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5 Day Clubs for Kids

Updated on August 17, 2014

Good News Comes to Your House

 Faith Works 5 Day Clubs©

Traveling in the summertime is a thing I like to do. When I was teaching in the classroom I looked forward to my summers off so I could explore local places of interest as well as those of a foreign country.

When we think of missionaries, our mind takes us on a journey in thinking that they are always in another country working with underprivileged people without the niceties we enjoy each day. But nothing could be further from the truth. Missionaries can be anywhere; even in your own town.

When the Good News came to my house as a child, it came in the form of a 5 Day Club. A missionary traveled from one yard to the next the entire summer until she covered the city or county. She wasn't a missionary from a far country, but a local woman who gave her summer time to the Lord to reach the children.

SOFFY Ministries (aka Shield of Faith Family & Youth) understands how important it is to reach the children when they are young. Pastor Jim says, "We are to teach them faith before the world teaches them fear." Faith Works is an example of how we are taking 5 Day Clubs current day missions in bringing the Good News to your house, your neighborhood and your child.

Photo by Pastor Cher

 An outreach ministry of
Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries®,Inc.
Copyright SOFFY Ministries/Pastor Cher. Do Not Copy.  Email: soffy@cfaith. comPhotos are property of Pastor Cher or Amazon except where noted as google royalty free images.  When used: Animated graphics by; Glitter; Scripture from the KJV or NKJV of the Bible.

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Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

B.I.B.L.E.. to 5 Day Clubs

It's the key to 5 Day Clubs

Of course the Bible is the base of our instruction in holding our

5 Day Faith Works Clubs because it is:

Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

In order to know how to live as a Christian in a world that serves satan, we need to go to God's handbook the Bible for basic instruction. Everything we do is based on what God has said in His Word.

(The word satan is deliberately not in capital letters giving him no authority in a believer’s life.)

Photo credit by royalty free google images

Why are 5 Day Clubs Effective? - They get the parent(s) involved, not just the kids.

Most churches have gotten away from holding 5 Day Clubs and now go with VBS (Vacation BIble School) activities. I'm all for VBS and enjoy them as much as the children, but they in no way should take the place of the 5 Day Clubs.

There are times when a child may not be able to attend VBS, and providing an activity that goes to the child's home is fun and effective for several reasons. Let's take a look at a few that have to do with the parents.

  1. The parent or guardian has to be involved. Someone has to be present (not just at home), during the event.
  2. The parent must provide a safe place where you can hold the event outside.
  3. The parent must provide some type of snack and beverage for the children.
  4. The parent is responsible for getting the word out to their neighborhood kids about the event, date and time.
  5. The parent is to display a small sign in their yard by the mailbox or roadside that lists the activity and the information you have provided. We provide the sign and all they have to do is post it.
  6. The parent may limit the amount of children they wish to invite to the club. The best results are with small groups of under 10.
  7. Involving the parent(s) is vital to the success of the 5 Day Club, and it also gives you more opportunities to go to their friends home to hold a club if they are not on the same street or neighborhood. If they are pleased with the results they are more likely to tell their friends about you.
  8. The parents are listening and learning along with the children.
  9. Parents have an opportunity to follow up with their children concerning the daily lessons and memory verses.
  10. Parents are usually familiar with their kid's friends and their parents. This provides for a more relaxed atmosphere for the children.

Photo by
Photo by

5 Basic S's to Your Club Success

Staying within the guidelines will open opportunities for the next day, week and year.

No one wants to be taken advantage of, especially if they have placed trust in your word. There are a few basic but vital steps to follow if your 5 Day Club experience will be a good one for all those involved.

I go by the 5 S's to help me remember my goal in having these clubs.

There are 5 parts or time frames to the 5 day club that will help you flow with the program and not get overwhelmed or thrown out of a yard.

 Sing, Story, Salvation, Sports, Snack

They follow after registration information is taken by a volunteer, not you. It's your job to get in place so the children will come sit by you.

The entire event should never go over 90 minutes, including clean-up time. Having a short daily lesson will make the parents more willing to have one in their yard, because it won't take up too much time, and they don't have to cart the kids anywhere. It works, so stick to the time frame as much as possible.

