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Goal Attainment and Creating Your Reality: 3 Commonly Overlooked Components

Updated on December 29, 2009

The bulk of self-empowerment coaches and motivational speakers tell you that there are only two main elements that matter in getting what you want in life:

1. Taking positive action
2. Thinking positive thoughts (to attract what you want)

If it were only that easy. There is no shortage of those who do both and fail to live the life of their dreams.

Limited Viewpoint

Such an approach to life is based on a belief that your life circumstances are only the result of two things: what happens in your life; and your response to what happens in your life.

The latter is a presumption based on the idea that if you react the right way to what you encounter in life, you can easily create any reality you want. We are firm believers of the notion that you can make the most of your life, largely by how you handle and capitalize on your life circumstances, but there’s more to it than that.

The former can imply a type of victim consciousness. For example, if your lover cheated on you, would you consider that you (from a spiritual perspective) and the unrealistic expectation of blissful, mutually fulfilling, life-long monogamy may have just as much to do with the issue as she does, or would you take the most common approach (e.g., “poor me”) and blame her entirely?

Expand Your Horizons

If you want to understand more about yourself, why you are here, and how you can best serve the world and yourself, you must look beyond the scope of this single lifetime. Accepting the eternity of your soul, thus the theory of reincarnation, you realize that you have unfinished business (in “bad” and "good" ways) from multiple lifetimes and this is why you (your soul) have returned to Earth.

However, don’t worry about the possibility of being the villain in your past lives because everyone has played that role. As part of a tribe of conquerors during the Middle Ages, for example, you may have raided a village, unmercifully made the captors your slaves and weren’t very kind to them. However, you also saved many lives and helped to defeat an oppressive ruler. What goes around comes around.

Missing Keys

Our empirical research involving personality analysis, cyclical timing assessment (prediction and forecasting), past life regression, and predestination has shown us that there are three commonly overlooked facets to your reality:

1. Your karmic blueprint, which includes your past life debts and credits (whether you choose to believe in past lives or see them as symbolism, they still mirror and affect your reality today, as we’ve seen in countless case studies), as well as key, current life circumstances and personality characteristics, some alterable, and some not.

2. Your unique timing, which is linked to your karmic blueprint/life structure. Everyone's timing is different, and everyone progresses (or regresses) through multitudes of cycles of various lengths, of which the energy may or may not be conducive to the fulfillment of their goals. Spiritually speaking, the goal is often less important than what is learned through attempting to fulfill the goal.

3. Your compatibility with others is reflected largely by your karmic blueprint and timing, which holds the keys to how you knew each other in the past, what needs to be learned this time, and more.

Everyone of significance in your life has an enduring cosmic link to you and you've likely spent time with them in multiple past lives, in various roles. How you get along now is a sign to how things were back then.

All three can be discerned in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts and, or an intuitive reading, and handwriting analysis can be used to uncover subconscious character.

Perhaps the reason why these concepts are over-looked so frequently is because it’s complicated enough to deal with this life without seriously contemplating the spiritual reasons for life’s dilemmas.

But life becomes less complicated as you learn more about who you really are and your journey this time around. All the unimportant stuff melts away as you align yourself with your highest path and you can then capitalize on your timing to make the most of your life.

We readily agree that your attitude and proactive behavior can take you far, but there's so much more to it than that, in our view.

Copyright © 2009 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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