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5 Cancer Personality Traits

Updated on October 17, 2012

5 Cancer Sign Characteristics

Cancer children begin being very sensitive and often emotionally fragile. However as they grow up they develop their protective self and become affectionate. They love to take care of younger siblings and family pets.

1. Cancers are very defensive of their friends, family, and themselves.

2. They do not intimidate easily and will have no problem with taking an aggressive stand to protect themselves emotionally.

3. If you gain and preserve the trust of a Cancer, you will get to enjoy their caring, considerate, and softer inner self.

4. Cancers are very creative and often are artists.

5. Family is most important to them, which is why they make great parents. However, they can have problems letting go. They have an excellent memory seldom forgetting a piece of history when it comes to their children and family.

The Cancer Man

The Cancer man is the weakest emotional type and most sensitive man of all the Zodiacs. The Cancer man’s mood changes frequently, which can sometimes be confusing. Once he gets what it is he wants, he will not let it go.

The Cancer man does not handle rejection well. He worries what people think about him, and he hates losing face so he tends to be overprotective of himself. The Cancer man can be very quiet, funny, and somewhat mysterious.

Falling in love with the Cancer man is very easy because he is so gentle, witty, and affectionate. He will come out from his protective shell to protect you once he is happy and secure. He is possessive and will always be thinking of you. He likes women that are happy, cheerful, and secure, but also that can quickly adapt to rapid changes, not an easy find.

The Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman likes money but she is not an extravagant person and she does not want expensive gifts. She lives in constant fear of many things including fear of not being smart enough, pretty enough, fit enough, etc.

The Cancer woman in influenced by the moon and loves long quiet walks. She can be moody and even argumentative but she will always be there to take care of you. To be happy the she needs work and love.

She will sacrifice it all for the one she loves. She is not a weak type so even though she will show you tears she will pick herself up and keep moving. She is a careful and caring mother who can be depended upon throughout life.

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