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23rd November, Birthday of Sri Sathya Saibaba.

Updated on November 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Saibaba!

In Prasanthinilayam, Puttaparthi already several functions have commenced since 18th November. Processions of idols from different temples of Puttaparthi have taken place with much fanfare. Ladies day was celebrated on 19th. The convocation of Sri Sathya Sai University is about to take place today. Devotees from around the world have gathered in Prasanthi Nilayam. Several devotional programs including regular Bhajans are being conducted every day.

He belongs to entire human beings. He never identified himself with Andhra Pradesh where his Divine birth took place. Saibaba has said, that the Universe is His mansion. Each room in the mansion is a country. I may peep in every room whenever he feels. To prove this Truth, Saibaba has mysteriously manifested in several places outside India to save the devotees from danger. He has saved many during flights. One such incidence comes to my memory. Once a lady devotee came to Prasanthi Nilayam and she was blessed by Baba before returning to her country. During the flight, terrorists have seized the plane and they have already caused much damage in the cockpit and were threatening the pilots with revolvers to pilot the plane as per their wish. One man was already laying wires around connecting them with detonators and gelatin sticks. All passengers were warned with direst consequences if they try to move. All passengers were tense and children were crying. There was the smell of urine etc due to heightened tension. The devotee who was praying Saibaba mentally was asking his help and directions. She heard Baba inside her conscious who directed her to send her Love to the terrorists. She could not believe it since it seemed irrational. Still, she had to follow the directions of her conscious. Hence she started radiating Love towards the terrorists. Within a few minutes, the man who was wiring the cabins got entangled in the wires and he was nervous and perspiring. He was not able to proceed further. The devotee was watching it and she could never believe it. Soon he was overpowered by others and miraculously the plane was landed in an airport without much trouble. The passengers escaped unhurt with the help of security personal of the Airport who were duly informed about the situation by one of the Pilots. This is how Saibaba has saved the passengers and plane from hijacking. This incident has been narrated by the devotee in a journal.

Saibaba always said, "I am everywhere. Time and distance do not matter to me. Wherever you may be, if you call me from the bottom of your heart, I will be there in a moment. This is heart to heart contact and this channel never fails at any time. At one time, he told the gathering of devotees about the bush of hair. He said each hair is a link to a devotee. It is the invisible connection. If any body of them is in trouble, even without his calling I rush there to save him. John Hislop was the co-ordinator for the American Sai Council. Once he was travelling by a car from Bangalore to Whitefield. The road was under repair and hence gravel and stones were collected and stacked near the edge of the road. The road was a bit narrow but traffic was two way. The driver of the taxi in which Hislop and some other devotees were travelling was driving fast without knowing the danger that was lying ahead. Suddenly they saw that a lorry was coming in the opposite direction with speed, There was no time to swerve to either side as construction materials were stacked. The light of the lorry fell on the driver and the occupants. Hisolop taught that his end has come. He has no time to remember Saibaba even due to the sudden turn of events. What happened subsequently is a greatest miracle. The lorry passed through the car and in a second it was going beside their car in the opposite direction. None could surmise what happened and every body was shell shocked. When they met Saibaba the next day, Saibaba told Hislop, You have not even remembered me but I have saved you all from the great mishap. He has altered time and space for the sake of devotees!

On this solemn occasion, I pray to Saibaba on behalf of all, Grant us the wisdom to follow the sublime Truths taught by the great one. Let us love all. Let us not harm anybody even by thought. Let all of us live in harmony and Peace. May Him grant all that is good. Amen.

Happy birthday, SWAMI


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