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3 Disturbing Cases of Reincarnation.

Updated on June 11, 2019
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Dasi is a spiritualist who talks on her struggles in dealing with both material and spiritual life.

Have you ever read something both intriguing and unsettling? You know, the kind of thing which pops up in your mind from time to time, making a random appearance in your stream of thoughts even after many years? The subject of reincarnation might be one of them and whether or not you believe in it, these cases will make you tremble a little and ponder a lot.

1. The Pollock Twins

Twins are creepy enough already, thanks to Stanley Kubrick. This case, however, doubles the creepiness level with an inseparable pair of deceased sisters, born again to the SAME mother as TWINS. Yeah, you heard that right. Gillian and Jennifer Pollock were identical twins born in Hexham,England. Their parents wanted a fresh start from a previous trauma(you'll figure out soon) and therefore moved away from Hexham with their new born twins.

  • When Gillian and Jennifer were 3, their mother heard them talking about their deceased older sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline. They mentioned specific details of the tragic accident that killed the sisters who were on their way to church. This happened a year and a half before the twins were born. Pretty intense discussion for a pair of 3 year olds,huh?
  • The twins' parents were unpacking old items from their previous house.Once Gillian spotted 2 dolls from the heap, she excitedly exclaimed that one of it belongs to her older sister Joanna and the other one to herself(Jacqueline).Jennifer also got excited and correctly stated that they got these toys for Christmas.

  • When the twins were 4,the family made a daytrip to Hexham where the parents and the deceased sisters used to live. While walking along a road, the twins got worked up and cried out that they wanted to cross the street to a park there and play the swings. This was the twins' first time to Hexham and they were quite far away from the said playground which weren't at all visible from where they stood. These details were also not mentioned to the twins since they were young and impressionable and as such, their parents did not want to discuss deeply about their sisters' death.

All of these prompted their mother, who had no belief in reincarnations, to start believing that Gillian and Jennifer were her older daughters reincarnated. Well...guess that some sibling bonds are never really broken.

2. Titu Singh
When Dr Ian Stevenson, a renowned psychiatrist from Virginia School of Medicine started receiving cases of young children who claimed to have had past lives, he embarked on a research to rebuff this theory and coin a proper psychological term for this phenomena. However, when he researched further, he found astoundingly precise information to back this up as well as consistent and corresponding sets of data.
Birthmarks were one of them. In specific, persons who have died due to some sort of injury in their body will carry a birthmark in their next lives (I must have been stabbed in my butt then,lol). Titu Singh's case demonstrates this very interesting phenomena.

  • Titu Singh,a toddler born in Lucknow, started talking about his other life as a video shop owner named Suresh Verma in Agra(a different state). He said he had a wife, Uma and two sons that he missed. He explained how he got shot in the head and had to be cremated. He repeatedly asked to be brought there only to be refused. As he grew older, his requests grew incessant and he even threatened to go on his own.
  • Titu's much older brother then decided to travel to the place Titu kept mentioning about. To his amazement,all of Titu's statements turned out to be true. There was a video shop named, "Suresh Radio" which was run by a widow named Uma. She stated that her husband was heading home from work when he was mugged at gunpoint and shot in the temple. Nasty...When Titu's brother explained Titu's situation to Uma, she was taken aback but agreed to visit.
  • Uma's visit was kept a secret from little Titu but when she walked in to Titu's house, Titu stopped whatever he was doing and shouted to his parents that his other family was here. When Uma sat on the couch across Titu, Titu openly motioned for Uma to come and sit beside him. Whoa..hold up there Titu my dude.Anyways it was a weird gesture for a young male child to make towards an unknown grown-up woman.
  • Finally,our boy Titu was brought to his old home in Agra. Titu was brought to a playground,umm not for him to play but to identify his sons. And there, the 5 year old Titu correctly pointed to both his sons from a mob of kids.He also asked his wife Uma about the changes that were made to the layout of his video shop,much to her surprise.
  • But the most freakiest part were the BIRTHMARKS that were on Titu Singh's temples. He had a round and indented birthmark on both his right and left temples. You see, when Suresh Verma was shot, the bullet entered through one of his temples and exited through the other side. His wife confirmed the spot and location of these birthmarks to be where the wounds were by producing the autopsy report.

I be getting the heebyjeebies .I have a friend who has birthmarks on his armpits. I reckon that his past death must have caused quite a sensation.

3. Uttara Huddar, The Case Of Split Personality Past life.

Where do I start? Living with a split personality disorder is hard enough. You lose track of time. You don't know what you did the past few days or weeks. Your consciousness suddenly 'returns to your body' and you have to catch up on whatever you might have missed out on. This was a particularly disturbing one for me as it involves past life and was only 'triggered' when the individual was already well into adulthood. I have my own theory on what 'triggered' it but I'll get to that later.

In the 1970's, Dr Ian Stevenson encountered a 32 year old lady called Sharada who claimed to have been from Bengal and fluently spoke archaic Bengali which was used during the 19th century. The catch to this is that, the lady's name was not even Sharada and she wasn't Bengali. Her real name was Uttara Huddar, a Marathi woman who doesn't know the Bengali language.

  • Uttara had health issues in her 20's and sought for treatment in a homeopathic hospital for holistic treatment. Once, a yogi came to visit the patients to conduct a meditation session as an alternative to alleviate pain. It's not specified what exactly he conducted. However, after that Uttara suddenly changed. She would dress up like a married Bengali woman and could not understand anything besides Bengali. After some period of time, the real personality, Uttara would emerge and she would not remember anything that happened.
  • Uttara was always terrified of snakes since birth. Her mother kept dreaming of snakes biting her when she was pregnant with Uttara. Uttara had a fascination towards Bengali culture too but never learnt the language formally. The Bengali speaking Sharada used to speak wistfully about being bitten to death by a snake.
  • Still sounds like it could be split personality right? But here is what makes that impossible,when Sharada emerged she spoke about her siblings, father and grandfather who were initiated in the "Nath" tradition. She also spoke about her village and the temple architectures. After much effort, the researchers managed to get hold of Sharada's genealogy list dating back to 1800's. EVERY NAME AND RELATIONSHIP she mentioned was spot on and all their names did end in the Nath tradition.
  • Interestingly, an older,living member from Sharada's lineage mentioned that his great grandmother spoke of a woman relative in the family who had died from a snakebite. The temple architecture mentioned was an arcane knowledge that could only be known by locals familiar with the history of that village. That turned out to be TRUE as well.
  • Sharada also had no knowledge of modern day equipments and technology. She was horrified by the voices coming from within a radio and would never touch a light switch. She also always used the stove and matches to cook.Hard work,man.

Thankfully, the emergences of Sharada became lesser and infrequent throughout the years. This case has continued to baffle many. How could a woman with no psychological illness and no other signs of past life memories suddenly not just remember her past life memories but live that personality?

Well, I do have a theory which you can choose to pooh-pooh away.

The Hindus believe that there are some rituals or mantras which can awaken something but they are banned to be used in this age/century. No persons in this age are pure and spiritually powerful enough as monks were thousands of years ago. Therefore, if something is invoked, they might not have the power to retract it. Maybe the yogi who visited her that day unknowingly incanted something that day which might have produced certain effects and therefore the unique results?

Well...guess we will never know. *cue twilight music fading into background*

Our boy, Titu

The Pollock Twinsies..jk..this girls be the shining twins

A photo of Uttara Huddar

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Vote if you thought these cases of reincarnations freaked you out

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