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Are You Haunted?Do You Know What Does It Mean?40 Paranormal Words and Their Meanings.

Updated on February 11, 2019

40 Paranormal Words and Their Meanings.

Here is a list 0f 40 words and what they mean to help you understand the paranormal a bit more.

1. Paranormal.

Things which are considered outside the normal sensory channels.

2. Apparition.

A fully manifested ghost that is sometimes indistinguishable from a living person

3. Astral body/being.

A body comprising of spiritual energy

4. Orbs.

A sphere of energy, spirits first appearing often start as orbs

5. Phantom.

An apparition that only exists as an energy form

6. Atmospheric Apparition.

This is not actually a ghost but the visual imprint of a person or past event that as been left behind in the environment which continues to be replayed

7. Spectra.

Another term for a ghost

8. Malevolent.

Is a term used to describe a malicious spirit that can do harmful acts towards living beings.

9. Elemental spirit.

A spirit which is associated with one of the four elements, earth, fire, air and water.

10. Incubas.

A demonic entity that takes the form of a man to seduce women

11. Succubas.

A demonic entity that takes the form of a female to seduce men.

12. Manifestation.

This is the appearance of an entity. Or the outbreak of activity,

13. Haunted.

A place or person who a spirit may be attached to.

14. White noise.

A sound made by combining all audible frequencies.

15. Raps.

These are unexplained noises associated with spirit activity.

16. Cold Spot.

An area that as a significant lower temperature than the surrounding area.

17. Invocation.

Summoning of spirits.

18. Shape sifter.

The ability to para-normally be able to change your form to that of another person or animal.

19. Possession.

Where another person’s body is over taken by a spirit.

20. Sensory Deprivation.

Where one or more of your senses is restricted.

21. Xenoglossy.

This is the phenomena that a person is able to speak a language that they have not acquired by natural means e.g. been to that country, studied that language, or associated with people from that country.

22. Sensitive.

A person who as psychic abilities.

23. Ectoplasm.

A substance with emanated from a mediums body whilst they are performing a séance, most likely to appear as a mist like form.

24. Spirit Guide.

This is a spirit who is believed to assist a person’s spiritual journey.

25. Exorcism.

Is a holy ritual which is carried out by an exorcist to rid a person’s body or a location of unwanted spirits.

26. Séance.

A meeting where a group of people try to gain contact with deceased spirit.

27. Spiritualism.

A form of communication between living and spirits.

28. Vortex.

A gateway to the spirit world which spirits use to travel.

29. Apport.

An object that appears physically in a way that cannot be explained.

30. Pyramid power.

The belief that the shape of a pyramid can produce paranormal effects.


31. Stigmata.

Are marks, sores or areas of pain on the body which are located corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus.

32. Soul.

The spiritual part of a person, which is believed to be immortal.

33. Immortality.

This is some aspects of a persons life lives on after their death.

34. Omen.

An omen is a sign that foretells events.

35. Ley lines.

These are alignments of ancient sites, they are thought to be the earths natural energy lines. Some people believe that spirits may use these as a way of traveling quickly from one place to another. It is also believed by some that if two ley lines cross then it makes an opening to another dimension.

36. Clairoleofactor.

An extraordinary sense of smell e.g. being able to smell death before it happens.

37. Evil eye.

Being able to harm someone just by looking at them.

38. Luminous phenomena.

The lights or glow that surrounds some people or objects.

39. Thoughtography.

The ability to be able to produce onto photographic film whilst concentrating on a mental image.


Out Of Body Experience.

40. Out Of Body Experience.

This is a paranormal phenomena where a spirit double of a person seperates from the phsical body. Sometimes the astral body will hover above or near the phsical body or sometimes the astral may travel to a different location.

Arrival Apparition

This is where the astral will turn up at a destination before the physical person arrives. The astral will look just like the real person and will wear the same clothes. They may even sometimes be able to talk to other people there, the astral will always leave before the physical person turns up.

Crisis Apparition.

The astral body is sent by the physical to warn other people, normally a loved one, about an illness, accident or an impending death. Normally when this happens the physical is either unconscious, in a coma, or on high doses of medication.


An out of body experience that happens at a near death experience.

This is where a person actually dies or comes very close to death and is revived, the out of body experience happens at this point. reports from people this as happened to have said they have a feeling of happiness, feel no pain, sensation of passing down a bright, lightened tunnel, feel like they are floating above there own body and looking down on their physical self and many hear voices saying that it is not their time yet.


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      Shawindi Silva 

      6 months ago from Sri lanka

      Interesting !!


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