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2012 and Beyond

Updated on August 18, 2011

Looming Over Our Future

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All Rights Reserved

Do We Fear This 2012 Coming?

I hear a lot about 2012 but with the approaching of this year soon to be around the corner, then you have to take it in mind that some of us are readers of the Bible. The Bible by it's very nature has not been wrong about it's prophecy. In the book of Revelations, then we are taught that Armageddon is around the corner in our destiny. We look at our world everyday and wonder will we see this event take place. The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars. That we can definitely say we are in the midst of it ever since 9/11 hit the United States of America and sent a tremor of terror across the world. We somehow have not been the same since that horrible day of disaster. It has touched the world and many countries have suffered since that day with the loss of life, and with the ever growing cost of war on the world. Then to top it all off, then we look at our own government in financial stress out over a budget.

Did the Hopi and the Myans have some knowledge that we cannot see. Were they just looking at what they thought would happen? Everyone says the world cleanses itself every so many thousand years. I am looking at heat waves and drought, floods,and tsunamis that are traumatic not to mention the lives lost by earthquakes and other phenomena. We are definitely in an age marked by something that seems ever increasingly getting worse by nature. I sit here writing this and outside it is 109 degrees. My garden has wilted and the earth is receding from the cement. Weather forecasters say the earth moisture is being drawn out. My garden has not produced fruit even though I have blooms on my plants. I ask myself why.

Food prices have reached a peak in the beef industry and their is rumors of tainted turkey now from salmonella. I love turkey, but it does put a hold in my mind on that for now. We have lakes of fish dying in Texas and water appearing like blood. Some have said it is a sign of the end of the world.

If the earth has cleansed itself over and over again as stated by scientist in the past, then it seems we are destined to that happening once more. They state the date being December 21, 2012. Now I can assume they are right, or I can go back to my faith I grew up with and think now we break this down. Faith says Christians will be Raptured or as they say being caught up in the sky. Then we look at Tribulation which by faith we know cannot happen until an Anti Christ comes to power on the earth. Now how does a Christian take this or a believer in the God power over us. Now many of you will argue with me that there is no God, and some will say they do not believe in anything. I must say that my life experiences have led me to the point of knowing there is life beyond this earth. Since i spent my life as a believer and I am not about to change, then what do I do. This is a threat upon our destiny. Faith by nature would tell me not to worry, but make sure my faith is where it needs to be, and keeping that faith is most important. My faith says do not listen to false prophets because things have happened when people have believed in the wrong thing. We have massive suicides, and all because they believed it was the end of the world.

People I would tell you that you have a shell you live in, and that shell one day will pass on from this earth and you will be left as a remnant in a grave yard some where. The thing you must realize is your spirit never dies, because no matter what in this life you face, then you must remember that your eternal life is more important than all of that. You may again put me down for what I am saying, because you may not have the faith I grew up to know. I can understand why many of you see this or remove yourself from faith in anything in this world but you.  Seek him and you will find him. Call his name and you will hear a tiny voice inside that leads you onward. Treat your fellow mankind with love and respect and your strength will get stronger as life hits you in the face with trauma.

I will give you one example of a time in my life, when death was right in my face. I was driving that day, and it was slightly raining. We all know how highways can get or roadways, when the oil comes up in the rain water, and when you break your car, then you can slide all over. I was only going 35 mph at the time and was following behind a bunch of cars leaving the city to go home. We are talking a two lane highway that is hard to pass a line of cars on. I was in no hurry, but I saw them all jam on their breaks and so I started to break, but I had no way to stop my car, because at that point I was beginning to go in a 360 degree spin. My car was spun into the other lane of traffic headed my way. There was no way the truck could stop that was coming at me. So I did what I thought was the thing to do, and I hit the gas pedal on my car. I was driving one of those Renault cars that had a back end that was up high off the ground and not low down as most cars seem to be. I started to shoot right across back toward the lane I spun out of and was headed toward a ditch. I had pushed the gas pedal just a little bit more, because I was about to be hit by another car in that lane that could not have stopped either.
I was over into the embankment and about to roll into a 40 foot deep ditch, when my tires I could feel were rolling over. my mind I saw my life. I saw my baby daughter of 10 months old being motherless, and I knew that I was about to die. I could feel my tires rolling and they had already rolled over to a 45 degree angle, then you know that is certain you are about to roll your automobile over into a ditch. Not only would you roll once in 40 feet drop but probably over and over. I screamed out the words out of my mouth................"Oh God". Just as I got them out of my mouth, then it felt like something drug the rear end of my car down, and I was saved and able to drive myself back out of that ditch in one piece. I say to myself, "thank you God!" You cannot prove to me that I was not saved when I screamed out his name. That is only one time in my life that my life was faced with life or death situation. Then there were the times I actually saw spirits or ghosts to know that they exist. I have had quite an experience with it to know that life exists beyond death.

Now how do I take 2012. I look at what I am taught, and there is no way you can believe and think God is going to allow mankind to be wiped out before we have a face down as prophesied in the book of Revelations. That requires 7 years that we have not faced and the
removal of the church and it's people from this earth. So read your Bible and keep the faith. I am not saying you will not suffer something nor do I say this is not leading toward more trouble times. We are seeing things I never thought I would experience. Live by faith, and draw your strength from the spirit that dwells from within you. For one day it will be your destiny to leave this worldly shell you dwell in. Never forget that which you believe in.


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    • skye2day profile image


      7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      ladyblue WOW Awesome and beautiful I hear and you have spelled out the truth of the Living God in wisdom and understanding. This is another masterpiece. Sister I am telling you by the Spirit in me you are here for a reason. I know you were led as you know. I am grateful to have another sister in Christ. Yes ladyblue we need to stand on the rock there is more to come as written. Anti Christ is first! Christ said I have foretold you of all things. Read the Bible and hear the truth in the pulpits

      There are many false profits showing up that have played huge rolls in sharing the Gospel in the past and are now Chrislum under CoExist it is all evil. Many will be deceived. People please turn your cheek from false teachers satins fingerprints are everywhere he is doomed to the pits of hell. The Anti Christ comes first it will not be Jesus Christ. Revelation Daniel Joel

      We are to be on watch and I am so grateful to know the truth. My heart cries for many. We can share the good news and plant the seeds and pray many more make it in. The road is narrow and the gate is narrow to God the Father. It is only by God only begotten Jesus Christ we will enter into the gates of Heaven!!

      Beautiful hub of love precious sister in Christ.Your heart is love and I am honored to know you. In Christ

      Your sister Love n hugs to you and yours.

      voted and linked ladyblue U keep on U will Phil 4:13


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