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600 + Best Werewolf Names for Boys and Girls

Updated on July 30, 2019
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The werewolf is a fascinating mythical creature that has evoked curiosity of mind’s eye. In mythical folklore the werewolf is one of the most recognized creatures associated with shapeshifting. The dual personalities of werewolves have been showcased dynamically often emphasizing on circumstances leading to a state of being. The ability of somber atmospheric humans to shapeshift into dark wolf-like creatures has mesmerized minds with the belief of supernatural. Conceptually the ability of werewolves to transform is associated with curses and affliction stemming from the gravity of sin.


Werewolves: Existence Vs Non-Existence

Affliction in relevant genres of myth and folklore is called lycanthropy. While many believe werewolves are figments of one’s imagination and dwell in the realms of fictional tales, a lot many also believe in the existence of this creature in the real world. There have been numerous accounts of claims about werewolf sightings made by people in different parts of the world. Also, studies carried out by cryptozoologists globally have revealed bits and pieces that lead to belief of existence of this creature; however no conclusive evidence has surfaced till date.

Regardless of the school of thought, the fact remains the werewolf has inspired, influenced, and mesmerized people from all walks of life owing to their supreme ability to shapeshift and go on a murderous rampage. Werewolf stories and werewolf movies are hugely popular with different age groups; however the excitement in regard with this mythical creature is at another level with young children and teens.

Werewolves in Folklore

While the concepts of existence of werewolves are widespread, some of the most prominent werewolf variants are mentioned in European folklore of the Medieval period. The belief of supernatural, witches and werewolves have developed in a parallel manner through the Medieval Era, New World, Late Middle Ages and Early Modern period. Persecution, affliction and curses are three components that attribute to the level of strength and weakness in werewolves. The werewolf has become a subject of tremendous interest in folklore studies associated with witch-hunt and shapeshifting. Aside from being insanely popular in gothic culture and subculture, the werewolf is also the most popular mythical creature in mainstream genres spawning a new age of hybrid variants.


The Dark Side of Werewolves and Werewolf Names

Folklore and legends about a man shapeshifting into a dreadful werewolf on full moon nights and going on a diabolic killing spree are numerous. Furthermore, passing on the curse bestowed upon by biting a human and turning him/her into a werewolf have been theoretically depicted in books and movies. Over the years an emphatic dark side of werewolves has been aesthetically showcased in horror genres leading to a new wave of werewolf fiction, werewolf fantasy and werewolf romance. In popular culture, the werewolf is one of the most loved creatures by fans globally. Werewolf mania has gripped the world in myriad ways. In recent years names associated with the mythical creatures is gaining momentum in mainstream and non-mainstream. It may come as a surprise to many, but the truth is a number of individuals are naming their babies after werewolves. Some of the popular fictional werewolf names that appear in legends, literature, films, television, comics and fiction are mentioned below.

  • Grubbs Grady- The Demonata (Darren Shan)
  • Remus Lupin- Harry Potter Series (J.K Rowling)
  • Michael Corvin- Portrayed by Scott Speedman (Movie-Underworld)
  • Nina Pickering- Portrayed by Sinead Keenan (Being Human TV Series)
  • Derek Hale- Character portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin (2011- Teen Wolf- TV Series)
  • Delphine Angua von Uberwaid- Discworld (Terry Pratchett)
  • Evo- Fictional character in DC/Wildstorm comics
  • Lawrence Talbot- Portrayed by Lon Chaney Jr. (The Wolfman- Film Series)
  • Eric Cord- Played by John J. York (Werewolf-TV Series)
  • Jei- Fictional character found in Usagi Yojimbo comics
  • Isaac Lahey- Portrayed by Daniel Sharman (2011- Teen Wolf- TV Series)
  • Daniel “Oz” Osbourne- Portrayed by Seth Green (Buffy The Vampire Slayer- TV Series)
  • Fenrir Greyback- Harry Potter Series (J.K. Rowling)
  • George Sands- Portrayed by Russell Tovey (Being Human- TV Series)
  • Draugluin- Legendarium (J.R.R. Tolkien)
  • Jack Russell- Fictional character in Marvel Comics)
  • Tom McNair- Portrayed by Michael Socha (Being Human- TV Series)
  • Quentin Collins- Variations of characters portrayed by David Selby (Dark Shadows- TV Series)
  • Fangface- Animation character in Cartoon Show (Fangface)
  • Red Riding Hood/Ruby (Once Upon a Time- TV Series)
  • Aardwolf- Fictional character that appears in Marvel Comics
  • David Kessler- Played By David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London)
  • Scott McCall- Portrayed by Tyler Posey (2011 Teen Wolf- TV Series)


