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2 Techniques for Water Magick

Updated on October 28, 2019

First Technique: Quantum Jumping

Quantum Jumping is an abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum.

There’s a theory, most witches are aware of, that there are zillions versions of you each in different parallel Universe to our reality. This versions are created through life, with every step we take, whenever we make a choice we live in the reality of that choice, and in the mean time, in a parallel universe we have taken another opportunity which open the path to a different experience. In simple words, in our reality we are living the experience we choose and in other parallel universies/realities we are living each experience we did not choose.

Quantum Jumping theory stands for the opportunity to “jump” between these parallel universes, because after all, it is still us in every one of them. Quantum Jumping basically asks you to get in the mood and vibration through heavy mediation, by centering ourselves at the present reality we know, get to the point of the moment we made the choice, and then ‘shift’ ourselves to the selves living the other experiences as if we made the other choice.

For example, if we had to make a choice of breaking up with someone, in another universe we’re still with them. The idea is that if we want to ‘reverse’ that decision, knowing too well we can’t change the past, we can ‘jump’ in another present moment in another universe/reality and continue our life with that person.

I bet you’re screaming: Impossible! You’re crazy!, but that does not mean it can’t be done! If you can imagine it, it is real. The matter of the fact is that it is quite difficult to accomplish this, because you have to get yourself to such a high state of trance to be able to shift. Also, don’t forget that there are witches who heal with their hands, and there are witches who shape-shift, there are witches who astral travel, and there are witches who can be at 2 or more places at once! So anything it is possible! We’re living in a Magick World!

Now, let’s go back to our Water Magick, which will make Quantum Jumping much more simpler, and I must say it is my favorite way of practicing this manifestation.

You need two glasses of water, paper and pen.

Fill the first glass with drinkable water, do not fill the second one.

The first glass of water represents the reality you’re living in, the very present moment you are much aware of, but that you want to change. So, write in the paper the current situation you want to change and either stick it to the glass of water, or put it underneath. Be as concise as possible, do not use negative words and describe the current situation. For example if you want to raise your income, then for the first glass you write “Current financial situation”.

The second glass is the reality you want to live, where you want to be. So, if for example your income is $500 and you want to raise it to $1500, you write on the paper “My monthly income is $1500”.

Your intention is to ‘jump’ to the parallel reality where you earn $1500 per month.

Now, focus on the first glass, acknowledge your current situation, take the glass and while pouring the water in the second glass focus on you ‘shifting’ to the parallel reality. Once the second glass is filled, focus on your statement “My monthly income is $1500” trust that now, that’s your current financial situation ($1500 per month) and drink it (all of it).

Congrats, you have shifted in a parallel universe/reality.

I love this method because you can really feel the change and you do not spend much of your energy in manifesting what you want. It may take a couple of tries before your perfect it, or you may need to repeat the process for some days.

Second technique: Water holds vibration.

This is one of the most shared techniques online and offline by witches. You need a glass of water, paper, pen and your energy.

Fill the glass with water, then write down on the paper what you want to achieve. For example, “Healing”, or “$300”, or “Self-Love”.

Water holds vibration, which means that your words and energy will affect the structure of the water molecules, so they match the vibration of the experience you want to achieve.

Once you have written down what you want, you can put it under the glass of water, or stick it to the glass.

The idea is that you are using Water and its abilities to aid to your energy and vibration. But, you are still spending a lot of energy because it is not enough to write it down, you’ll have to hold the glass in your hands and transmit the energy of what you want to experience by talking to the water, praying, envisioning, etc. Some witches say that writing it down is enough, but I don’t agree. They refer to the experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto where two different glasses of water are exposed to different environments and at one of them are spoken words of love and at the other words of hate. The scientist has studied the different structures of water molecules affected by the words spoken.

Emoto said that water was a "blueprint for our reality" and that emotional "energies" and "vibrations" could change the physical structure of water.

But in this case, the words are spoken, and voice holds tremendous power and energy. You transmit more energy using your emotions and words rather than just writing it down.

Some witches prefer to leave the glass with the statement overnight and drink it in the morning. I wouldn’t recommend to drink the glass of water you’ve left uncovered the whole night (because of entities, not pollution), but if you like to leave it overnight than a glass of bottle would be better. Or once you’re done infusing the energy of the experience you want to manifest, you can drink it and raise your vibration to the matching experience-vibration.

Every cell of our body is mostly water, take a moment to think how you are affecting your well-being, physical and spiritual.

Blessed be!

© 2019 SangrealGoddess


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