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4 Reasons You Experience Deja-Vu - 4 Different Paths of Life.

Updated on November 30, 2019
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Scientists try to explain Deja-Vu as some kind of weird brain function, when the brain have not processed a memory, or there is some kind of ‘void’ in your memory, and you have actually experienced that moment before you just can’t recall it, that’s why you feel like you have seen it before while also feeling like you are seeing it for the first time. Science actually goes to great lengths to explain what science can not explain.

Deja-Vu is not a messed up brain function. It goes beyond scientific research and the science mantra of “it is real if you prove it”. What is Deja-Vu other than a malfunctioning memory?

1. A vivid prophetic dream.

Sometimes Deja-Vu is a situation you have seen in a dream, but just not any other dream you have. These are the so-called ‘prophetic’ dreams which predict the future, and then it happens, exactly as seen in a dream. The thing is, you do not remember the dream, that is why you do not remember to have experienced the situation before. A Deja-Vu can lasts for a few seconds up to a couple of minutes. For most people deja-vu is a just a split second view of something you feel like you have seen before and then life goes on as per usual. For more spiritual advanced individual or the ones blessed with psychic gifts, deja-vu usually lasts more to the point you not only remember the scenario, but you just know the actions that will be taken, the words that will be spoken, every hand gesture, every leaf that blows, everything falls into place exactly as you know it to happen.

2. Shifting in a parallel universe.

There is this other theory, which supported by science as far as it goes about millions universes existing at the same time. Remember that movie called “Interstellar”? It tries to broaden the knowledge on parallel universes and how it all works.

Now, the idea is that when you experience a deja-vu moment, at that same exact time-frame, in a parallel universe, you are doing the exact same thing, which all make it happens so that the two universes at that exact time-frame come to a singular point of merge, just before everything ‘separates’ again and life goes on.

There are people who belief that if you know how to use it, you can actually change your life, from that point on, you can continue living in this other parallel reality (universe) where you are you, and everybody else is the person you know them to be, but your life is going to change, because you are choosing a different direction.

See, the reason is that we live in parallel universes, but we do not lead the same life. Every choice we make, creates other opportunities, which means that in one universe we are still going to work at the same place, but in another universe we took a different path, we left that job, so we are working somewhere else, or we are resting at home job-less, etc etc. Which leads me to the third explanation:

3. Where you are meant to be.

It is mind blowing to think that in a parallel universe things turned out to be a bit different, maybe you did not move houses, maybe you did not break up with that one person, and that is exactly where you want to live now, but you can’t, you are in another place in this universe, and you are wishing you were living the life you may be living in another universe.

Deja-Vu may be just the blessed message of showing you: You are exactly where you are supposed to be! Every choice you have made, every bad experience you have had, served a purpose, everything happened for a reason. If you did not let that person go, life would be different and you would be some place else. Deja-Vu is telling you that in fact, you have to be in this exact place you are now, so what happened was bound to happen.

4. A situation your soul recognizes.

This theory hits back to the reincarnation theory. It basically means that when you experience a Deja-Vu moment, you have lived through that experience in another life, in a past life, and your soul is remembering it. Now, this may not be the case with the ‘usual’ deja-vu of everyday life. This may happen when you visit a historic place and out of the blue you feel like you have walked that castle hallways before, or you have seen that panoramic view before, and it is not because you have researched the place online.

It may also happen with certain conversations, or a state of feeling.

For me personally, this would be bothering. The thought that I am living through the same experiences, does not excite me much, because we are meant to elevate and learn new stuff, but other than that, it is all so mesmerizing you can not judge but only enjoy.

What is Deja-Vu for you?

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