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2015 Forecast, Prediction Year of of the Wood Sheep using the Chinese Astrology.

Updated on November 17, 2014
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Overview of the Year of the Sheep 2015 - 2016

The year of the sheep brings peace. After the last few event-driven years, that’s a nice thing to look forward to. The sheep loves to live alongside others in a harmonious way so, despite the fear mongering, war does not appear to be on the menu for the Chinese Zodiac year 2015-2016.

Organizations which highlight social justice will dominate and those who focus on being active in the community will prosper. The more closely knit communities are, the more fortuitous outcomes will be.

Those who are born under animal signs compatible with the sheep will find that their year goes smoothly with little effort on their part, while those who have a more fiery nature, will need to slow down for the year. Some introspection will enable you to analyze when a softer, kinder voice will pay dividends.

It is a particularly good year to wear green, and while jade comes in all colors, if a lucky charm is required, then a green jade is the best choice. Focus will be on the arts, communities, doing the right thing, some mystic meg schools of thought, and tranquility.

Below follows an individual analysis of the various Chinese astrology signs.

Chinese Astrology Stone


Specific forecasts for each Zodiac animal

2015 Year for those born in the year of the Ox
Those born in the year of the ox might benefit by being more flexible this year and not insisting on being overly practical when the year is more about peace at all costs. The year will feel as if nothing is moving forwards, and the best way to handle this is simply to use the time to prepare for 2016. If something does need to be done urgently, focus on getting it done during the months of April, August, September, October, November, and December. Tasks related to the arts might be more easily achieved.

2015 for those born in the Year of the Tiger

This will be a positive year in terms of love and career for the Tiger. That said, money will be tight and caution is advised. Think twice before spending. In order to make the best of the year, use every ounce of creativity you have and be disciplined in your pursuit of it. Best months are

2015 for those born in the Year of the Rabbit
The natural reticence of the rabbit fits well with the peaceful nature of the sheep. This is a lucky year for the Rabbit, and while the Rabbit normally prefers the comforts of home, getting more involved in the community will pay good dividends this year. While love is not on the horizon for those who are single, money and career will bring lucky breaks. Best months are

2015 for those born in the Year of the Dragon
Probably not your best year. If at all possible, rather than pushing forward this year, consolidate what you already have, and try to work with those around you, rather than taking leadership. Best months are

2015 for those born in the year of the Snake

If there is an opportunity to travel in 2014, this is the time to take it, as it will produce the highlights of the year. In other respects (career, money), it will be a difficult year, and you should keep a tight rein on the purse strings. Relationships will remain on an even keel. Best months are April, July, August, September, and December.

2015 for those born in the year of the Horse
This is a good year for the horse, and opportunities should be taken advantage of when they arrive. Your natural passion should find a loving relationship while your action loving nature will give you the expertise to take advantage of the financial opportunities which will arrive from time to time during the year. Best months are February, May, June, and December.

Official book of Chinese Astrology published each year in in China


The energy from Jade works with the Qi energy and is considered both luck and protective

2015 for those born in the year of Sheep/Goat
Money will be tight; love will flourish; and accidents may happen. All in all, though, it will be a very good year. Still, be yourself, and continue live your lifeith your normal caution, but stretch a little further to reach your dreams because doors will open. If you have artistic goals, now is the time to pursue them. Best months are July, August, September, October, November, and December.

2015 for those born in the year of the Monkey
The monkey scores big time this year. The energy for career, love, and money all work with your own energy this year. Best plan for the year is to become part of a community, to be gracious and pay your debts, and you should be amply rewarded. Best months are January, February, March, and November.

2015 for those born in the Year of the Rooster

Lucky in love because your relationship will run more smoothly this year. However, you’ll need to walk carefully when it comes to career. Best advice is to do the right thing rather than the profitable thing. Money wise, be careful to budget and all will be well. Best months are April, July, August, October, and December.

2015 for those born in the Year of the Dog

Your innate desire to have an easy life will not work in your favor this year. You will need to do some work in order to generate an income. Your love life will be wonderful, though, and happiness will come your way. Best months are January, February, May, and July.

2015 for those born in the Year of the Boar
This year will be the first steps on a journey to success in future years. Unlike others, you will need to work on your relationships this year, plan your financial strategy and save what you have, and think before you speak. That said, interaction with groups of people will lay a solid foundation for the next few years. Best months will be July, September, October, November, and December.

2016 for those born in the Year of the Rat
This year will be an improvement on last year, with the second half of the year being better for you than the first half. Despite it being a better year, care will still need to be taken in all areas. Speak tactfully in your relationships as the better you negotiate your relationships this year, the more you will prosper in terms of career, love, and money. Best months are January, February, May, July, December.

Learn more about your forecast in 2015

A deeper study of the Chinese Forecasting Method

The Chinese Forecasting method involves an examination of the energy of the particular year - a 60 year cycle. Each year has its particular energy defined by an animal. Three are twelve animals in a twelve year cycle. In addition, there are five elements, i.e. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The particular energy of the year is affected by its element, so the cycle of the Qi (chi) is 60 years. Each of those 60 years have a particular type of energy.

Anyone born in those years will take on the energy of the particular year that s/he is born in. Generally a person is lucky and prosperous when their own birth animal year comes around, but, depending on whether they are compatible with the energy of the particular current year, they will either struggle or find things easy.

As such, it is not a prediction or forecast so much as an evaluation of the particular current life energy (chi) and how one's own energy interacts with it!

© 2014 Tessa Schlesinger


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