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3 Witchcraft Travel Spells

Updated on September 17, 2011

Witchcraft Travel Spells

Leather Pouch Travel Charm
Leather Pouch Travel Charm

Spells for Travel, Trips and Vacation

Witchcraft can be used for all areas of your life. You can try some of these spells if you travel and see how well they work for you. I have personally used each one of these spells and have had tremendous success with them. I decided to share some spells from my personal book of shadows show check out my other witchcraft articles.

This is a spell for a safe return home from a trip.

What you will need:

  • a leather pouch
  • a large white stone
  • some earth from your home garden

Charge your stone and rub it down with the earth. Place the stone and the earth in the brown leather pouch and carry the pouch with you as you travel to and from your destination.

This is a great spell and whenever I am driving for a long time on a trip I carry a leather stone charm as I drive through the forests of the south and Midwest. This fall I plan on buying a new car and taking my boyfriend on a long drive in the fall weather. My birthday is October 3rd so I am so extremely excited to go out and drive somewhere.

Airplane Travel Witchcraft Spell

Airplane Spell
Airplane Spell

Spell for Protection on an Airplane Flight

This is a spell I used before me and my boyfriend went to japan. I had never been on a flight that was basically overnight and this made me nervous. Of course all went well and I came back with a wonderful chicken noodle recipe that my boyfriend loves for me to cook.

What you will need:

  • A white feather
  • A white candle

Meditate on safely getting on the plane and arriving at your destination. Light the candle and put the white feather to candle flame. Place the burning feather in a fireproof dish. Feel your safe arrival and prepare for your trip with confidence.

How to Be a Witch

Travel Cheap With this Spell

Witchcraft Spell to Get a travel deal

I wrote this spell when I had just over 413 bucks and wanted to take my boyfriend on a nice little trip. I waned to get the best deal so I made this shopping charm.

What you'll need:

  • white silk cloth
  • one orange candle
  • three cooper coins

Charge the candle with your intention. See yourself on your chip with plenty of money in the bank. Light the candle. Stare into the candle flame. Rub each coin and say "Thank you for this deal" and place it in the silk. Make the silk into a couch. Carry the pouch with you while you search for your deal.


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    • profile image

      Donna-Eileann 3 years ago

      I need a protection spell for air travel that is quick and easy to do either just before the journey and or during without people knowing what i am doing please help. BB x

    • profile image

      Witchboy 5 years ago

      through my years of practising the dark arts i have developed a spell that that stops time. currently i am 641 years old yet look 23. This spell is quite easy because all you will need is a cardboard box, a marker and a left shoe. first take the marker and transform the ordinary box into a castle. next you will need to mark triangles all over your body especially on your face. next take the shoe and put it on your right hand. place the box with you inside on street corner where after 2 hours of growling time will stop. simply take the shoe off your hand when you want time to start again