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15 Reasons to Be Thankful Right Now

Updated on March 23, 2011

We all go through tough times in life. When we feel like we just can`t take it anymore. But there are always infinite reasons we can think of to change the way we feel. We should always be thankful that we are living now, because the present is a gift.

This is a response to Bel Marshall's Gratitude Challenge. The challenge is to create a hub everyday this year with five things that you are grateful for. While Hub Hopping, I saw this challenge on one of Karen's Gratitude Challenge hubs and I got inspired to do my own challenge. I'm plan to continue this challenge throughout the year so here is my first hub. It's starting with 15 just in case I miss a few days, or to make up for past days. Enjoy!



Look where you are right now. On a giant rock floating in space revolving around a massive ball of fiery sun. We are in perfect orbit with the sun so that we have a comfortable livable temperature. Not only that, we have other giant balls of rock in perfect orbit that contribute to the well being of our planet. Jupiter gets a lot of the meteors before they have a chance at Earth and the Moon creates the tides we see in the ocean.


If you are reading this, you most likely live in a house and live pretty comfortable. Centuries ago, people had to build their own houses and find their own food.



If you can read, that is something itself to be thankful for. Literacy and education was not seen as a right in many places before.


The developing technology in our world is is constantly giving birth to new ideas and ways of thinking. It is constantly allowing us to do more than we ever have before. And the best thing about it. It's progress only accelerates. It only can only get better and better. Only in the last couple of years were you able to have that mobile connection to the world in your pocket wherever you go.



Holiday Traditions. The fact that these can last the test of time and still continue to bring joy to so many people is a pretty good reason to never miss a holiday!


Electricity is used in almost everything you see everyday! It`s unimaginable what could happen if it were to suddenly disappear.



You can breath. It`s such a perfect life giving system.



Try and contemplate how your body works. It`s incredibly complex. But the outcome is wonderful. A person such as yourself. All the systems in your body are able to work together in harmony to create the music of life.


The ability to think, learn and self awareness is seen as a very rare trait we humans have. No other living being on this planet has it.



Life itself is seen as rare in our universe to a lot of scientists. We could be the only living beings for millions of light years.



11. Language and communication are very unique to humans. We can communicate on a multitude of ways to show what`s on our minds or how we are feeling.



Light! If we didn`t have light, it would too dark to see anything.



Gravity is what holds us down on this planet. If it didn’t exist, there would be chaos.



The clothing you wear went through a LOT to get to your body. Each element of the fabric was produced somewhere in the where by someone, transported by someone, packaged by someone, sold by someone and many steps in between that I have missed. You don’t see any of that and all you see is the finished product and place. Now you may be a person who have many clothes. The amount of work hours put into those clothes to get them to where they are now could be enormous!


You are alive now! You are in this world now. It took an uncountable amount of rendezvous for you to exist now. From the perfect new life giving relationships of the species before human, to the life changing events that led to your human ancestors to meet and continue the flow of you!


We are living during an extraordinary time! Practice being grateful and happy everyday!

A book you can always turn to

So this is a book that I have recently read. I heard about it from a friend, then saw it in a bookstore, just wanting to be bought a few months later. I read it instantly and went through it like mad. I loved how funny and real it was. Basically, it's a book with over a hundred things that we can all agree are AWESOME! You can continuously read back and feel happy about the same things over and over again because they are all true never changing happy thoughts. Sometimes I'll just open it randomly to see what happy thing I open to and it's always something good! If you don't already have it, I suggest you go out and get it at any bookstore. They should have it. Or you can order it online down below for you kindle, or the hardcover book. I don't have a kindle so I don't know how you could do the random page thing. I'm sure there is something you could do if you have one. Here is a review I made of The Book of Awesome.

These are my favourite "Happy Books"


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    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Nice pics there and a bunch of things we can be thankful for. Nice hub!

    • Specialk3749 profile image

      Karen Metz 7 years ago from Michigan

      These are some real simple things we can be thankful for! I guess I really never thought of being thankful for how my clothes were made and a lot of time I take electricity for granted (till it goes out). I will put a link on my hub for you!