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120 Years of Glory in Israel and America?

Updated on August 9, 2011

Learn from History

  The Jewish people to this day refer to the time of their Kings (Saul, David & Solomon) as their "Glory Days". Out of thousands of years, that 120 year span, they cling to. Yet during that time (esp. under Solomon) they were worked very hard and paid hefty taxes, I guess because it was "to their own" in essence, it didn't seem so bad. At least it all went to their own nation and people and not Egypt or some other oppresive nation. Yet, the lifestyle, of the common citizen wouldn't have been a whole lot different than when they were enslaved to another.

 I kind of see this in America, our Gov't has burdened us with debt & taxation, quite often for things that we don't want, including over-paid Gov't "employees". We support "them" (politicians) who live a lifestyle many of us never will, and yet they seem to feel entitled. Note back to the term "employees", they were supposed to work for us, something has gone wrong, while we work and are burdened, funding things and benefits that we can't receive, all while they stay rather comfortable, nestled in power. BUT, we are "free" from the oppression of others, enslaved & oppressed (in many ways) to "our own" instead.

 I'm still amazed that the nation of Israel sees that 120 year span as it's "glory days". They got Kings by their own request, even though they were "Gods chosen people" they didn't want God as King (a Theocracy) but instead wanted "Kings like all the other countries". They couldn't comprehend God as their King and instead sought to be "ruled by man(kind)". The Bible tells us that God wasn't happy about this, and yet it's STILL their glory days. So, even though they were Gods people, chosen & set apart, they wanted to be like "the world".

 Isn't this how many Americans are today? Even many Christian Americans who are "sold out for Christ" somehow think that the Gov't, (run by man) is the answer. Amazing! Please remember, if God is for you, who can be against you!?! Are we in America clinging to a time that was different? Holding out hope of a return to "glory", or are we in Gods plan? America as a nation isn't like Israel, today it's Christians worldwide that are God's people (Church), making up the body. So, we aren't looking at a possible national Theocracy, however we need to live by a personal one!


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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