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5 Tips For Manifesting

Updated on July 9, 2020

Manifesting what you want is easier than you think

Unfortunately to some people manifesting sounds difficult, they might even assume there are too many rules you need to follow in order for your desires to become a reality. Other people simply don’t believe in manifesting, which is fair —I can understand how it seems unbelievable.

But what’s the harm in trying, right? What do you have to lose by changing your vibe? Absolutely nothing, if anything you will gain a positive outlook on life. That is a huge win if you ask me.

Usually, it is our ego that tries to make manifesting seem difficult or unbelievable because it’s hard to imagine that our desires can become part of our reality so easily. We’ve been taught that hard work is the only way to be successful. And as great as hard work is it’s not the only thing that can make your dreams come true. A mental shift is all you need.

You're a magical being, the creator of your world, some would even say a god — so why wouldn’t you be able to manifest exactly what you want?

You have power, use it well.

Gratitude is the Attitude

Being grateful — this is the biggest “rule” to follow, it isn’t even a rule really, it is an attitude you should have, always. Understand that you have plenty to be grateful for. Don’t allow your ego to look for reasons why you shouldn’t feel grateful. Unfortunately, however, there are times when your ego will find the negative side of life but you just need to redirect your thoughts and focus. In time it will come easier.

Another tip that will help you stay grateful is to assign a number/object as your “lucky sign” from the universe. It can be anything as simple as a feather, a certain number, a word, anything you want. And every time you see your lucky sign give thanks and be grateful to the universe just for that moment. Be grateful for your life, for your happiness, for your success — be as positive as possible when you see this sign.

If you are trying to manifest a specific thing then act as though it has already entered your life and be grateful during that moment about having received it. It as a sign that it’s on its way.


This is such a simple yet powerful manifesting move to make. All you need is a pen and paper.

What is scriptwriting exactly?

It is simply journaling your day in great detail and writing as if your dreams have already manifested. See, it’s so simple!

When you’re writing try to be as specific as possible. Date it the same day you write it, and write it in the present tense. And when you’re scripting make sure you are feeling it, be excited as you write down your day, really get into the version of yourself who has their dreams fulfilled.

5 Feelings

List 5 feelings you would have if you manifested what you desired. Like attracts like, so really feel these feelings.

For example, if you wanted to manifest a certain amount of money then maybe these are the types of feelings having that money would give you:

  • Relief
  • Excitement
  • Success
  • Peace
  • Happiness

Keep this list close by and look at it daily as a reminder to feel those feelings now. That positive energy will bring your desires to you.


This one doesn’t need much explanation. Simply believe in yourself, in the universe, and your desires. However, as simple as it sounds at times there can be setbacks that shake your belief system. Just take it as a bump in the road, it isn’t as bad as it seems. Don’t allow doubt to deter you. When doubt creeps in center yourself and reminds yourself that the universe is abundant and full of opportunities.

Don't Obsess

Let go of the desire to have it.

If you already had your dreams you wouldn't be obsessing about when it will arrive. By obsessing you’re blocking the energy for it to come towards you. This is why believing as though you already have it is important. So let go of the desire to have it and feel as though it’s already happened.

The universe will move things around and make a shift in order to bring you what you want. So sometimes things might fall apart because the universe is bringing you bigger and better things — trust!

Easy as that

There are your 5 simple techniques to use for manifesting whatever you desire. If you have any success stories when it comes to manifesting please comment down below, I’d love to hear them. Thank you for reading, have a great day!


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    • manatita44 profile image


      12 months ago from london

      Well written and informative. Thank you.

      Since you asked, then perhaps you have heard of Sri Chinmoy, the Spiritual Teacher. Manifestation has been a daily word on His lips and ours as his disciples for ever. I suppose another 'spirit' of the word is that of selfless service.

      We talk in terms of Aspiration and Manifestation, but we generally use the word 'inspiration' first. So one is inspired to meditate, let us say. Aspiration is us doing the necessaries for meditation day after day consistently and manifestation is utilizing the fruits of Aspiration, to serve the spiritually hungry world.

      Some manifestations are tiny. I suppose if you are looking after your child diligently, then its a form of manifestation. We tend to apply it more to large projects involving humanity. Races, a Peace Run or Peace Concert, giving meditation classes and so forth.

      In our form of manifestation, the joy comes from the service itself. It took me nearly a year, working on the computer day after day to coordinate a run in 5 African countries. I was extremely tired. Yet I lead a team of seven from very different countries to meet in Burundi and finish in Tanzania, East Africa. We went to Government buildings, visited NGO's, planted trees and erected plagues and was highly successful with children in schools.

      My experience is that the inner drive (Aspiration) must be there plus the team support and above all Grace. Of course the feeling of 'soulful service' (Service without expectation and from the Heart) is paramount. Hope this helps.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      12 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      wonderful tips. My wife came from a home with some dirt floors. She has reached all her goals like, a son, car, home, friends, work. And so we laugh at wanting her own business. Well Covid is making her motivated. She manifests very well.

      Me-- I want to write and so I do.


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