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3 Stupids - 1/3 - 1/3 - 1/3 & All Fools Day.

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Sri Rama.
Sri Rama. | Source

Divide and Rule - 1/3,1/3,1/3.

60 years to say 1/3.

60 years to say a temple existed below a mosque.

60 years to say that faith rules the law.

60 years to say we do not know what happened 400 years ago.

60 years to say that Hindus and Muslims lived peacefully for over 100 years.

60 years to say that a judicial document was time bared.

60 years and a judge has to retire,so the judgment,if he was in service perhaps few more years for the judgment.

24th of September,2010 was expected to take a nation in chaos and lawlessness by none other than the most respected prime minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and his bed sheet clad home minister to tell the countrymen to maintain peace.

What did they ( Our Govt Of India )expect the people do.?Why did they kept repeating that people must maintain peace.Did they doctored the ASI report,how come the ASI could not estimate as to when was the period the temple existed and was it the same period as Sri Rama was alive and was in Ayodhya.

They thought that the 3 judges will pronounce a judgment that a piece of land would be given to muslims and not hindus.They knew this because if it was given to hindus the minority muslims would not and cannot fight the majority with out loss of muslim life and property.They needed the support of all muslims to survive and rule the corrupt country,they wanted muslim votes.

Expecting that muslims would get that piece of land at Ayodhya the govt of Dr.M.M.Singh sent the best part of its law enforcement agency in full strength,closed all schools and colleges,sent all its employees on paid holiday,told industry's to close,shops automatically would follow and bank employees would not hesitate to add a day or two so that the entire family can go to a resort to whom they would have given a hefty loan.

Our muslims calm and cool said they will not do any sort of violence and would accept the court judgment,thinking that they would surely get their land illegally occupied for centuries by destroying hindu temples and using some of the pillars and stones of these temples to build their own masjids and mosques.They were cool to say if at all the judgment was not in their favor they would go to the Supreme Court.

It was a hectic day on 24th September,2010 for all TV channel jokers to keep the country folks on their toes saying that the judgment was just a few days away to few hours away,it would be at 3.00 PM and again telling it would be at 4.00 PM and kept the viewers glued to TV sets.The TV channels kept repeatedly showing all the politicians in their best and worst moods.They however did not show the Prime Minister or his Godmother.

What did everybody think of the 3 judges.They said 1/3,1/3 & 1/3 and went home leaving behind a 10,000 page judgement.

The 3 judges did a APRIL FOOLS DAY on 24th September,2010.


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