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21st Dec 2012- Will the World end?

Updated on October 8, 2012
2012 marks the end of the world?
2012 marks the end of the world? | Source

21st December 2012 is the date which creates a lot of panic. Will the world finally end or is this just another outrageous concept?

21122012 looks absurd, doesn’t it? However, if viewed keenly you will get to know what it actually depicts. It is the most anticipated and looked for series of numbers these days, hopefully all of you must have guessed it by now. Yes, it is the supposedly ill-fated 21st December, the date that would mark the end of the Earth or bring about some major destruction to our dear planet.

The hype behind 21st December, 2012

Many charlatans, conspirators, and new age mystics are the driving force behind the concept of doomsday. To top it all then we have a number of movies depicting the end of the world in the most horrific manner. The Great Wall of China crumbling down, Big Ben crashing down to the ground, gigantic tidal waves engulfing entire places, not even the highest plains of the world safe. I often wonder how these directors pluck up courage to portray such disasters because in case the very thought of such a scenario sends shiver down my spine.

It is said there is going to be storm of asteroids which would leave our cities and towns into dust and smoke, a change in the movement of the plates overturning huge pieces of land. The only saviors as per the film, “2012”, are the strong ships that have been built and have the ability to withstand all sorts of calamities. (Mind you this ship is for only rich people not for people like us!!!). We do have other movies as well describing these apocalyptic visions and that too come from the same person.

The Mayan calendar ends on 21st December,2012 or does it?
The Mayan calendar ends on 21st December,2012 or does it?
The Yellowstone volcano!
The Yellowstone volcano! | Source

Why it is utter bull-shit!

  • The truth regarding the Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calendar on which all of this has been based does not talk about the end of the world. It has been misunderstood, the calendar basically is cyclic and doesn’t end and no where describes the end of world. Though there are chances of certain changes but they would not have much effect on the humans. (Hopefully!!) Mayans were people of great intellect and had built such sophisticated temples without any of the modern equipments. Furthermore, they also were great mathematicians and remarkable astronomers who scanned the heavens and stars and developed the calendar.

  • Yellowstone’s low probability of exploding soon!

The fears regarding the day have augmented so much that NASA and other agencies had to intervene calming people and discarding any of the rumor. It seems this is the panic as in the millennium bug which led the stock markets all around crashing. It’s true that magnetic poles do go for reversal but they don’t have such a destructive impact as depicted in the movies unleashing natural disasters. The volcano situated in Yellowstone, California is of great concern for it was dead for quite some time only to be discovered that it has become active a few years back. It is said that if it explodes it will put the planet back into ice age for the clods of gas it would release would cut-off the sunlight. (Sounds dangerous enough, right?) but again the scientists have assured that its explosion might take centuries. (fingers crossed) These predictions as well as those coined by Nostradamus or other almanacs do not appear to come true in a while.

How to treat 21st December, 2012!

It is true that the world will come to end one day keeping in view the increasing pollution, diseases, decrease in supply of oxygen but its not going to be a fast but a slow deadly process that would come without any of us being aware of it. As a poet puts it ‘not a bang just a whimper’ is how the world will end.

It seems a sad state of affair when I read about people committing suicides because ‘doomsday is near’. For all the problems in the world to die for, committing suicide for a stupid fantasy just doesn’t seem worth it. So, for now people, let it just be and go ahead with your future plans. Plan your Christmas parties though some people have started preparing of the end of world parties. My own say on this is to ignore the rumors afloat and take it all in a positive way. You have your whole life ahead of you enjoy and stay blessed!

The hub is a contribution of a dear colleague Mariam Mujtaba.


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