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2013 A New Paradise Like Era

Updated on April 19, 2011

2013: The Beginning Of A New Paradise Like Era

The road to paradise

I have handled there paradise more in detail on my other hub page here. It is a very beautiful future indeed, like you can get a glimpse of here.

Still, there are many obstacles on the road to a paradise:

Here you can learn how to solve the problem of computerization, of superintelligent machinee brains taking control of a large part of the world.

Here you can learn what to do with military technology as it gets developed far.

Here is a view on how to safeguard the quality of life in the middle of modern working life.

And here is a view to how feelings matter in the tough world.

Here is a link to my book "2013: Paradise like era" at the internet bookstore . It is very dry, academical, but if you want these things on an objective ground here it is!

Please see my other hub pages too!

Thank you

Thank you for visiting this page!
Let's hope that this scenario about a much better future becomes our reality... You can work for this cause by reading my otheer pages, to which there is a link above, and by spreading the world that this alternative exists...

Thank you and bye...


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