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51 to 62 of 100 Tough Questions Answered

Updated on December 31, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

#51 Isn’t the God of the O.T. a God of hate while the God of the N.T. is a God of love?*

No. They are both one and the same. God hates sin and disciplines it and He carries that discipline out in the New Testament as evidenced by the deaths of Ananias and Sappharia. We see in the Old Testament many examples of what God will do to those who disobey and if we did not have those examples we would not take the final judgment seriously. In the Old Testament God carried out His judgment where people could see it and learn from it but in the New Testament people are provided with grace so that they can have sins forgiven and continue in the Christian life.

We see by Abraham’s requests for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah that God had mercy in the Old Testament and was willing to spare the people from destruction IF there were a minimum amount of righteous people found in the cities. What people do is focus on the results of the judgment and overlook or ignore the other characteristics God has.

#52 Do you really believe the story of Jonah and the whale?*

Yes! If that story is false then how could we believe the story of salvation and heaven? Every word has to be true or God sinned and He would not be God and if that were so then there would be no hope for everyone as salvation and Jesus sacrifice could be a lie. We wouldn’t be able to trust God or His word if Jonah was false.

#53 How could all the animals fit onto the ark?*

First, Noah was NOT commanded to take every species onto the ark. With the way genetics works, he did not have to. Second, God would have directed him to take the younger animals because their purpose would be to have offspring to replenish the animal kingdom. Younger animals would be smaller and consume less food.

#54 Where do dinosaurs and other extinct animals fit into the Biblical story?*

Animals die off or are hunted to extinction thus the dinosaurs and other ancient animals would suffer the same fate. The rules do not change from the ancient world to the modern one. They were all creations of God and man, through fear, hunger, greed etc. over-killed, just like today. The animals mentioned in the question above, were NOT pre-species who lived millions of years ago but were part of God’s 7/ 24 hour creation. Also, animals lived longer in the pre-flood world, like humans, and were able to grow to great heights and lengths.

#55 Does the Bible allow for the theory of evolution?*

In one word–NO! The theory of evolution is the product of secular man who wants alternatives to the Biblical accounts and there is not one verse or passage of scripture which alludes, refers, implies or even hints that evolution was responsible. In fact, EVERY passage that talks about creation are very clear and specific that GOD created through His word and power . There is NO room for evolution in the Bible or the life of the Christian.

#56 But doesn’t the Bible contain statements that are at variance with science?*

First, science is not an authority nor is it the final word on what takes place in the world. Second, it is designed to look for natural answers NOT supernatural ones thus it is looking in the wrong places and the wrong direction. Third, science is too limited to provide any answer that is far outside of its scope or given to it by God.

Fourth, one must consider the source. If the people are using secular science then their ideas will be far from what God as they have no concern nor motivation to prove the Bible true. Fifth, science is NOT infallible and it is subject to all the corruption and sin that entered the world at the fall of Adam. The Bible is the only infallible book and what it says is true even though it does not go into all the details man would want. Too many details would bore the reader, and God gave enough information so we can know what is the truth and what is error.

#57 Don’t all religions teach the same things?*

Again in a word–No. Only Christianity teaches the life, death and resurrection of Christ and only the Bible has the acts of God recorded in it. Other religions try to copy the Bible but they all make changes to fit what they want to see in its pages and not what really took place or will take place.

One big difference is the Sabbath day rest. This was not taught in any ancient religion and is unique to the Bible. All one has to do is compare the words of the Bible to the words of the teachings of other religions to see the difference. Even reading the other religions one can feel the difference between their words and God’s.

Many cults will adapt the Bible to fit their beliefs but they aren’t really following the Bible but the words of their founder. They need the Bible to ‘legitimize’ their beliefs in the eyes of other humans but if one is cautious they will not be lead astray by such trickery.