Registration (approximately 10 minutes)

Singing (time 10 minutes)
Story (time 20 minutes with 5 minutes for Q/A)
Salvation invitation (time varies daily)
Sports (time 20 minutes)
Snack (time 15 minutes)

Servanthood - everyone cleans up, including the kids. Make sure everything is tidy when you leave by putting away toys, recreational equipment, chairs, blankets and throw away any trash from snack time. You can remind the children that on Friday there will be a servanthood ribbon to the person who served others the best that week.

Photo by


Because this is a small gathering, children may get attached to you quickly.

Remind children that they should attend all 5 days, but not to be upset if they cannot.  They are still eligible for some


Registration - This is an important part of follow up to your 5 Day Club

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Part of any successful learning experience is follow-up. In my classroom I would always have review and follow-up lessons to make sure that the children actually "learned" what I was teaching. Follow-up is important in any successful event. It determines what worked and what didn't so you can make any adjustments necessary to insure the next event is successful. The same goes for future 5 Day Clubs.

Gathering basic information from the children as they enter the yard can help you as the missionary teacher to better prepare for the next days lessons. Have a volunteer (not the parent if at all possible) take down the information as they verbally pose a few questions to the children.

It is wise to make good use of your precious adult volunteers, therefore, the person who is in charge of registration is also responsible for taking daily attendance and listening to the children individually recite the memory verse of the day. They keep track of the information for the closing award ceremony on Friday.

God bless our congregation! We were so blessed to have this parent of teens volunteer for the entire week! Her kids had jobs so she was available during that particular week. A few days her daughters showed up and helped with the snacks and sports game time. She did everything so beautifully and kept great track of the kids and their verses.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Examples of Registration Questions - Be sure that only the registration administration and you have access to this information.

The registration card is to be filled out by the adult. This is a verbal registration and should only take a few minutes per child.

Everything needed should fit in a small box that can be carried home daily.

  1. What is your first and last name. Have the children spell their name for you. Also write down a name of a parent in case of emergency.
  2. Are you permitted to give your address and telephone number? If so, write it down so you can contact the parent at a later date. (Would you be willing to hold a 5 Day Club in your area, etc.)
  3. Age and grade level of the child.
  4. How did you find out about the club?
  5. Do you go to church? If so list name of church. This is important infomation, because if the family does not attend a church you can invite them to yours.
  6. Keep a record of attendance for prizes to those who attend all 5 days. (Make sure everyone gets a prize though on day 5 for participation.)
  7. The registration attendant also is the one the children will recite their daily memory verse to during snack time.
  8. Allergies - are they allergic to bees for example especially since the activity is always held outdoors. Food allergies, etc.

Easy Charts to Help Keep Record - Keep these tools handy for your volunteers to use.

TREND enterprises, Inc. Vertical Incentive Charts, Var. Pk., 22" x 28"
TREND enterprises, Inc. Vertical Incentive Charts, Var. Pk., 22" x 28"

Keep daily records of the children who attend and say their Bible verses on these charts. Use stickers or markers to record activities of each individual.

Fun Express - AFN Educational Products - Bible Verse Stickers (100 pc) -
Fun Express - AFN Educational Products - Bible Verse Stickers (100 pc) -

Giving Bible verse stickers is a good way for children to remember their verses. Use them as reminders or rewards.

Fun Express "God's Team!" Pens on a Rope (1 Dozen)
Fun Express "God's Team!" Pens on a Rope (1 Dozen)

Remind children of sportsmanship and working together with a gift that shows cooperation between team members.


Keep it simple and stay within the time limits.

Sing A New Song

Sing A New Song - 10-15 minutes.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

The Bible tells us that we are to sing a new song when we become Christians. That doesn't mean just words that are set to music, but has to do with our lifestyle. It is to be different than the way we acted before. Teaching children new songs about their life as a believer will not only tell them about the love of God, but it will develop a pattern for them to follow as they grow.

Each day I taught a new scripture song, but also sang the songs we had already learned. Sometimes when time permitted we would include favorites that the children learned from their own churches. By the end of the week they had learned at least 8-10 scripture songs from the Faith Works program and I learned a few from them. The songs were short, fun and catchy making them easy to learn the first day a child heard them. Help them build their faith by teaching them scripture through music.

You don't have to have "music" but if you do, bring a player that is battery operated and do not ask to plug anything in causing additional cost. You take full responsibility for everything (except the snacks and seating), and are not to put any pressure on the host. Be prepared, professional and self-sufficient. All you bring with you should fit in a few large totes making your clean-up quick allowing you to stay in the 90 minute time frame.

