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2013 : The Post Millennial Tension or the Tzolkin / Tun / Mayan Calendar for Ascended Masters and Dummies

Updated on May 28, 2012

The Basics of the Tzolkin and Tun Calendars

What we know as the Mayan or Aztec calendar consists of three component parts that are wheels that count off time in synchronization like the moving parts of a clock, and as are illustrated in the various pictures throughout this article.

This is a step by step explanation of the way that it works.

The first wheel is the 260 day calendar. The Tzolkin calendar.

The larger second wheel that it interlocks with what is called the Tun calendar, sometimes called the Habb. This is what many anthropologists or psychics think of as the prophetic calendar. It is broken up into 360 Tuns.

Each day on the Tzolkin is 260 days, much like the teeth in the workings of gears. They interlock and move with the 360 teeth of the Tun calendar, if it were a working gear. The Tzolkin calendar revolves counter clockwise by the illustrated diagram, and makes the Tun calendar move clockwise. Both measuring the passage of time. Every 52 revolutions of the Tun calendar, the two sets of teeth that started out on both calendars match back up. Another way to think of it is that every 52 revolutions of the Tun calendar, you end up back at the point where you started.

This counting cycle is continues through many cycles that make up the complete Mayan or Aztec calendar. These details were recorded by the ancient cultures by the construction of their pyramids, the design explains the passage of time.

All the Mayan pyramids had nine levels, as illustrated in the pictures within this article. This was done for a very specific reasoning, the pyramids were ceremonial centers or temples of the Sun and Moon, and the ceremonial rites and rituals that were done there, were created to demonstrate to the masses or the population, the considerations made by their civilizations concerning this calendar of the great time cycle. Or about creation, it was literally their cosmology constructed and built out of huge piles of rock, stone and art.

What it says to them, it tells that there are nine different levels of creation or consciousness, that exist or that will come to exist over the course of time. The first of which started 16.4 billion years ago, this is represented by the bottom step of the pyramid, the longest bottom step. This concept really threw off the first archeologists that came to understand this was the meaning behind the pyramids. Scientists wondered why little brown skinned Indians in the jungle, naked, making stone tools and clay pottery...what were they doing worrying and thinking about numerical values as high as 16.4 billion anyway? It was ridiculous to these men of science, because these people were so primitive.

But the Maya believed that 16.4 billion years ago, was when this physical universe began, at the time, it did not make any sense to astronomers at all from the modern times. Most astronomers about 50 years ago believed they knew everything about the universe, somewhere between 10 or 20 billion years ago was when the physical universe first started. Then we got better telescopes, the numbers were revised to approximately 12 to 20 billion years ago that the universe first began. Then the Hubble telescope was launched and the numbers were revised once more, to approximately 14 billion years ago that the universe was born. As time goes on, it seems likely that in the next couple of years, scientists will discover that the Maya had the timeline correct some 2500 years ago. That their calculation of 16.4 billions years ago was the time of the universe at the first creation, or what we call the Big Bang currently.

The Maya understood the pattern or counting signature of the timeline, but they never had all of the facts and data that we will be discussing here in this article. The design of the pyramid explains that they believed that consciousness of life is evolving through the nine different stages of the pyramid steps, or the nine stages of creation throughout time. They Maya were living in a particular stage of time that did not have all the information that we now have, they also did not have the science and the math yet.

So now we shall begin exploring how this evolutionary calendar system for the nine creations works.

Cellular cycle : 16.4 billion years in length

This first cycle was called the Cellular cycle, because at the very far end of the cycle is when life on Earth started. At this point in evolution cellular life was first born on the planet, singular cellular life. Creatures of action and reaction.

All of the cycles were given names, these names were what that cycle produced or what the product of that cycle was in evolutionary terms. Each of the nine cycles were also broken up into seven periods of day and six periods of night, or seven days and six nights for each level of creation.

There were seven days to each level of creation, does this sound familiar to anyone reading. Where have you heard this pattern expressed before?
Most of us think of the Bible or the Book of Genesis, but before the Bible was written in Hebrew, it was originally written in Sumerian. For those not aware of it, the majority of the Bible or the Jewish Torah is plagiarism or a rewrite of these original concepts from Sumerian texts, embellished with some very creative and elaborate editing for stylistic metaphor. Sumerian people were some of the first humans to write down anything, some of what they first wrote in their texts said that there were seven days and six nights in each level of creation.

So it is evident that the Maya were not the only people who were aware of or given this particular bit of ancient information. They were only the most recent of the ancient civilizations to pass down this particular ancient knowledge, so one could say that they left the freshest footprint on the trails.

Mammalian cycle : 820 million years in length

The next cycle is the Mammalian cycle, it lasted for 820 million years. The Maya knew how many Tuns each of these cyclic periods were, the just did not have all of the science that we have access to today. Not yet.

This cycle is called the Mammalian cycle, because the product of this cycle was mammals. Creatures that were capable of stimulus and response.

Familial cycle : 41 million years in length

Next came the Familial cycle.

This next cycle lasted for 41 million years. Keep in mind that all of this was written down, as numbers of Tuns, carved into stone and it was about 2500 years ago. The 41 million years is a very close numerical approximation of how many Tuns would have passed.

