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5 ways to make the world more peaceful

Updated on February 14, 2011

5 ways to make the world more peaceful.

Number One: Legalize Marijuana

Lets face it. Can you image a world that everyone smoked pot? There will be no deaths due to violence. Everyone will be so doped up to even argue. Instead of Chaos and movement in the Middle East, everyone will be smoking and having a good time.

Number Two: Take out Organized Religion

i know, i know. Religion is the heart and soul of humanity. Without religion the world will fall apart. Or will it? 90% of our wars are fueled by "you believe something that i dont". Its just human nature to not like someone who think completely different than us. Without religion, there would be no wars (unless its for materials such as oil) and everyone will be on the same page.

Number Three: Take Away Money

Money is the root of all evil right? if there was no money, there will be no people threating to kill someone for money. Say bye bye to robberies, Wars, Civil Rights, and all that good stuff.

Number Four: Lessen the Power of Governments

Truth of the matter here is Governments are probably the main cause of people being upset. No matter what they do, or what bill they pass, someone isnt going to like it. Everyone has their own thoughts. So if Governments had less power and control ( all Governments around the world) Every ones life will be easier.

Number Five: Create an resource that cannot run out of

Shortage of food, water, shelter is on everybody concerns. If we happened to create a solution that will not end, Everyone will be happy. Especially where water and food is short in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Of course, all these things are a long shot, but it would defiantly make the world a much safer and peaceful place to be.  


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