NOTE the small treasure box full of small prizes in the background. This is in plain view so the kids know that daily as well as weekly, prizes can be earned for behavior, participation, Bible verses and other activities.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Keep it moving - sing, sing, sing!

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Photo by Pastor Cher

Don't forget your shades!

Be sure to wear your sunglasses and a hat if you are to be in direct sun. But also remember to take off your glasses when talking directly to a child. It will build their trust in you if they see your eyes.

"Do you want to hear a story?" - Is the song I sing to the children right before the Bible lesson.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

I once heard a Jamaican woman sing a song to the children and I never forgot it. So now I sing my own version of the song to the children I minister to in the Faith Works 5 Day Clubs I hold.

A child holds up the words, and sings according to the symbols located at the left of the poster. The lady symbol represents when I sing by posing a question to them, "Do you want to hear a story." The smiley face represents the children and they sing their response to me, "Yes, we want to hear a story." It is a favorite with the children, and one I love to sing.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Even the very young enjoy 5 Day Clubs.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Photo by Pastor Cher

Story Time

Story Time. Get Everyone Involved - 20 minutes. Student, Parent, Volunteer and You

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Want to be asked back next year? Get to know those who have extended a welcome and helping hand to you. Involve everyone in your lesson making them feel part of the program.

Your success doesn't depend on how well you prepared the lesson. It depends on how well those listening have learned. If no one learns anything, you've wasted everyone's time.

When preparing your lessons, make sure that you incorporate places where the children can help you. I use flannel graph, chalk drawing, signs, photos and just about any kind of prop you can think of (except food - NO food) to stimulate the audience into using their 5 senses to help them remember the day. The tools I use change from day to day, thus adding interest to what I might do next and who will be a part of it.

Notice that a child is prepared and watching for my next clue as to what she is to do, while an adult volunteer sits and observes. Every eye needs to be on you, so the activites really must be exciting.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Let Them Ask and Answer Questions - Give plenty of opportunity for the kids to get involved and interact with you.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

As your lessons continue and build on one another, you will find it easier to get everyone involved in the event. Remind the children that each day is a day they earn points for prizes. Award daily prizes as well as larger ones they can earn for the week.

Ask questions to help introduce the characters in the story. Then each day review the lessons from the week briefly asking questions both easy and hard. This way you are helping the child retain the information, plus provide a bit of information for new comers.

Remember to target your questions so you do not go off track, and stay within your time frame of 20 minutes. Give intriguing information for the story tomorrow. Pique the children's interest so they will want to come back to hear the remaining parts of the story.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Adult Volunteers - they make a world of difference! - You give the lesson and focus on one thing at a time.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

The children are eager to listen to what you have to share with them, after all, they came. Make sure you know your lesson and are prepared. Have open ended questions for the kids allowing them to become part of the "teaching" as they exchange openly in response to your instruction.

It is important to remember that this is not to be as rigid as a regular classroom setting, but order is to be maintained. Help the children relax by sitting in a chair that is low set to the ground, but yet high enough so that all can see.

P.S. The kids are squinting because of the sun, not because the visual aides were too small. The parent scheduled the event in mid-afternoon and it was hot. It was also Friday and the parents permitted a water balloon activity at the end of the day. Loads of fun!

Photo by Pastor Cher

Parents and volunteers sit and listen to the telling of God's Word. - During the sharing of the Bible lesson all individuals must be seated. These parents chose

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Photo by Pastor Cher

Prizes or Gifts for Anyone

I have given many a bookmarker throughout the years as gifts to encourage people to read. This is a collection of over 30 different styles in three sizes of double sided bookmarkers. They range from a variety of subjects including some with daily Bible readings.

Bible Bookmarks - Assorted Package of 100
Bible Bookmarks - Assorted Package of 100

Tools for Bible class teachers wanting to strengthen Bible-reading.

Send with greeting cards or notes. Also great for use with prison ministry, ministries to seniors, hospitals, children's homes or any where you want to share the love of Christ.


Q/A Lesson and Interaction - 5 minutes approximately depending on lesson.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

The time immediately following a lesson is critical and shouldn't be rushed. Always allow time for the children to ask questions and share what they are feeling. Don't miss the window of opportunity to give an invitation to have Jesus come into their hearts following story time. You never know if the child will return tomorrow, so the time of salvation for that child is NOW.

