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5 effects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Updated on April 7, 2012

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ was an ever disgraceful and cruel act we might have heard of.Jesus christ had shed his blood for the sins done by humans,and that too in the most painful manner;on the cross.There are many facts to learn from this incident,his love towards enemies,sacrifice of his life for the whole humans,and many more.Almost the whole New Testment says about Jesus Christ ,from his birth,through his life,the crucifixion and his ressurrection.Without too much explanation,let me point out what Iam trying to bring out through this hub.I would like to bring to your attention 5 notable points,the effects that happened due to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Enemies became friends

The Bible says,in Luke 23:12 that "Now Herod and Pilate became friends with one another that very day; for before they had been enemies with each other".

It is the crucifixion that led to the joining hands of these two enemies.Pilates actually didnt find any fault in Jesus,and since he was a Galilian and belonged to Herod's jurisdiction,he sent Jesus to Herod.Herod was glad to see Jesus,as he had heard a lot about him,and he hoped see some miracles done by him.But Jesus didnt answer to any questions asked by him.Herod finally sents him back to Pilates.Pilates calls the chief priests and rules and says that "No,neither did Herod,for I sent you back to him;and indeed nothing deserving of death has been done by him".

So the crucification of Jesus Christ made two enemies friends.On every Good Fridays,when we remember this history,why cant we too join hands with our enemies for Jesus?

The release of Barabas

Barabas who had been thrown to prison for rebellion and murder was released just because the people wanted Jesus to be crucified.Luke 23:25 says,"And he released unto them,the one they requested,who for rebellion and murder had been thrown into prison:but he delivered Jesus unto their will".

Barabas who would never have been released came out only because of Jesus,which is an effect of Jesus' crucifixion..This signifies the release from any kind of bondage in our day to day lives.Many of us may be in the bondage of drugs,drinks or any other kind of weakness.So why cant we get released from all those kinds of bondages?..The death of Jesus Christ can surely be effective on us to release ourselves from all kinds of bondages.

Paradise for one of the criminals who was hanged with Jesus

As we all know,two criminals were handed along with Jesus Christ on his both sides.While one of them accuses Jesus,the other one asks "Do you not even fear God,seeing you are under the same condemnation?" ,as said in Luke 23:40.He repents all his sins,laying on the cross,in his last moment.He asks Jesus to remember him when His kingdom comes.and Jesus assurs that he will be with Him in Paradise.

So the crucifixion teaches us of repentance of all our sins.In a whole life time he had been a thief and was hanged along with Jesus,but his repentance in his last moment had given him the Paradise with Jesus,and we too can have this opportunity.

Land to bury Strangers

Judas who betrayed Jesus saw that he had been condemned and he brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests.When he threw them down in the temple,the priests refused to put it in the treasury,since it was the 'price of blood'.Finally they bought the potter's field,to bury the strangers in.And now they had a land to bury strangers,which is truly an effect of Jesus'crucification.

Simon's help to carry the cross of Jesus

Simon ,a Cyrenian who was coming from the country,was asked to bear the cross with Jesus.The soldiers laid the cross on him,as seen in Luke 23:25.
There is no indication that Simon knew Jesus before,but still he carries the cross with Him.His patient bearing of the cross and in his "feeling for" another person in trouble shows an act of love and in that act of love he took his first step towards faith.Being a stranger,he carried the cross with Jesus without complaining.In today's life can we find anyone offering a helping hand like this?and that too in our burdens?.What we need to learn from this is simple.Its the affection to be shown to anyone who is in trouble.Simon was happy,eventhough it was a burden for him.Likewise ,helping others may be a burden for us but the ultimate happiness we enjoy on helpng others is wonderful.


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      sangeeta 5 years ago

      Thank you jesus dying in cross for my sin.