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5 Reasons Why Eid Is an Important Occasion

Updated on August 30, 2017
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Eid al-Adha, also called the "Sacrifice Feast", is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of obedience to God's command. Before he sacrificed his son God intervened by sending his angel Gabriel, who then put a sheep in his son's place. In commemoration of this, an animal is sacrificed and divided into three parts: the family retains one third of the share; another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors; and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy.

If you wish to understand the beauty of Islam Religion, watch them celebrate their sacred festival EID.

Here is the Eid Mubarak Quote reminiscing its holiness, sacredness and beauty. It is the occasion to get united with “Allah”.

Reasons why Eid is an important occasion:-

1. Spirit of Eid

Eid is an occasion to be cherished with family and friends and you have to see its festivities to understand its spirit. The happiness, the festivities, the food, the joy and what not, you can see all these in every single child around this time. Eid is associated with gifts, happiness, equality, traditional delicacies, colors, aromas and you name it and it is there. Meeting your relatives and near ones after a long time and showering them with love and Eid Mubarak wishes is what everyone looks forward to on this day. It is not just a mere festival of joy but an occasion to pass on your values, strengths and customs to your children. From the same food to the same clothes, the equality of life can be judged from Eid. All the people celebrating it formally believes in passing their morals to the children and making them understand the holiness of Allah.

2. Eidi

Who here does not love gifts? I guess no one can say yes to that. Besides all the festivities and the food and joy, there is something worth waiting for this auspicious occasion to arrive and that is EIDI. Getting money and tons of other gifts from your older siblings and relatives is something every body cherishes whatever the age may be. Your future trips with the friends or something important usually depends on it. EIDI is also given to the poor as a gesture of goodwill and blessings on this occasion.

3. The food

The traditional food is something worth waiting on this joyous occasion. I mean we all look forward to the amazing delicacies prepared just for the Eid and sharing them with everyone no matter the class or standard of the people. This act of generosity is no less than pleasing the Go himself. It is a bonus time for all the foodies around the World. The internet is filled with many famous Eid Mubarak images mostly with the authentic Eid food to make your wait much harder.

4. The long weekend

Everyone loves some time off from work to relax with family and friends and Eid is just the perfect excuse to do so that too with three holidays. Eat, sleep, relax, play, celebrate and repeat is something we look forward to this long weekend. No office, just family and friends and lots and lots of food. It sure is a dream that allows you to celebrate Eid to the fullest. Children usually makes Eid Mubarak wishes and greetings cards for their loved ones as they have holidays from the schools. Thus, the long weekend is a merry time for all.

5. Charity

Allah considers every being as equal and to ensure his beliefs, Eid is celebrated with an act of charity around the World. This charity is known as “Zakat al-fitr” and it includes donation of barley, dates, raisins, wheat flour and its equivalent to the minority before continuing with the Eid prayer. This all is done with a Golden heart by the elders or other rich people to ensure that the needy can have a proper meal and participate in the celebration.


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    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 6 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      "Eid al-Adha, also called the "Sacrifice Feast", is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year, and considered the holier of the two. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as an act of obedience to God's command."

      What? My God/Allah would never command a human sacrifice, certainly not his son. I believe it is time to put ancient traditions behind us and learn not to harm ourselves or others. What do you think?