This was the Family cycle, or the Familiar cycle. The product of the cycle was family, and this is a huge step forward in evolution, or the evolution of consciousness. Approximately 40 million years ago was when monkeys began to exist on the planet Earth. Among mammals, monkeys were the first to develop a different kind of consciousness than had ever existed here before. This was the most primitive, but first consciousness of the family.

We were now becoming creatures of stimulation and individual response.

Tribal cycle : 2 million years in length

This was the Tribal cycle, where the family structure developed by the earliest mammals, now becomes the most primitive tribal systems for early humans...possibly also herd systems for other animals. The product of this cycle is the Tribe, or similarities and differences, based upon the ability to use the mind.

This next cycle was 2 million years long, the entire 2 million years are broken into seven days and six nights like all the cycles. Therefore there were 13 divisions of 160,000 years, or that many years for each day and night. The day or night cycles are called intentions, and each one of these intentions lasted for 160,000 years time, then it went to the next intention. As this intention carried forward, and so on.

Each of these intentions, or days and night periods were representative of the next progressive steps in evolution.

Regional or Cultural cycle : 102, 000 years in length

This was the Regional cycle or sometimes referred to as the Cultural cycle. Its product was essentially culture, when humans began tracking our patterns of land and periods of time. This was the time of hunting and gathering, and the first eras where humans began claiming territorial boundaries, at least in a primitive sense. It leads to the formation of the earliest cultures by the end of this cycle.

This cycle is only 102,000 years long. For those who have been stumped by the cyclic numerical values so far, from this point forward should start to feel a bit of mathematical weight being lifted. 102,000 years is not nearly as bad or complex to fathom.

Every 8,000 years there was a change of intention during this cycle or creation. Or every day and night was 8,000 years long.

National cycle : 5,125 years in length

This cycle is called the National cycle. This is the time of the beginnings of National consciousness and the products are National identities. The product of this cycle was Law, which created the idea of Nations.

It is here, in 3115 B.C., at the beginning of this cycle, that by coincidence is the birth of Egypt. This is when King Minas brought forth the marriage of the upper and lower Nile cultures, and thus was born the first Nation on the planet Earth. This was the first idea of being a Nation, and the first true National identity that had both a land and a people at the same time together.

The Jews were not on their land as a people at this time. Although they did have the concept of national identity.

Planetary cycle : 256 years in length

The Planetary cycle starts in 1755 A.D.

The time scale for this cycle is a change of intentions, from day to night, every 19.7 years. This was the beginning of the Industrial revolution during this cycle, for the product of this cycle was Power from the planetary resources. There would be a major evolutionary change in the dynamic patterns of our cultures every 20 years approximately.

Galactic cycle : 12.8 years in length

The Galactic cycle or the beginning of Galactic consciousness, started on January 5, 1999. Now the individual intentions, or days and nights are shifting every 360 days.

The product of this cycle is ethics, or the ability to think globally with a consciousness to the needs and welfare of the planet Earth. No longer just thinking about the planet in terms of human existence on it, or ownership of it.

Universal cycle : 0.64 years in length

The last cycle, or the Universal cycle started on February 10, 2011.

The entire cycle lasts for a period of 260 days in length, the whole cycle. The Universal cycle ended on October 28, 2011, that date is when all the nine creation cycles come to some sort of an end. It is when the Tzolkin and Tun calendars complete their rotational patterns and the last teeth of the calendarical gears are coming together to where they originally started at the beginning of the calendar.

During this cycle, the same intentions, or day and night periods that were shifting every 360 days during the Galactic cycle will be shifting every 20 days. If you take a moment to get the overall idea of this clearly, there would seem to be an overall acceleration of during this last part of the greater time cycle.

The product of the Universal cycle is Conscious Co-Creation. That evolutionary creational development period then ends after a 260 day period. Actually this is the finalization of the whole thing that started with all the cycles in succession.

We are currently in this phase as this author is writing.

This year on the Maya and Aztec calendar is a Blue Resonant Storm year, as already stated, there are no guidelines for this as the calendar comes to a close and moves to Zero point.

Many friends and people whom I know have asked me to try and write a simple explanation of how the Maya and Aztec calendar works.

It is my hope that this has been helpful during this final days.

It is my personal belief that 2013 is going to be a new and wonderful year on planet Earth.

Good luck and money from home kids.

Try to love one another, everything will be just fine.

Keep on Hubbing.

Completion of Creation : From October 29, 2011 until December 21, 2012

During this last phase or Completion of Creation cycle, there is only speculation for the most part. Whatever the Maya thought would happen here is not really clear, or was never written down, or was destroyed. The modern Maya do not see it as a doomsday or destruction of the planet Earth, they do see that whatever alignment is going to happen as the calendar works itself counting down to Zero point, this has never happened before in human or Earthly evolutionary history.

The product of this cycle in theory is a New Creation and the beginning of an entire new cycle, which should follow the same pattern as the original Tzolkin and Tun calendars in synchronization. This may be interpreted as a New World or a New Earth. We shall see.

During this final phase and countdown to Zero point, everyday will be shifting as if it were a full intention, or a full day or night period. Theoretically everyone will be experiencing evolutionary change equivalent to approximately 20 days for every one day. This would mean an extremely accelerated karmic, dharmic or human evolution rapidly. Each single day and night on Earth shall be rapidly filled with lessons, and learning from the cycles of intentions.


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