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Thoughts on 12th House Jupiter in Aquarius

Updated on July 15, 2017

Jupiter is comfortable in this house. He belongs here. Jupiter is also the traditional ruler of Pisces. The 12th house is elusive, deep and watery. Just like the Pisces. The lessons it offers are often taught to us in silence. More of an under-current that one feels! This Jupiter is mystical. His more Sagittarian qualities are mellower here. Jupiter loves to have fun, irrespective of the house he is in, but in the 12th house, he will also need space to do as he wishes, to dream, to stare at the sky before coming back to reality. This Jupiter, like Pisces, knows that crowds can drain his energy. That is why there is a 'back and forth' movement. Like water! One minute he is here, socialising; the next second he has vanished, leaving this chaos.

In Aquarius though, this Jupiter becomes interesting. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Jupiter in 12th house, like Pisces, has a mutable fishy quality. How does this manifest? Aquarius is detached. Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th house is double detached. Pisces can be detached too, in a watery way. All the four mutable signs can be aloof, cold and detached- the likes of which can give your average Aquarian, a run for the money. Aquarius is known for its humane quality. There is a difference between being ‘humane’ and ‘humanitarian’. You can be humanitarian without meaning it. But being humane is a different story altogether. Aquarius is eccentric because it is both humane, as well as, detached. The question then naturally arises as to how this is even possible. It is. Human beings are full of paradoxes. We all know it. And we deny it. Alongwith Scorpio, it is Aquarius who will boldly say that it is full of paradoxes.

Pisces is humane, compassionate and generous. In this, they are similar to fiery Sagittarius. Jupiter's own humane nature is amplified in the 12th house. Here, Neptune plays his tricks- nudging Jupiter in the right direction. Neptune likes to be in the background, observing, cloaking his real intentions, only to subtly manipulate later for whatever it is that he believes in. Neptune also tends to sober down the otherwise fun-loving Jupiter. And then you wonder, why 12th house Jupiterians are so mellow, mystical and enigmatic. Neptune's own characteristics are projected onto Jupiter. Jupiter allows it because he can relax. This Jupiter is mysterious.

As a side note- even if Neptune is not in the 12th house, his effects still remain in the background. Like a shadow that remains even if Neptune is in some other house. I personally feel this is true of every planet. Their effects remain in their natural houses/realms even though they are not physically present there. For instance, Mercury in the 1st house will be guided by the shadow of Mars as the ruler of Aries, rather than Scorpio- even if Mars is in the other houses. Similarly, Venus in the fourth house will be guided by the shadow of the Moon, who naturally resides here- even if Moon is physically present in the 5th or some other house.

In Aquarius, these water qualities become slightly airy in nature. This particular Jupiter can be a crusader, working from behind the curtains, rather than shouting it out from rooftops. This Jupiter loves people but hates crowds. This Jupiter is also interested in the occult. Astrology and magic are common interests. Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi can often be favourite historical figures, along with revolutionaries in every field- be it cinema, literature, history, politics, spirituality, music, sports et al. While this Jupiter is emotional, he is also rational and objective. The tendency is to bridge the gap between left brain and right brain thinking to come up with the perfect solution to problems. More than creative, it allows this Jupiter to be frighteningly original and artistic. It’s like Harry Potter meeting Bilbo Baggins and the duo planning an epic adventure together.

Is there a downside to it? This Jupiter is also a loner. This Jupiter longs to belong, but he knows he cannot completely belong. This Jupiter has observed the quirks of our society and knows what makes it tick. No wonder then that this Jupiter can be remarkably anti-establishment. More like 'Dark Side of the Moon' (Pink Floyd). I'd reserve their album, 'The Wall' for Scorpios. This Jupiter is misunderstood. He wants to belong and works hard for it, but inherently knows that he cannot fully belong. People with this placement have fewer friends than most. This is because this Jupiter can be brutally honest. What happens if you tell the Government to be more compassionate? The latter will use force to shut you up because you are being too blunt. This Jupiter hates conflict, yet will pick up guns to fight for its cause. Similarly, if you tell your friends about their flaws when they seek your opinion, they will quietly move away from you. That is if they are the dramatic types who will yell if things don't go their way. This Jupiter faces this. Someone will ask him his opinion, and he will be blunt. Yes, thanks to Aquarius who is known for telling exactly what it is. Neptune may not like this. This is because this Jupiter will force Neptune to take off its rose tinted glasses often-something the latter does not enjoy too much. What happens eventually is that his so-called friends drift apart and sometimes they get back to settle scores. This Jupiter does not necessarily like to settle scores. He is too dreamy. But push him further, and he will ensure that his so-called friends don't get their revenge. How does he do this? He will simply vanish. Or if he decides to get creative, become more Neptunian and deceive its now turned foes. And he can be spooky. Aquarius can be revenge-oriented too, if it gets really really really angry. And I mean an anger that can put a Taurean to shame.

Jupiter in the 12th house is a spooky affair. But if you stay around, there is much more underneath the veil.


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