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6 Reasons to Practice Space Clearing

Updated on February 10, 2011

Move Your Energy Stuff and Change Your Life

Space clearing can and should play a very important role in your life.  It isn’t a complicated task or something that needs a lot of expensive tools, but it should be taken seriously.  Here are six important reasons to practice space clearing.

1.       Clearing that feeling of being stuck in your life

When you feel stuck over a problem or issue in your life, there is always a place of corresponding stuck energy in your home, office, land or even your car.  If you can’t get a raise, a new job, or even a new relationship, you have stuck energy somewhere. Look for this stuck energy first in your home for that is its primary location.  If that doesn’t clear it look elsewhere. 

2.       You have recurring problems

If you feel like you are living inside the movie Groundhog where things keep repeating over and over despite your efforts to correct the situation, you’ve got stuck energy.  Energy works like a magnet and will continue to pull you in its direction until you correct the situation.  If you or your spouse and children have repetitive destructive behavior patterns, keep your home clear.  It will have a profound effect on the dynamics of the family.

3.       Whenever someone has died in the home

Grief, sorrow, sadness and pain over pending death or the shock of a sudden death all leave behind residual energies.  Clearing them will help with the grieving process and help keep depression from setting in.

4.       Manifesting what you want

Clear out the clutter.  Not just for esthetics, but to keep the energy moving in your direction.  If you want a new television, but have 2 old ones in the basement because you didn’t want to deal with disposal, your manifesting energy will be stuck with the old TVs.  You’ve heard the expression Nature abhors a vacuum?   Well it’s true.  Get out that old energy and see how much easier it is to manifest a new TV.

5.       Healing

Clearing the body of stuck energy is essential to healing.  If it’s difficult to get around the bed so that you are able to send energy through the various chakras, just standing at the foot of the bed and gently holding the feet will help ground the person who is ill.  Visualize yourself pulling all the toxins from the body and sending them down into the earth will help too.

6.       Psychic discharge gathers in sickrooms just like toxins gather in the body.  Clearing out the room will remove this energy and allow room for cleaner, brighter, healthier energy.  It can lift the depressive energy from being ill and all the energy channels of the body to process clear energy nutritionfor healing. After an illness

When the person who has been ill recovers, it is important to clean and clear the energies from this room.  Make sure you also clean under the bed as the denser energies of illness will gather there and linger.   Don’t forget the corners!


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