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21 Scary Biblical Facts about the Coming Anti-Christ

Updated on September 24, 2012

Etymology: Antichrist

Anti: Contrary, opposite substitute.
Christ : From the Greek Χριστος (Christos) and Latin Christum, anointed

Throughout history the Anti-Christ also designated the people who were against Christianity, so then the Antichrist could be anyone who was against the Messiah and what he represents. Under this reasoning, we understand that throughout history there have been many antichrists and those not in agreement with the doctrine of Christ.

In the New Testament in the words of Jesus given to the apostle John in his first letter 1 John 2:18 : "Children, it is the ending of Time. As you have heard that Antichrist cometh, even now are there many antichrists whereby we know that is the Ending of Time (or End Times). "

The Anti-Christ
The Anti-Christ

Anti-Christ will be Anti-Life

Anti-Christ will be Anti-Life

In the Bible is revealed the somewhat scary idea (for those who are not safe in the arms of Faith and God) that an anti-christ will be loosed in the world and will be known by signs of a specific nature identifying him. With the coming of this person who will have great authority in the culture and holding a world-view glorifying all things non-Christian from sex to love of the flesh to distorted standards leading the lost to even greater sin being the very incarnation of all things that are not divine, effectively ruling with fear instead of love, this anti-christ will be like an angel to some but in truth a singer of rotten council and violent motive, a true prince of evil if ever there was one.

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2l Details concerning the Coming Antichrist

I. He'll be an intellectual genius.

2. He'll be an oratorical genius.

3. He'll be a political genius.

4. He'll be an industrial genius.

5. He'll be a military genius.

6. He'll be a spiritual genius.

7. He'll start by manipulating the Western energy block.

8. He'll create a seven-year covenant with Israel and break it after three-5 years.

9. He'll make an effort to destroy all Israel.

I0. He'll destroy the false religious system to ensure that he might rule unhindered.

ll. He'll set themself as God.

I2. He'll briefly rule all world nations.

13. He'll be absolutely crushed through the The almighty Jesus in the Doomsday of ·Armageddon.

I4. He'll be the very first creature tossed in to the lake of fire.

I5. He'll be an expert of deceit.

I6. He'll profane the temple.

l7. He'll be companionship with Satan himself.

How Will We Know When?

According to Christian belief the Antichrist will appear in the form of a man controlled by Satan , the enemy's personal supreme God .

It will be the evil incarnate in a man. Hence they are given different names such as the Man of Sin , Son of Perdition, the Beast (as an equivalence between this character of Revelation and the Antichrist), the Abomination of Desolation, etc..

We will know, in particular according to the beliefs of many protestant denominations, the coming will be due to various factors such as an unprecedented global boom in the occult , decline in morals and values. Then will be pursued those who have been left behind at the Rapture of the Church and receive the salvation of Jesus Christ, in a period called "The Great Tribulation "which will be equally sinister proportions, and finally the Mark of the Beast (the 666) will appear plainly, (again, following the symbolic language of Revelation).

At the end of its dominance in the Humanity , the Antichrist will be defeated by the forces commanded by Jesus Christ, who throws him into the lake of fire .

Dan. 11:36

Dan. 11:37

Dan. 11:37

Dan. 11:38

Dan. 7:8

Dan. 11:36

2 Thcss. 2:3

2 Thess. 2:3

2 Thess. 2:8

Rev. 11:7

18. He is going to do everything based on his own selfish will.

19. He'll not regard the God of his fathers.

20. He won't have the need of ladies.

21. His god would be the god of energy.

6- Names for that Coming Antichrist

l. The small horn

2. The willful king

3. The embodiment of sin

. 4. The benefactor of perdition

5. The wicked one

6. The beastly animal

Characters identified as the Antichrist

Because the Antichrist has taken on a variety of meanings:

It also extends to any person who, knowing the gospel or not, refuses to believe that Jesus is the Christ, whether claiming a non- biblical . Also included in this denomination who denies his divinity or resurrection, relegating it to the shape of the human reality.

The antichrist is any person, ideology and political or economic system that threatens the lives and human rights.

In Christian history is popularly considered antichrists those characters who were accused of creating alleged beliefs different from those of Christianity.

Some Christian tradition identifies the antichrist as:

  • The Antichrist will impersonate Christ, fighting against Him
  • The Antichrist misrepresent the teachings of the Gospel through its new doctrine.
  • The Antichrist will deny the divinity of Christ, deny that Jesus was the son of God.

Description of the Beast

On the other hand, there are interpretations that embody the Antichrist, but identify it based on the words of Jesus in the Gospels, but with many who call themselves the Messiah and Savior, to San Juan in his letters anyone can be an antichrist, provided that their attitude (even if self-confessed Christian) go against Christ, which fits perfectly with the etymological meaning of the word Antichrist.

Description of the Beast

In Revelation , through a highly symbolic language characteristic of apocalyptic genre , the beast is described as a monster with seven heads and ten horns (and each horn, ten diadems ), with a body like a leopard, feet Bear and jaws of a lion . He says he is inspired by the Devil and have the power to fight against God. Daniel 7:19-21 .

According to many scholars, Beast is called the structure of totalitarian power (imperial). By imposing on people a way of life (as opposed to God), its worship is inspired by a propaganda similar to the Roman imperial cult in the totalitarian or fascist . It may even be mortally wounded and healed by another beast, another Empire, who would be responsible for strengthening their worship. Rev 13:11-12 .

The whole description can be seen as a metaphor that we can find in Daniel 4 , in which a government would be ten kingdoms that were part of the late Roman empire to dominate the Earth and join training as the last great global empire, led by the person of the Antichrist.

Ahriman the Anti-Christ in Zoroastrianism
Ahriman the Anti-Christ in Zoroastrianism

Anti-Christ in Other Beliefs

In the eschatology Islam , teachings on the Antichrist (Al Massih Al Dajjal) in Islam are referenced from the "Spiritual Discussions" of the Prophet Mohammad, referred to in Arabic as "Al-Ahadiths". The Quran does not mention the Antichrist, but speaks of "Gog and Magog, symbol of the Antichrist.

In Zoroastrianism , the chief spirit of evil Ahriman is incarnate in the snake Lahak and will be defeated by the Messiah (Saahyant).

In the philosophy of the German Fredrick Nietzsche his Antichrist is he who has contempt for the Christian doctrine and to denounce the falsehood that denies comes when man's spiritual freedom.


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    • searchinsany profile image

      Alexander Gibb 5 years ago from UK

      This is a fascinating subject.

      1Jn 2:18 KJV Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

      John wrote 2000 years ago to believers reminding them '... it is the last time...' Did he get it wrong? My Hub 'Are We Really Living in the Last Days?' explains my view in more detail.