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5 Capricorn Personality Traits

Updated on October 17, 2012

5 Capricorn Characteristics

The Capricorn personality is a never give up spirit, always moving, fighting to gain altitude, and grow.

1. The Capricorn places self-imposed restrictions on themselves, preferring to stay in one place, and work on what they value. The Capricorn is known for grumbling and complaining, never seeming to be content.

2. Capricorns are committed to whatever their own cause is, and they are excellent at getting what they want.

3. They tend become successful and then discover that it can be lonely at the top. They find it difficult to be friends with people that aren't of their stature and success. They spend a great deal of time focusing on climbing the corporate ladder.

4. When it comes to love, they are often unromantic although they make excellent partners and are very faithful.

5. They do tend to be overly strict with their children and overly formal which can mean they don't get to build the close relationships they could with their children.

The Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man loves a peaceful environment during his free time. He is happier in the quiet of his home when off rather than out on an adventure. He has a dream of a home in the countryside. He loves to watch things being built – he’s fascinated with it.

Of all the Zodiacs, the Capricorn man is most satisfied when he possesses beautiful things and cherishes them regardless of their value. He lives a stable and simple life, and hates being the center of attention.

The Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is quiet but if you make her made look out she will become fierce. She is very confident and will control, even hide any weak emotions. She doesn’t try to change anyone, accepting them as they are. If she doesn’t like someone she will ignore them not criticize them.

The Capricorn woman loves nature and music. For the most part, she’s not a jealous woman but sometimes crosses the line. She likes intellectual individuals, and not necessarily those with a piece of paper. Good, intelligent conversation is important to her.

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