Why Parents are Naming their Children after Werewolves

There is a lot associated with a name. A name gives a person identity and a sense of belonging. A meaningful name that emphasizes on character and determination gives an individual strength to overcome. While there is a sinister dark side to werewolves, the flip side also reveals their calm nature and struggle to get in terms with what they are and their determination to overcome against all odds. It’s the inspiring qualities in werewolves that make them impactful.

For many parents, naming a child after a werewolf is symbolic of good and evil that presides in this world and the struggles to overcome inner battles. Werewolf names signify courage and determination that is encompassed with a strong and powerful identity. While werewolves are often depicted as powerful masculine creatures, over the years a number of female werewolves and hybrids have emerged in fictional tales. Both male werewolf names and female werewolf names have become exceedingly popular in mainstream. The origin and meaning of a name has significant importance for some parents, and so certain werewolf names are chosen in accordance with the conceived meaning.

The trend of naming kids after werewolves is getting bigger by the moment. The supernatural abilities of werewolves in fictional accounts have been awe-inspiring for many. This sense of newfound expression through literature and movies has inspired a new generation to name boys and girls after werewolves.

The lines below showcase an epic list of wolf names and werewolf names for boys and girls along with their meaning and origin.


Wolf Names and Werewolf Names for Boys

  1. Ernouf- Strong as a Wolf (Scandinavian)
  2. Amoux- Eagle Wolf (French)
  3. Coinin- Little Old Wolf (Gaelic)
  4. Gerwulf- Spear Wolf (German)
  5. Adalwolf- Noble Wolf (German)
  6. Lowe- Little Wolf (French)
  7. Fenris- Folkloric/Mythological Monster Wolf (Norse)
  8. Rollin- Famous Wolf (Teutonic)
  9. Maccon- Son of Wolf (Celtic)
  10. Connor- Wolf Lover (Irish)
  11. Guadalupe- Wolf valley (Arabic)
  12. Barwolf- Axe Wolf (Old English)
  13. Sandalio- True Wolf Spirit (Spanish)
  14. Loup- Captivating Wolf (French)
  15. Ulfred- Peace Wolf (Old English)
  16. Dolphus- Noble Wolf (German)
  17. Olcan- Wolf (Celtic)
  18. Adalwolf- Noble Wolf (German)
  19. Hrolleif- Old Wolf (Norse)
  20. Audolf- Wolfs Friend (Norse)
  21. Ranulfo- Wolf’s Shield (Teutonic)
  22. Edon- Wolf (French)
  23. Hildwulf- Wolf in Battle (Old English)
  24. Llop- Wolf (Catalonian)
  25. Botolf- Messenger Wolf (Old English)
  26. Geirolf- Wolf Spear (Norse)
  27. Lowell- Wolf Cub (Old French)
  28. Hardulph- Brave Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  29. Dolph- Wolf (Teutonic)
  30. Shumani- Thunder Wolf (Native American)
  31. Radolf- Red Wolf (English)
  32. Connery- Wolf Farmer (Celtic)
  33. Maheegan- Wolf (Native American)
  34. Bledig- Like a Wolf (Welsh)
  35. Honehe- Wolf (Cheyenne)
  36. Ethelwulf- Noble Wolf (Old English)
  37. Lupus- Wolf (Latin)
  38. Conall- Strength of a Wolf (Irish)
  39. Faolan- Little Wolf (Irish)
  40. Canagan- Wolf Cub (Celtic)
  41. Tunstall- Wolf of Thor (Teutonic)
  42. Maicoh- Wolf (Navaho)
