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2012 - Why You Will Survive

Updated on January 18, 2011

Do You Want To Survive 2012?

If your answer is "yes", then I have simple tips for you: eat well, sleep well and worry not. You will survive because nothing is about to happen. The famous 2012 is a creation of Hollywood, fake psychics and pseudo-scientists who wanted to make huge money by selling useless information. This is the truth of 2012.

In this Hub, as psychic and occultist, I will explain how all this 2012 thing started, and why it's not true at all. Bare with me, as I'm taking you with me for fascinating conspiracy journey.

New Age Movement and The Beginning

How did all of this started? Technically, with the same thing that every good esoteric and occult thing stats to get broken - New Age. At the dawn of New Age movement, people learned about the existence of Mayan Calendar, and that it ends at 21 of December, 2012. Of course, it was a time of all these apocalyptic visions and thoughts - after all, New Age is all about humanity entering a new age - age of Aquarius. 

We need a plan!

That's it - some New Age gurus needed a plan - they needed some huge even that will push us towards New Age of Aquarius. The Mayan Calendar seemed to be the best choice, so the information about great even on December of 2012 has begun to spread. This is how things started...

Patric Geryl, Pseudo Science and More

Patric Geryl used some pseudo science calculations and math and information from supposedly existing continent of Atlantis to write his books about the end of the world in 2012. People were already buzzed with previous publications, so his works only added to the fire that was already burning.

Because he was operating with all these fancy numbers, more people started to believe in him. But let's be honest - with math you can prove everything, even things that aren't real. Why? Because most people aren't willing to do the calculations themselves ;). They're too lazy to look for the real information.

We're making money!

But everything was on the run - people started to write more books about 2012. Then, people started making movies about 2012. Everything turned to be about money and then, even more money. Nobody talks about 2012 seriously, everyone think how to make money with this year, and this global paranoia. 

The Channeling

Some people who are "2012-fans" will say "OK, but the spirits and entities from other worlds and astral planes tells us that something will happen that year". 

Well - if you believe in what you're saying, then you know nothing about channeling. Of course there are spirits and entities that use channeling to give us information - false information! They're using us to gain followers, worshipers, in order to get our energies, without which they can't survive. We're food - and they provide us with bait.

Sorry, but this is how things look like. Every serious psychic knows that spirits and entities in most cases should not be trusted - because you never know who's on the other end of that astral phone line.

The Yugas and The Mayan Calendar

But let's keep moving. Hindu beliefs tells us about the Yugas - the cycles of human evolution. According to the Yugas, we're currently in Dwapara Yuga period, and it's still about 6 thousand years before any transition to golden age will occur. There is not a single word about 2012 in the entire concept of the Yugas. 

And there's still the source of all that paranoia - the Mayan Calendar itself. Did you know that there are Mayan notes pointing to the year (transcribed to our own Gregorian calendar) around 9000? Yep, they knew the world is not going to end. So what's going to end, really? Behold - the cycle.

Mayan calendar is not linear - it's written on a circle :). It means that when one cycle ends, another cycle begins. There is no end to this calendar, nor the beginning. Therefore, it cannot end :).

Believing Is The Only Thing That Can Cause Your Death

A suicide is the only thing that can kill you on 2012 (also accidents, murderers etc.). So please, don't be afraid of the world about to end in 2012 - it won't end, and we will live long and prosper. Well... maybe beside these people who published books about 2012, they won't sleep peacefully at night.


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    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 7 years ago

      I'm soooo glad you also know that absolutely nothing is going to happen. What a breath of fresh air! :)