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15 day instructions on, How to create your wishes!

Updated on May 4, 2011

Lesson 1





Imagine you are a garden. It is spring time and you now will have the opportunity to blossom. What seeds do you wish to be planted in your garden? Using this analogy, we can begin the blueprint of what you wish will grow in your garden of life. Let us take it a step further. The garden is your spirit or as some might choose to call it their soul. Either word is appropriate for this analogy. The ego is in charge of being the gardener. Now the soil is rich and ready to be preparing to plant seeds. Remember the key words are ‘soil is rich’. It will without doubt grow the seeds planted there. The day comes to till the garden and for putting the seeds into the ground. You will become all that this garden grows through out the spring and summer, and to be harvested in the fall.


An analogy of weeds would go like this; the gardener will pay strict attention to pull those weeds that appear each day, which they know grow rapid in dark rich soil, or they would become lazy and wait for another day to tend to the weeds. In growing your creative garden of who you will be, are you more apt to let the weeds slide?


You are both the garden and the gardener. With spring approaching, we can do the same thing that Mother Nature does; produce new sprouts. This is not hidden knowledge, yet many still do not tend to their garden. They procrastinate in putting the effort to eliminate the weeds. What do weeds symbolize? Your old think patterns. These are the culprit to chocking out the seed life. There is no growth, when this happens. This symbolic picture should be clear in your mind’s eye. I wonder what it would take to stop you from killing your new seeds. Are you one of these people who will spend a lot of time tilling the soil, and planting the seeds carefully? Do you feed it with love and water your seeds? Are you one of those who in a couple weeks or so, get side-tracked and next thing you know your garden has been over grown with all your weeds?


Today marks 15 days until spring arrives. The count down is now. To help you to prepare for the planting of your garden, I will walk you through these 15 days, by providing you with useful instructions on how to plant your dreams for your life. How to know which weeds will pop –up first, so you can keep an eye on them. You will be instructed on how to enrich your soil for planting. These 15 days can be the key to your freedom from the conditions that caused you conflict throughout this winter.


Today’s exercise is to write down a goal/seed for each one of these areas; career, finances, romance relationship, family and children, friends, creative, health and spiritual goals. Enjoy making your list. I will see you tomorrow with more instructions.


Enjoy your discovery,



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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      If it works for you, than what you are doing is perfect:)

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      This is a difficult piece of writing to grab onto. I have no career (I even dislike the word), in terms of finances: money goes and money comes (the Universe always provides - I give and it gives me back); I have no wife, children, girlfriend, etc.

      I think I am doing fine for creativity and health-wise, I haven't seen a doctor in ages - I have my immune system. So, I am left with my spiritual goals - that was pretty simple actually! : )


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