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5 Aries Personality Traits

Updated on October 17, 2012

5 Aries Characteristics

As children, Aries are typically hungry for success. They like to be a good sport in whatever they undertake including their studies. As they get older their attitude gets stronger, and because of their competitive nature, they will do what they can to reach the top. Too often, this leads to their personal life suffering.

1. Aries represents vitality and energy.

2. The highly competitive attitude of the Aries is sometimes mistaken for a "me first" attitude.

3. They tend to have a bit of a selfish personality but it can be controlled. Aries like to be straightforward in what they do.

4. They make excellent partners both emotionally and sexually.

5. Aries are passionate, and in their hustle and bustle, they have a tendency to get careless and hurt themselves.

The Aries Man

The Aries man is careful taking life seriously. Don’t be fooled by his gentle look, because he is a steel house underneath. You will never see the Aries man show disappointment and he keeps his emotions hidden well, although he can be a romantic. He can be talkative but he won’t hand out advice that is not asked for, but when asked he will certainly try to help. The Aries man will always keep his promise.

The Aries man likes a classy woman that will make him feel proud. He doesn’t like flashy women, but he does look for a woman that’s main focus is taking care of her family and her home, and who has a kind heart. He also tends to be possessive.

The Aries Woman

The Aries woman believes she is being watched by the world through rose-colored glasses, and that only good things are ever said about her. When she finds out differently, she tends to feel hurt. The Aries woman has an amazing memory remembering almost all details from her childhood. She is a better problem solver than most other Zodiacs.

The Aries woman tends to be cautious with the guys she mingles with. She can be flashy and desired by men, or cold and not very outgoing. Once she chooses you, she will have her way of winning you over. She is more concerned about marriage than love because she is looking for security and safety. If she loves you, she will be understanding and supportive.

The Aries woman is proud by nature and will always project herself as confident and secure even when she is not. On the flip, she can act gentle and fragile but don’t be fooled because she is one strong woman.

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