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2012 predictions: How ancient people described the 'end of the world'

Updated on November 24, 2011

2012: An introduction

Predictions for 2012 have caused excitement and panic in equal measure.

Some believe that 2012 is the end of the world while others claim that it will be the beginning of something incredible.

It is clear from studying the ancient people, their traditions, beliefs and calendars that they share one theme: that SOMETHING will happen in 2012.

Prophecies range from the end of the sun, to cataclysms and spiritual ascension.

But the one common theme running through all the 2012 predictions is that there will be some kind of purification and a raising of the energy and vibration on earth.

Read this summary of each of the ancient people and what they believed.

A Mayan temple: Their calendar ominously ends in 2012
A Mayan temple: Their calendar ominously ends in 2012


The antiquated Mayans labelled December 21 in the year 2012 as 'creation day'. They thought that power going into the earth on that day could actuate the kundalini compel in people and on the planet.

The Mayan's predictions express that the vigor will fortify the hereditary remembrances of our past lives and who we without a doubt are. This will then take countless individuals towards edification and rising.

It was in addition predicted that the strength of the planetary kundalini will assist to actuate and realign every last trace of the pyramids, as these are wahat join us to our legitimate place in the universe. They state that this will lead to a resurrection of solar awareness within humankind.

The centrality of the pyramids to the Mayans, Egyptians, and alternate aged individuals, was that they were infinite machines which filled in as generators and substations for universal power.


The Incas think that before 2013 an influential space rock will start the purging procedure of the earth. This prophecy suggests that the purification will begin with many lives being lost. It is one of the reasons that so many fears have begun around the 2012 idea.


The Aztecs gave a more complex prediction. They accepted that our present sun, which has given light, hotness and existence to the earth for a considerable number of years, is reaching the completion of its cycle.

The Aztecs accepted that 2012 proclaimed the closure of the sun's 26,000 essence-span. Without the sun we will of course struggle to survive unless there is another star that is 'activated'. Once again, implicit in the Aztec prophecy is that the world will end in 2012.

Aztec art: They believe the sun is coming to the end of its life
Aztec art: They believe the sun is coming to the end of its life


The Hopi people accepted similar to a considerable lot of the other ancient conventions that 2012 implied the finish of some time-frame or period. There was talk in their forecasts that the earth could rise from a 25-year period of cleaning in something that they call 'The Emergence'.

Native Americans

Native Americans believe that the earth is currently in its fourth life. The wise Native American elders made numerous predictions that by 2013 the earth will have ascended by whatever means into its fifth cycle of life. Quite what this transition entailed they did not specify but they clearly believed that a change would be coming.

Cherokee Indians predicted cataclysms in 2012
Cherokee Indians predicted cataclysms in 2012


The Cherokee people come from North America and they have their own particular timetable which closures in 2012. They concur that past worlds finished in disasters and it is conceivable that this one will as well.

The Cherokee folks are also regarded as Cherokee Indians and are comparative to Native Americans. They are comparable to the Seneca Indian who think that there can be a 25-year purging period up to 2012.


The shamans of Africa and the tribes of Zulus imparted similar knowldge concerning the year 2012. Composed in some of the Zulu messages was a forecast of a major calamity or disaster in 2012 that could create boundless harm and disarray on earth.


The Maori custom asserts that there could be a lifting of the veils in 2012 and a blending of the physical and spiritual planes. This is maybe one of the most bewildering of every last trace of the antiquated predictions but goes with the same theme of a major change in life and awareness on the way.


The old Egyptians are one of the individuals who did not accept that 2012 could be the close of the universe. They are on the somewhat more direct side of the predictions such as the Maori and accept that 2012 will deliver a planetary change in cognizance.

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and predicted planetary shifts and changes in cosciousness in 2012
The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and predicted planetary shifts and changes in cosciousness in 2012

Tibetans and Jews

The Tibetan and Jewish datebooks both say that the year 2012 demonstrates the close of an extended cycle. The proposed timetables were made numerous years ago and share likenesses to logbooks from different ancient civilisations.


The highly-respected Pleiades had a datebook which finished on December 21, 2012. It is asserted by some that higher energies coming to the earth from alternate systems are incarneated through the Pleiades which then lowers their vibration.

Their forecast is that following 2012 all such higher power individuals will come straight to earth with a higher vibration and in turn this will raise the energy levels on the earth towards harmony and happiness.


The Vedas tribes, part of the Hindu belief system, express that the rising back to the light begins in 2012. Hindus think that Kalki, who was thought to have been an avatar and the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu, should be thoroughly realised by 2012. This religion recommends that if Vishnu can edify 60,000 folks before winter solstice a wave of illumination will start.


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    • profile image

      jeeezus 3 years ago

      i'm so dead guys.

    • profile image

      paul 6 years ago

      What people conveniently forget is that there are no more disasters now than there have ever been. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis etc are all happening. Climate change (whether man-made or as the result of a solar cycle) is also happening. We are just better able to record and be exposed to these events. This creates a sense in people that these events are more dangerous, or more common than they have been.

      The Spanish Flu in 1918 killed 1% of the GLOBAL population. The Black Death killed even more. Historically there was some event which reduced the global human population to a mere 5,000 individuals. The world will not end, humanity will endure what ever cosmic or climatic event befalls the planet because basically we are tiny organisms in a complex biosphere and the Universe is neither sentient nor giving any kind of damn about our continued existence. So stop worrying and live your life :-)

    • Amber Mandala profile image

      Amber Mandala 6 years ago from Perry, Fl.

      I find them fascinating as well. There may be destruction on an unpresidented scale as far as human history is concerned. As we have seen in the recent past with 911, earthquakes,hurricanes, tornados, floods and such. However, it will coincide with new discoveries and a higher sense of self individually and globally. In the end humanity will find itself with a new way of understanding and being. A new beginning. Balance is the key. Perfect balance = Perfect harmony.

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 6 years ago from England

      Thanks, 2012 predictions I find facinating!

    • Amber Mandala profile image

      Amber Mandala 6 years ago from Perry, Fl.

      Great Hub! Informative.