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5 Nuggets and The Long-Awaited Teacher

Updated on September 9, 2015

When you have been searching for a teacher for so long and as of yet haven’t found one, would you give up waiting?


Since I started thinking of approaching life as a lifelong learner in search of the spiritual, I have thought of seeking out a teacher, who might be able to provide some guidance as to the principles and practices. As I waited for the teacher, here are some nuggets discovered along the spiritual journey:


· Things in nature: pets, flowers, butterflies, grass, etc. These are all things that we encounter in everyday life that when we behold in love, appreciation and gratitude almost instantly responds back with an aura of affection for us.

This is related to the idea in a previous hub, about us no longer needing to choose what we feel. Without struggle, things reveal their Presence to us. Joy is presented to us by Being.

· People and events: smiley people, watching the rainbow, the sunrise, the sunset, etc.

Just an Event, nothing personal”***. After intuiting perceiving everything as a whole, an Event, instead of separate entities (i.e., things, people, place, time), it became easier to treat things as ‘just-is’, just the way they are, nothing personal. This seems to somehow disengage the ego-based personality, which constantly struggles to defend itself and its role identification in the physical world.

And because it has been said that everything has a soul, and so too does an Event. Since every Event has a soul, it too needs to be treated with acceptance, love and awe.

Just as we begin to perceive the event with acceptance, love and awe, Presence reveals its sacred gifts, such as joy and affection.

The amazing thing with this perspective is that even ‘negative’ Events bless us with joy and affection. It may take some practice, but eventually sun light breaks through the clouds.

Shenpa**. For most of use, including myself, on the mystical journey in search of spiritual, the word shenpa per se and what it stands for, can be a challenge.

‘Shenpa’, a word with what seems like Buddhist origins, is the urge we get whenever our body experiences an affect in response to an internal or external stimulus.

Example for ‘internal’: when we recall our daughter’s university graduation with the memory of her childhood days in the backdrop. The internal stimulus can be felt by our me-body and excrete what we call ‘tears of joy’ for an external manifestation of the internal phenomenon, which we call a ‘recall’.

‘External’, for example: we hear bad news on TV and jump to conclusions that the world has gone crazy. There is a stimulus-response sequence that is barely noticeable, except by you the observer. Why jump to negative conclusions when there are many, many blessings to count even if one lives on meager means? ( As you can see, we can be innocent victims of mass media, bombarding us with sensationalized negative news most of the time 24 hours a day, around the world.)

Everything, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

There are many websites providing further information on how to deal with shenpa. Some have tried Anthony De Mello’s suggestion of using the objective observer point of view to observe oneself as one goes about through one’s daily life.

The 4R technique mentioned in The Power of Feeling Good Now may also be explored.

Ego**. I have, for many years, asked after reading “The Power of Now” when I will ever be able to be free of the ego’s control over me, as if the ego-self was something I needed to get rid of. It is only recently with insights from camp “Eat. Play. Love. …” (, that I had realized:

One’s ego can be a trustworthy guide. It has innate reflexes that can tell you that you are feeling something or that your boundary is being crossed. Because of the shenpa we feel, with ego rising, we can choose to interact with the moment with an objective observer’s point of view. How is the other person behaving? How is my ego responding? Will I go with my ego? Or choose to act on the golden insight from being with the NOW?

The necessary ‘evil.’ Once again, it has been said that there is nothing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ per se. Even the ‘evil’ in our midst may be in the master plan of sanctifying the ‘good’.

Obsessive-Compulsive(OC)-ness **. Several friends have actually admitted to being OC and it seems they are among those who tend to excel in their fields of endeavor. The downside is their tendency to be perfectionist, with them most things not being good enough. There’s always something better. The good news is that if you are an OC and you are aware of it, you can examine what drives your perfectionism and get to the root of the issue.

Since the OC is very particular with details, e.g., a spic-and-span home person for that matter can use her/his attention to detail to get down to earth, pay attention to the details in one’s immediate reality instead of being overly immersed with busy thoughts. Housekeeping then become an enjoyable, artful expression of mindfulness instead of the judgmental ‘boring’ word we normally assign to it.


Since it is quite a bit of a long time since I started hoping to find a teacher, I realized that maybe the teacher has already arrived. Remembering what has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives,” I just thought maybe there’s something here I am missing, especially because I have learned so much already since I started searching two, three decades ago maybe?

The lessons have always been here to learn, all I have to do is wait each moment, in active alertness, ready for the lesson to be learned to arrive.

Each moment being pregnant with its learning opportunity means that each day becomes a sacred day consisting of all these sacred moments,

… approached with acceptance, withholding judgment, beholding Being.

Moving with Being, since each present moment extends to eternity, not only will it be the sabbath day or church day that will be sacred. Life becomes a daily connection with Spirit or God or the Divine beyond the sabbath. The spiritual becomes a living, dynamic practice brought into daily life.

So has the teacher consistently arrived, with a lesson:

Each and everyday is a sacred day,

Everything and Everyone I meet is The Teacher.








**From Grounding: Connecting the Spiritiual to Earth.

***From The World’s Ugliest Dog


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