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38 to 50 0f 100 Tough Questions Answered

Updated on December 30, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

#38 Why do some churches ignore the social aspects of Christ’s teachings?

To be fair, most churches do not do so, they just place a higher priority on preaching or evangelizing than helping others out of tough situations but still have departments which provide aid quietly to those in need. They feel that there are other Christian and secular organizations who focus on those problems and that they need to focus on preaching the word. Realistically, all believers should be aware that not everyone is an evangelist and not everyone can preach thus planting the seeds through good works is just as important as presenting the four spiritual laws. Many, Many non-Christians have been preached to and preached to and know the Bible better than most Christians BUT their heart has not been ‘primed’ to receive the good news. Sometimes it takes acts of kindness, the experience of the love of God through believers before those seeds take root. God works in many different ways as He knows the hearts of those who do not believe thus the believer cannot restrict themselves to just one method of reaching the lost. They must be in tune with God and listen for His direction while doing good works. Matthew 5:16 tells us to do good deeds and let men see it for God’s glory not our own. Thus aiding people is not a part time evangelistic tool but a part of everyday Christian life.

People are NOT always open to preaching but they will become open if they see Christians doing what Christ tells us to do and that is good deeds all the time. Remember Christ STOPPED preaching to 1. heal the sick, 2, feed the crowds, 3. raise the dead, 4. talk to others, 4. receive children, and so on. Preaching is only 1 part of winning souls and one must be listening to God for the right time to do that while good works are to be done all the time.

#39 Does not believing in Genesis 1 affect my standing with God or my salvation?

Let’s deal with the latter part first. Does it affect one’s salvation? I do not know for who enters into heaven is His choice alone and He has left a way to make one confident and sure of their salvation if they follow that path. The former is easier as if one says they are a Christian yet decide not to believe God’s word then what do you think? Yes it will affect your standing with God as you are calling God a liar when you say creation did not take place as He said it did.

How can you expect to have fellowship with someone you have declared has mis-stated the truth and sided with those who do not believe in God at all? It is very difficult and practically impossible. one cannot claim to be a servant of God then turn around and dismiss what their master has said as fairy tales. Nor can one add into what was recorded because again you are doing the exact same thing, saying that God hid the truth from some of the people and only let a few in on the whole truth. That tells the world that God is unjust, unfair and plays games, all of which He cannot do.

How can one have fellowship with God when they have called him a sinner? One’s fellowship, standing and possibly salvation are affected by not believing any part of the Bible, {though that does not mean one has to be an extreme literalist, it does mean you accept it all as God ‘s word and it is not wrong or over-ruled). One’s testimony is ruined as well as it tells the unchurched world that they do not have to believe God or His word either. The ramifications are immense when one dismisses any part of the Bible.

#40 If there is only one God, why does the Bible mention more than 1?

The Bible is very clear that there is only one God and that is the God of the Bible but that does not mean that given the right to free choice and the devil’s influence that sinful man will not create their own gods. These gods are those which cannot hear, see, talk and so on and are not real Gods, they are inventions of man as they follow the deception of the devil and his minions.

In the Old Testament, we read how the Israelites followed after other gods yet what did it get them? They did not receive any rewards or a luxurious lifestyle, they received punishment for their disobedience. The Egyptian gods were shown to be worthless by God during the plagues that set the stage for the exodus. God showed all who will listen that He alone is God and that there is no other.

The same lesson is learnt with the Philistines as their statue of their god, was thrown down when the ark of the covenant was placed in the same room, telling us that there is no one higher than God. The Bible has to mention other gods to show that the ways of secular man are folly and a waste of time and if one joins their unbelief then what they can expect to receive is punishment not reward.

At no time does the Bible state that any of these other gods had power, control or supremacy nor are they cited as being equal to God or that they participated in any supernatural act. The Bible is not mentioning other gods, but exposing false beliefs which lead to nowhere. The fact that these gods have names is inconsequential, as names do not change the reality that these gods do not exist.

#41 Why is Christianity so divisive?

This was a question from one person who thought that Christianity should work together with all the other religions and achieve some common ground or consensus. He/she did not realize that the other religions are false and are meant to deceive people while leading them away from God. Christ came to earth to free men from the power of sin NOT to keep them enslaved to it which is why Christianity cannot work with other religions.

Jesus said that ‘he came not to bring peace but a sword…and that families will be divided…’ This is not to be taken that Christ is going to destroy the family or ruin lives. No, it means that those who truly follow Him will be lead in a different direction have different beliefs, attitudes and so on from other members of their families. God’s ways do not compliment the world’s or man’s and lead people into a new way of life which doesn’t fit the understanding or expectations of others. Thus the believer, if he or she continues with Christ, will find that they will be at odds with their family on many issues.

