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2012 Stream of Consciousness Meditation

Updated on January 3, 2012

Taking Flight


Love Birds


January 3, 2012

This part of the year begins like a serene slow moving river. It feels like waking from a very real dream. You may not be sure if you are awake or still dreaming. I feel like we are focusing on inner feelings, unsure how to take the next step. It is as if we are amazed that we have made it this far. I feel an unmistakable movement of consciousness, as if we are finally waking up.

We are awaking to our spiritual nature. We do have control over our lives. I believe, long ago before we came to this incarnation, we created a blueprint of experiences that we desired. We decided to be the first to bring the light in. We guard it like the greatest warriors that ever lived, but now we have this secret, this depth that we are sinking slowly into. We feel good. We smile more. We are not sure how we got here. It is as if all intersecting dimensions is where we stand and it is downloading a higher vibration into our bodies. We feel alignment with something mysteriously familiar. We feel healed yet we do not remember when or where the wounds finally closed. Was it an infusion of light in dreamtime?

Every time the chills come in dreamtime I think light/love is knocking on the door to my soul and its purpose is to awaken me from my slumbering consciousness.

How do you travel through the sleeping world? I keep my calmness to myself. I only show my understanding of the universe through my actions. I try to be as compassionate and patient as possible. Gratitude is a daily mantra.

Sometimes I feel I am breeding a brood of love birds and their wings flutter around within me. If I quiet myself I can hear their song, a joy untouched by the suffering and attachment of the world. One day, I feel that when these love birds are stronger they will take full flight and I will have no choice but to rise by them, with them. Their song will become me and I will grow wings because flight will be the only thing I know.

Kori Fitch


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    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 6 years ago from Seattle

      Awesome hub. Every time someone new awakens I find myself even more elated =)