  43. Segolia- Wolf (Chipewyan)
  44. Channing- Young Wolf associated with the Church (Old French)
  45. Blaez- Wolf (Old Breton)
  46. Ocumwhowurst- Yellow Wolf (Cheyenne)
  47. Leidolf- Wolf Descendant (Norse)
  48. Gunnolf- Fighting Wolf (Norse)
  49. Hebrewulf- Wolf (English)
  50. Vilkas- Wolf (Lithuanian)
  51. Odwolfe- Wealthy Wolf (English)
  52. Vigolfr- Battle Wolf (Icelandic)
  53. Lycurgus- Wolf Fish (Latin)
  54. Mgelika- Male Wolf (Georgian)
  55. Vukasin- Wolf (Serbian)
  56. Bardou- Bright Wolf (English)
  57. Dolphus- Noble Wolf (German)
  58. Hrolfr- Famous Wolf (Norse)
  59. Caleb- Whole Hearted (Hebrew)
  60. Adolfo- Noble Wolf (Latin)
  61. Lykaios- Wolfish, wolf-like of a Fish (Greek)
  62. Rollo- Famous Wolf (Teutonic)
  63. Heoruwulf- Wolf Army (Old English)
  64. Kuckunniwi- Little Wolf (Cheyenne)
  65. Bleidd- Wolf (Welsh)
  66. Adolphus- Noble Wolf (German)
  67. Z’ev- Wolf (Hebrew)
  68. Gunnolf- Fighting Wolf (Norse)
  69. Wolfgang- Son of wolf (German)
  70. Rendall- Wolf Shield (English)
  71. Ingolf - Ing’s Wolf (Norse)
  72. Conan- Wolf/Hound (Irish)
  73. Theodulf- Wolf God (Old English)
  74. Gorg- Wolf (Farsi)
  75. Vuk- Wolf (Croatian)
  76. Odolf- Prosperous Wolf (Old German)
  77. Eyolf- Lucky Wolf (Norwegian)
  78. Mingan- Grey Wolf (Native American)
  79. Colin- Young Dog/In Whelp (Celtic)
  80. Boris- Wolf (Bulgarian/Russian/German/Slovene)
  81. Filtiarn- Lord of Wolves (Celtic)
  82. Conchobar- Hound-Wolf (Irish)
  83. Acwulf- Oak Medow Wolf (English)
  84. Ullok- Wolf Sport (Old English)
  85. Hrolleif- Old Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  86. Kadzait- Wandering wolf (Native Alaskan)
  87. Okhmhaka- Little Wolf (Cheyenne)
  88. Lobo- Wolf (Portuguese)
  89. Wolfram- Wolf Raven (Teutonic)
  90. Biryuk- Wolf (Molokan)
  91. Vilks- Wolf (Latvian)
  92. Teekon- Wolf (Athabascan)
  93. Ulmer- Wolf Fame (Norse)
  94. Chanteloup- Wolf Song (French)
  95. Liekos- Wolf (Greek)
  96. Bardalph- Axe Wolf (Old English)
  97. Udolph- Wind Spirit (Lakota)
  98. Conri- King of Wolves (Celtic)
  99. Felan- Small Wolf (Celtic)
  100. Teowulf- Mighty Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  101. Lupu- Wolf (Maltese)
  102. Varg- Wolf (Old Norse)
  103. Tikaani- Wolf (Ahtna Athabascan)
  104. Rolf- Red Wolf (Teutonic)
  105. Zayev- Wolf (Hebrew)
  106. Convel- Wolf Warrior (Celtic)
  107. Onai- Wolf (Tamil)
  108. Arnou- Eagle Wolf (French)
  109. Liudolf- Famous Wolf (Germanic)
  110. Roukan- Wolf Counsel (Japanese)
  111. Leloo- Wolf (Chinook)
  112. Weylyn- Son of Wolf (Celtic)
  113. Rezso- Famous Wolf (Teutonic)
  114. Bodolf- Wolf Leader (Norse)
  115. Wolfram- Raven and wolf hybrid (Germanic)
  116. Faelen- Little Wolf (Gaelic)
  117. Ulrich- Female Wolf (English)
  118. Nuntis- Sun Wolf (Latin)
  119. Randolph- Wolf Shield (Old German)
  120. Dib- Wolf (Arabic)
  121. Udolf- Wolf Wealth (Old English)
  122. Conry- Wolf King (Irish)
  123. Tchono- Wolf (Mongolian)
  124. Ivaylo- Wolf (Bulgarian)
  125. Randon- House Wolf (Old English)
  126. Waya- Wolf (Cherokee)
  127. Chinua- Wolf (Mongolian)
  128. Mahigan- Wolf (Cree/Algonquin)
  129. Vargynja- Little Wolf (Germanic)
  130. Tidwulf- Time Wolf (Old German)
