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3rd Generation Psychic? I Guess So.....

Updated on January 8, 2018

Inherited psychic abilities may in fact have a basis!

I was noticing over the course of this past year (2017) that my eight-year old daughter has a very foul odor eminating from her head. Over the New Year's holiday, when I had my kids (my ex husband has primary custody of them), I had her wash with a special shampoo to help remove the smell. The shampoo had coconut extract in it.

Coconut and its extracts have a broad spectrum antimicrobial action against many different pathogens, including bacteria, candida, and parasites. That is why I believe her 'smell' diminished when she used it.

Onto inherited psychic ability. I was just sharing on a hemachromatosis forum how I have a copy of the lesser-known H63D gene. This gene literally shuttles iron up to the brain, rather than causing a frank iron overload in most people.

As a pharmacist, I was able to paruse the medical literature to no end about this disease. I also had a special interest in mental health when I used to practice pharmacy.

I found a helpful psychiatric website called 'PsychU', where I found an advertisement for a seminar. This seminar detailed depression and its root cause, which is brain inflammation.

If I trace my family history, especially on my mother's side, indeed there is a history of not only depression, but schizophrenia as well.

My mother is affected by the latter. In 2008, she took all the belongings she could out of her apartment, and went on a psychotic break journey from Wisconsin to Texas. What was interesting was the fact that when we retrieved the belongings of her car in Texas and had them shipped back to Wisconsin, was that we found a bunch of DIAPERS and baby clothes!

Later that year, I became pregnant with my 2nd child, a daughter, Danielle. The gender was incorrect - well, perhaps not! I will explain.

In November, 2008 when I had become pregnant and found out by a confirmed blood and pregnancy test, I became neurotic myself about the pregnancy 'sticking'. This is because my now ex husband and I had tried since April 2008, and I had what is called a 'chemical pregnancy' back in April. This is where the embryo attaches, but does not persist, and this results in a menstruation at the end of the cycle.

So what I did was spend hundreds of dollars on pregnancy tests, and checked like crazy to see if I was having my HCG levels continuing to increase, by doing serial dilutions of my urine (TMI). When I started to notice an apparent decrease at about five weeks doing this method, I notified my doctor. She did think I was crazy for doing this, but agreed to do a blood test to make sure the hormone of pregnancy was still increasing. Assuredly, it was. But, I still tell both my children the legend of the 'lost twin', which may in fact have been a boy after all!

Over the Christmas holiday, my children told me of yet another 'pregnancy prediction' my estranged mother made. She told me that I was going to have a 3rd child, a boy; and name him Brandon. However, with this prediction, she also gave some ambiguity on the gender as she wasn't sure if the child(ren) were going to be male or female!

I guess we'll just have to see on this one.

I was in fact told by a psychic back in 1997 that I would have three children. Whether that be three pregnancies, three actual children, I will not find out until the event actually happens. Psychic predictions are for sure seen better in hindsight =)

I have suffered with a genetic disease called hemochromatosis. I am a carrier of the H63D variety, which differs from the more standard 'textbook' C282Y that is rarer, yet stronger for iron overload.

I do not know which parent I inherited this from. I do plan to reconcile with my father someday and plan to have him tested through 23andme. If he does not have the gene, then my mother does. Process of elimination.

Now, about my grandmother [my mother's mother]. The interesting fact is we all have Water sign moons, which are the most PSYCHIC positions the moon can be in! (Grandmother = Pisces moon, mother = Scorpio moon, me = Cancer moon). Cancer of course is the DOMINION sign of the moon - and that is so true in my case. In an IQ test, I was tested to have a photographic memory. Not so with my grandmother. At the end of her life, she was diagnosed with dementia and hydrocephalus. I was really upset when an autopsy was passed over. As a Virgo sun sign, like my grandmother, I needed to know THE SCIENCE. Well, in my body recovery journey, I got to later on!

My interpretation of my grandmother's Pisces moon is it gave her intuition and indeed, made us part of the 'generational psychic chain' that persists in my two children today - my son has a Scorpio moon like my mother, and my daughter has a Cancer moon like me! The downside of her Pisces moon was in her demise. Pisces represents confusion, disorientation but also can confer a 'big picture' view since the sign of Pisces' ancient ruler is Jupiter. Jupiter conveyed on my grandmother a beautiful laugh, and wonderful sense of humor - something that never left her until she died. She never lost that laugh =)

That's my family story and I'm sticking to it! I hope this has helped to illuminate how psychic ability has a scientific basis in genetic transmission.


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