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5 Leo Personality Traits

Updated on October 17, 2012

5 Leo Characteristics

Leo personalities light up a room. They are filled with warmth and light that they offer to everyone but they meet. Those that are close to them experience this at even a more intense level.

1. The Leo personality wants them to be a master and lead but they will just as easily become the slave and follower.

2. Leo personalities are extremely well organized, but they do a much better job of organizing the lives of others than their own. In fact, so much that sometimes they are seen as bossy.

3. The Leo definitely has a creative streak.

4. They can easily be influenced, extremely generous, and very caring.

5. Leos are very passionate, and they are faithful partners. They are also very sensitive so their partner needs to choose their words carefully to ensure they do not hurt them.

The Leo Man

The Leo man may come across as shy, but he is actually as fierce as a lion, and would do almost anything to not lose his dignity. He is strong and even with his blunt personality he can easily achieve his goals without making a single enemy along the way.

He can become upset but in just a short time be back to his cheery self. He is a bright guy with a witty personality. The Leo man is an excellent planner and when he gives orders, he expects that they will be carried out exactly as instructed. He has no problem getting people to follow him.

You will seldom see a Leo man without a woman at his side. If he’s alone he’s either dealing with a broken heart or has the love of his life somewhere. He will do plenty for the love of his life, but he draws the line at losing face. The Leo man can’t live without love.

The Leo Woman

The Leo woman stands out in a crowd. She dresses her own style, is confident, and open minded. She is selective in who she hangs out with. She believes she was born to be a leader and likes to stay in control. She is a graceful woman with plenty of charm. She remembers everything and not just the sweet moments. If you have wronged her, she won’t forget.

The Leo woman has many guys chasing her. She won’t settle for living poor. She loves extravaganza and if that first date is little more than average don’t expect a second one. The Leo woman demands a lot from the love of her life.

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    • profile image

      Pinnsvin 5 years ago

      I'm a Leo and an introvert - it's weird but it works LOL!


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