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5 Aquarius Personality Traits

Updated on October 17, 2012

5 Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarian children are often seen an introverted and aloof. That's okay because that's who they are. The Aquarius has a very distinct relationship vibe. They like their freedom, so they often face a great deal of conflict in their love life.

1. Aquarius has the strongest individual personality of all, and it is these personalities that make leaders and industry pioneers.

2. Aquarius are very serious. Not everything is a joy ride for Aquarius personality. It's ironic that they try to change the way society thinks by going against the tide, and yet they have the most difficult time changing themselves.

3. As the Aquarian matures this difficulty in changing one's own belief system and in changing themselves becomes harder. The Aquarius may need the help of others to incorporate current practices and live in the current times.

4. Their cool temperament and ability to control their emotions makes them good leaders, and they are excellent at taking affirmative action.

5. The Aquarius has a creative mind.

The Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man commonly decides to do something without considering the outcome. He has a creative mind that could at any moment come up with that fantastic idea. The Aquarius man doesn’t feel sorry for things gone awry for long. He won’t lie unless he finds himself in a situation where he can’t find another solution.

He is a self-confident person but at the same time, he is polite, kind, and cute. He likes to help others in trouble. If he tells you he is sorry for something he said or did, you can believe him and give him another chance. Once the Aquarius man decides he’s going to do something he will.

If you are dating this guy, you should always be presentable. If he’s in love with you, you’ll never have to worry about him lying. If you are going to be in love with an Aquarius, you have to be willing to not argue with him.

The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is an extremely busy person, capably of living by herself or with a guy in her life. She’s an extremely strong woman. She is a leader by nature, and thinks waiting for a helping hand is simply a waste of time.

Aquarius women like to be right so if you are going to argue with her make sure you let her be right. She is straightforward so you will always now where you stand with her. Because of her beliefs, you will find her holding many different types of beliefs.

The likes a guy that’s cool and where occasionally she can try to guess how he will react. She likes have many men desiring her and she’s not afraid to ask any one of them out. She is easily hurt so make sure you are nice to her. If she falls in love with you lucky for you because she’s truthful, honest, and never boring.

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