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5 Things To Do Prior To A Self-Dedication Ritual

Updated on March 8, 2015

Self-Dedication Ritual


5 Things To Do Prior To A Self-Dedication Ritual

A Wicca’s rite of self-dedication ritual is perhaps one the most important, and most anticipated days of any aspiring Wicca’s life. Having spent one year and a day in meditation, reading, researching anything you think is relevant to this craft.

There is so much information out there about being a Wiccan, some of it accurate, some of it conflicting, and some of it not very much viable. This is often a common problem for anyone set on starting his or her journey. This was also the case for me. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but hopefully I will be able to dispense a nugget of information that will help you build the foundation for a wonderful journey in whatever path you choose.

A common mistake many of us wiccans will want to do is hastily perform their rite of self-dedication ceremony right after the end of the mandatory waiting period. Some of you have probably planed the day to end on a chosen date that has special meaning to you. While this is certainly a step in the right direction. Are you absolutely sure you are prepared for this day?

Here are some things you might want to consider before you go through with your self-initiation ritual:

  • Have you chosen your magical name?
  • Have you made any vows?
  • Have you connected with nature?
  • Have you created a sacred space?
  • Have you chosen your path?

Learn more about finding your magical name

Have you chosen your magical name?

Have you chosen you’re magical? Having a magical name is very important for use in your rituals. In order to find your magical name you will need to spent some time in meditation or asking the god and goddess inspiration on finding your magical name. Your magical name can be anything that feels right to you and should be only used in your magical works. Your gods give once your magical name to you, or goddesses your connection to your chosen deities will be stronger.

Using your magical name in emails or as an online presence will only diminish its worth. As you travel down your path you may find that your magical name may need to change. For some of you lucky ones this is a sign of growth as a Wiccan. This is a completely normal occurrence and should be taken as a sign of progress on your path of learning.

Have you Made any vows?

Have you chosen your vows? Having realistic vows for your rite of self-dedication ceremony is one way of showing the gods and goddess that you're serious about becoming a Wiccan. Many Wiccans choose vows that will only benefit themselves.

It is also important to choose things that will make positive changes in the world not only for you but also for the god and goddess, and for the planet. There is much you can give of yourself, other than your time, energy, and devotion. The are many ways you can make a difference if not globally than regionally. Whatever you decide makes sure it is right for you, and that you can properly devote yourself to it.

Connecting to nature


Have you connected with nature?

Connecting with nature to me is one of the most enjoyable and easiest things you can do. Simple things you can do to connect with nature is sit outside in your backyard, or patio., Take a walk in a wood trail area, put your feet in the wet sand down by a lake or river. All you need to do for this experience is observe, listen and feel.

You might also try asking yourself what is the name of that flower, what does it smell like, what does the bark on that tree fell like. Use your imagination, ask yourself question like these,if you don't know you can easily look up the answer when you get back home. The more you can do this the more you will feel connected to mother nature, and the more you will feel connected to your path

Learn more about connecting with nature

Have you created a sacred space?

Have you created your sacred space? Finding a sacred space requires a little for thought you will need a place where most rituals can be done year round. This space can be anywhere in the house or outside where you are sure you will not be interrupted. Some of you lucky ones living in warmer climates may be able to have multiple sacred areas.

Whatever area you may chose for your sacred places, make sure it has a lot of room. This is just a friendly tip for anyone new casting a circle during rituals in a small space is not always ideal. You may want to spend some time prior to your self-dedication ceremony connecting with this space and making sure it fells right for you.

Wiccan Path


Have you chosen your path?

Have you chosen which path you will take? This is probably the most important decision to take prior to your self-dedication ritual. Choosing a path and which deities you will worship, or rather which of the goddesses have chosen to guide you at this point. This chose will require a lot of soul searching, there are many path, as well have gods to worship.

Some of these include Celtic, Egyptian, and Roman to name a few. I is important to keep in mind that these are not all inclusive either, some of us like to include parts of different religions together, for example there is nothing wrong with choosing to be a Celtic/ Christian Wicca, or to include Buddha with any of your rituals. The choice is yours after all this is your path and yours alone, no one should be able to tell you that you’re wrong.

Your self-dedication ritual is not something to take lightly, there are many things you need to have ready. Finding your magical name, your sacred space, choosing your vows, and connecting with nature. These things are very important to get you ready. My hope today is that whatever nugget of information you gleam here will help you on your path.

Blessed be! I would like to encourage any one to leave a comment.

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