Photo by Pastor Cher


If it is raining and there is no carport or covered porch, cancel the activites for that day and resume the next. Fast forward your lesson the following day, but never go into the next week to make up the day. Keep to the dates you gave on your sign even if it rains.

Salvation Time

Salvation, Sharing and Servanthood - Take time to fellowship with the children.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Before the sports games and before the food is served, often times children will have questions or need prayer. Ask volunteers to help with this if you need to take a child off to the side for prayer. Trust the Lord to lead them while you are quietly ministering with a child.

Never take a child inside the house or out of the sight of others, but make sure your have enough space separating you so the child can openly talk or pray.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Sports & Game Time

Sports & Game Time - 20 minutes - Activities should be geared toward group participation.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Vary the game each day to build excitement throughout the week. Make sure your activity lines up with the lesson of the day.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Story or Sports - Time for Rewards

Let the children know how much you appreciate their attendance, participation and servanthood with small gifts that say thank you.

Let them pick from the selection as a way of encouraging children to keep up the good work.

Bulk Religious Novelty Assortment (100 pc)
Bulk Religious Novelty Assortment (100 pc)


CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


If the entire week gets rained out, re-schedule the event for another date that summer.

Snack Time

Snack Time & Clean-up - And reflection of the days activities.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Parents are responsible for the provision of a snack and beverage. Have volunteers serve the children as they sit. It may be on a blanket or in a seated area. You say the blessing prayer and be sure to give thanks to God for the host/hostess for allowing this event to take place in the giving of her/his time and home to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This is a good time to talk over the lesson and activities of the day, and remind the children of the prizes that will be given on day 5. Encourage them to bring a new friend each day.

With the day's club activities coming to a close, be sure that all get involved in the clean-up of the yard. Have children put the equipment away if it isn't something you brought with you. Put all chairs back where they belong, fold the blanket and dispose of all trash. Leave no sign that you have been there when you leave, except your glowing testimony.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Reward Your Volunteers & Give the Host/Hostess A Gift of Appreciation

Final Day - We're All Still Smiling - All girls for this particular Faith Works 5 day club final.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

What I found so interesting about this particular group was that the children who lived here weren't at the closing event. The parent was still there and the group had a wonderful time learning about God.

You can see that it won't be long before this group is taller than me.

Photo by Pastor Cher

Every child receives something on Awards Day

Awards on the final day - Friday's - In this 5 day club, these children were the winners for perfect attendance and reciting 5 memory verses.

Photo by Pastor Cher
Photo by Pastor Cher

Photo by Pastor Cher

Gift of Appreciation - Let the hostess know you appreciate their giving of themselves.

You can let the hostess know you appreciate how much they opened up their heart and yard to these children with a gift. Show them God's love by giving something back.

DMM Gifted Boxed God's Heart Christian Faith Necklace Pendant
DMM Gifted Boxed God's Heart Christian Faith Necklace Pendant

Layered in 18kt. gold & sterling silver and gift boxed.

Made with real crystals.

There are other pieces of matching jewelry sold separately.


For the host or hostess - gift of thanks. - Philippians 4:13

Keyrings are universal and can be used by anyone. Let your host, hostess or volunteers know that they were "key" in making your 5 Day Club a success.

Graphics and More I Can Do All Things Christ Keychain Ring (K0242)
Graphics and More I Can Do All Things Christ Keychain Ring (K0242)

Chrome plated keychain

3D urethane encased design


Share Your Yard?

Would you consider having a 5 Day Club missionary use your yard for the neighborhood kids?

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Donate to Shield of Faith Ministries
Donate to Shield of Faith Ministries

Help SOFFY reach the children to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by giving.

No gift is too small. Give and it will be given back to you... Luke 6:38

All donations go 100% toSOFFY Outreach Ministries.

Proceeds go to SOFFY Outreach Ministry

Non-profit 501(c)3 Ministry

"I praise you Lord as I expect change and good things to come into my life."

Published monthly for daily spiritual enrichment and are free to partners and supporters of this ministry. Daily Bible Readings are designed to take you through the entire Bible in one year. Faith Moments & Faith Moments Classic. Copyright SOFFY Ministries.

Are there any 5 Day Club "missionaries" in your area? - Traveling week to week, neighborhood to neighborhood and yard to yard.

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      Elsie Hagley 

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      Interesting lens. No not that I know of. Thanks for sharing seems a very rewarding 5 days for everyone.


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