The world’s religions are earth centered and run by human thought which is often deceived and influenced by the devil so their agenda is not the same as God’s. This difference makes Christianity incompatible with the world’s alternatives as Christianity is to shed light upon a dark world, leading it to the truth and salvation.

Now the verse referenced above uses the same word ‘peace’ as does the verses proclaiming Christ’s birth but the meanings are not the same. As in the verse referenced, that word is talking about no conflict, no battles but all live in harmony whereas the word ‘peace’ used in the angels conversations with the shepherds means ‘do not worry’, ‘let your mind be at rest’ and so on. Quite a difference.

#42 What is the Apocrypha? Why aren’t they included in the Protestant Bibles?*

The Apocrypha are extra- Biblical books written by men other than the apostles or appointed Old Testament writers. Their works contribute very little to the overall message of the Bible and are written in a humanistic style without the leading of the Holy Spirit. They are not included in the Protestant Bibles for the simple reason they are not divinely inspired or of God.

#43 How could Moses have written the book of Deut. when it contains the account of his death?*

Just because an account of the author’s death is included in the book does it disqualify a person from writing the rest of the pages. This is a minor point which unbelievers use to try and discredit the Bible. It is an unrealistic accusation as it means throwing common sense out the window in hopes of dismissing the words of God.

#44 Most people say that Moses did not write the first 5 books of the Bible. What do you say?*

This is a charge to deny the claims of the Bible. Those who disagree with Mosaic authorship have no evidence to support their theories on who did. Many claim the Bible was copied from Babylonian myths, yet they cannot prove it so and this idea flies in the face of reality as the Babylonians had the reputation for being copyists not the Israelites. There is no credible evidence to show a late authorship by scribes who could not possibly know the exact terms, prices, and other daily details supplied by the author of the Pentateuch. Plus, there is no evidence for the imaginary Documentary Hypothesis either. critics of the Bible make all sorts of fantastic charges yet always fail to provide the same proof they demand of the supporters of the Bible.

We will go with tradition on this one and say it was Moses who wrote the first five books BUT it must be realized that the author is NOT as important as the words, the message and the acts of God.

#45 How can you believe a Bible that is full of contradictions?*

When people make the accusation that the Bible is full of contradictions, they do so based upon a surface reading and the ignoring of the fact that different men were the authors. If a skeptic did a close investigation and honest research, they would find that the supposed contradictions are not that way at all but are describing different details. If the Bible was exactly the same, and written the exact same way with the exact same words then its words would be open to charges that there was only 1 human author of all the books who could not possibly be an eye witness to everything that took place and all its words are meaningless for it would be a fabrication.

One cannot expect to find the exact words, style and format for each book. They were written at different times by different people who had different educations which emphasized different writing styles and ideas. It is ridiculous to expect every author to record the same events in the exact same manner.

#46 Hasn’t the New Testament changed since it has been copied and recopied throughout history?*

This would presume that God was incapable of keeping His promise of preserving His word until the end of time. It would also presume that God lied about being able to protect His word and it would remove all hope for those who believe the Bible.

People throughout history have tried to change the canon, or even the text of the books, {the Jehovah Witness translation is a modern example} but their erroneous ways have been uncovered by careful scholarship and their works discarded. God keeps His word and the New Testament has not changed and we can trust its words but one must be careful and not just accept any new translation or paraphrase for the simple fact a ‘Christian’ or ‘expert’ produced their own version. {the Message and the Source are two such examples}. Stick with the quality translations like the KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV and now the ESB and you will be okay.

#47 How can anyone believe the N.T. account of the life of Jesus since it was written so long after His death?*

Actually if you do some careful study you will find that the accounts of Jesus were written within 30-40 years of his death. Not a large gap when you compare that most ancient mss. we have date to 400 to 1000 {or more} years AFTER the death of the supposed author. Books to read on this subject are: The N.T. Documents: are they reliable? by F.F.Bruce; The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, there are other good works out there that explain in better detail how close the writings are to Jesus life.

#48 Why is Jesus the only way to God?*

The best answer is to ask another question. What better way is there to demonstrate one’s love for one’s creation? Wouldn’t you want to send the clearest message to those you loved so there would be no misunderstanding and one’s motives very clear?

To make Jesus the ONLY way to God demonstrates how deep the love of God is for His creation and also tells Him that people who reject His only Son are being just as clear in their decision. They do not want any part of God.

#49 Where did God come from?*

This is a common question as people want to understand origins and they cannot comprehend that someone always existed. Because they had a beginning, the world had a beginning and the universe had a beginning, they conclude that God had to have a beginning. Yet that is not the way it is with God, He has no beginning and no end. He has always been.

#50 What was God doing before He created the universe?*

We do not know. The Bible does not give us any information on that as it has nothing to do with our existence, God’s plan of salvation and our lives. This is one of those topics that are good for intellectual exercise but that is about it. Such a question serves no purpose for there is no answer till we get to heaven and talk with God.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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