#58 Is Christianity a crutch?*

No, it is a recognition that we cannot do life on our own and in our own strength or understanding. We recognize that we need help from the One who sees and knows all and has the power to protect and guide. Christianity is also a changing of life, going from the worldly kingdoms and joining God’s. This is an act of bravery not cowardice as we put our trust, by faith, in Someone who we cannot see and only have His word. Plus we give up so much and separate ourselves from the world, families along with facing persecutions, hatred, and even martyrdom to follow Jesus. A crutch cannot help you do all that all that. It is not an easy life as we face temptations as well and a crutch cannot provide the strength and courage we need to overcome such things.

#59 Why should I become a Christian? The worst hypocrites are in the church.*

You are not joining the church or being asked to follow other Christians. You are being called to join Christ and follow His ways. Your eyes are to be on Christ not other ‘Christians’ and you are forgetting that Jesus even said there would be bad people in the church until He returned, so allowing hypocrites to influence your eternal destiny would be foolish.

Also by pointing out the hypocrites in the church one is merely looking for excuses to justify their desire to stay with their sinful life.

#60 If Christianity is so great, why are there so few Christians?*

The Bible says it best–‘men love darkness rather than light’. it is easier, more fun to be a sinner and follow the world than to turn away from all the world offers and go in the opposite direction of one’s friends, co-workers and sometimes family. It is not an easy life as Jesus said, ‘pick up your cross and follow me’ and it calls for courage, commitment and dedication, with the help of Jesus, to make it through to the end.

Not many people want to live life that way. they want friends, good times, and to do what they want. They do not want to live by God’s rules or ways. In other words people like to rule their own lives, or so they think.

61. Was Jonah Swallowed by a whale?

We read in Jonah 1:17 that ‘God prepared a great fish’ and in Mat. 17:40 that Jesus said ‘Jonah was in the belly of the whale.’ We do know that a whale is a great fish so there is no contradiction here but is it possible for a whale to swallow a man whole and for that man to live for 3 days?

In the book ‘Difficulties in the Bible’ by R.A. Torrey that the ‘cachalot had a 15 foot shark in its belly’ and that ‘ a sperm whale when dying will eject the contents of its stomach.’ Thus it is very plausible that a whale or large fish swallowed Jonah. We cannot forget God’s involvement in the event . Since he is powerful enough to cause a ‘great fish’ to swallow Jonah, He is powerful enough to stay the gastric juices from doing their normal duty and allow Jonah to live inside the fish. He is also powerful enough to create one fish to handle the task at hand.

62. Did the sun stand still when Joshua commanded it?

We find this account in Joshua 10:12-14 and is it possible. Of course for we read in the New Testament that ‘nothing is impossible for God.’ So if we believe that scripture then it is not difficult to believe the passage about the sun standing still. God can do it. What proof is there that this actually took place?

According to the book ‘Difficulties in the Bible’ by R.A. Torrey, there are extra-biblical records which make reference to this event: Herodotus, the great Greek historian, tells us that the priests of Egypt showed him a record of a long day. The Chinese writings state that there was such a day in the reign of their emperor Yeo, who is supposed to have been a contemporary of Joshua. The Mexicans also have a record that the sun stood still for one entire day in the year which is supposed to correspond with the exact year in which Joshua was warring in Palestine. There is nothing of real weight to prove that there was no such day. So, upon careful examination, this which is asserted to be “the most striking incident of Scripture and science being at variance” is found to be in no sense whatever an incident of Scripture and science, or Scripture and history, being at variance.

(Torrey, R. 1998, c1996. Difficulties in the Bible : Alleged errors and contradictions. Woodlawn Electronic Publishing: Willow Grove)

What about nature? Wouldn’t it ‘upset the whole course of nature? (ibid). No, for if God is strong enough to hold the sun still, He is strong enough to sustain all of nature through that time period allowing for no disruption or catastrophic occurrence. God would be well aware of what would be needed long before Joshua made his plea and nature would be protected.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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