and even a child’s death will do that if we let it.

25. Why does God use Faith as the criteria for bible?

For the simple reason that ‘faith ‘ is the most fair and just way for God to use for all generations of people. Since people are born thousands of years apart, in different cultures, societies, languages and each have developed differently not everyone has access to the same discoveries, the same knowledge, the same information and thus it would be unfair to require something that many could not possess nor hope to have access.

We know from history that knowledge rises and falls, it depends on the Age as well. Many ancient civilizations were quite advanced and had access to the Pythagorum Theorum 2000 years before Pythagoras ‘discovered’ it and many modern societies never advanced beyond the stone age thus to require anything else than ‘faith’ would be cruel and unjust. God is neither cruel nor unjust and He has made the criteria the same for all, despite their knowledge, their nationality or their access to information.

All have the same chance and the same opportunity, all they have to do is hear the word and make a decision, accept the gospel by faith or reject it and that does not take an Oxford trained mind to do. We all have the ability to make decisions; we all have the ability to exercise ‘faith’ if we want to believe. It is not difficult to do and everyone from every civilization throughout the ages had/have such abilities given to them by God , so that they all can join Him in heaven if they so choose. It is simple, fair, just and easy one just has to take that first step and then their lives are changed forever.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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