  131. Randale- Wolf Shield (English)
  132. Friduwulf- Peaceful Wolf (Old English)
  133. Bighana- Wolf (India)
  134. Rule- Famous Wolf (French)
  135. Kweeuu- Wolf (Hopi)
  136. Adoff- Noble Wolf (German)
  137. Ulvelaik- Wolf Sport (English)
  138. Rudi- Famed Wolf (German)
  139. Ookami- Wolf (Japanese)
  140. Woolsey- Victorious Wolf (English)
  141. Randulphus- Wolf Emblem (Old German)
  142. Farkas- Wolf (Hungarian)
  143. Amarog- Wolf (Greenland-Inuit)
  144. Velvel- Wolf (Yiddish)
  145. Beowulf- Intelligent/Clever Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  146. Randi- House Wolf/Protector (English)
  147. Maiyun- Wolf (Cheyenne)
  148. Aatto- Noble Wolf (Finnish)
  149. Raul- Wolf Counsel (Spanish)
  150. Adolph- Noble Wolf (German)
  151. Owein- Young Noble Wolf (Old English)
  152. Ulmar- Famous Wolf (Old English)
  153. Ranndy- House Wolf (English)
  154. Geri- Odin’s Wolf (Norse Mythology)
  155. Chann- Young Wolf (English)
  156. Amwolf- Eagle Wolf (German)
  157. Yowlumne- People associated with the wolf (Yokut)
  158. Hrolf- Wolf (Norse)
  159. Raff- Red Wolf (English)
  160. Tate- Stalking Wolf (Native American)
  161. Ze’ev- Masculine Wolf (Hebrew)
  162. Nashoba- Wolf (Choctaw)
  163. Eariuffi- Warrior Wolf (Greenlandic)
  164. Bhangi- Wolf (Tibetan)
  165. Zayev- Wolf with Zeal (Hebrew)
  166. Sandulf- True Wolf (Old German)
  167. Ulger- Wolf Spear (Old English)
  168. Radulphus- Shield Wolf (English)
  169. Ardwolf- Home Loving Wolf (English)
  170. Ulrike- Wolf Ruler (German)
  171. Rawlins- Wise Wolf Man’s Son (English)
  172. Ozouf- Gods’s Wolf or Warrior (Scandinavian)
  173. Rand- Shield Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  174. Lupo- Wolf (Italian)
  175. Ulf- Wolf (Old German)
  176. Bozkurtlar- Grey Wolf (Turkish)
  177. Wselfwulf- Slaughter Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  178. Ty-Ohni- Wolf (Native American)
  179. Aethelwulf- Noble Wolf (English)
  180. Lyfing- Dear Wolf (English)
  181. Wulfsige- Victorious Wolf (Old English)
  182. Honiahaka- Little Wolf (Cheyenne)
  183. Rhudi- Famous Wolf (English)
  184. Timmeu- Wolf (Old Lenape)
  185. Rodolfo- Famous Wolf (Spanish)
  186. Landga- Wolf (Marathi)
  187. Makoce- Earth Spirit Wolf (Lakota)
  188. Skjoldolfr- Wolf Protector (Islandic)
  189. Bleyine- Like a Wolf Cub (Old English)
  190. Wolfrik- Wolf Ruler (German)
  191. Raedwulf- Red Wolf (Germanic)
  192. Lycidas- Wolf Son (Anglo-Saxon)
  193. Cuan- Little Wolf/Hound (Irish)
  194. Ujku- Wolf (Albanian)
  195. Kurt- Wolf (Turkish)
  196. Ziff- Wolf (Hebrew)
  197. Owaisy- Wolf Warrior (Anglo- Saxon)
  198. Ruid- Like a Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  199. Ralph -Wolf Counsel (Old English)
  200. Hemene- Wolf (Nez Perce)
  201. Zeeb- Wolf (Biblical)
  202. Gonzalo- Wolf (Spanish)
  203. Ulric- Wolf Power (English)
  204. Raoul- Red Wolf (English)
  205. Marrok- (Knight Wolf) (Arthurian legend)
  206. Hazar-Shual- Wolfs House (Biblical)
  207. Freki- Odin’s Wolf (Norse)
  208. Lyulph- Flaming Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  209. Otsoa- Wolf (Basque)
  210. Lyell- Island Wolf (English)
  211. Alarick- Supreme Wolf Ruler (English)
  212. Maengun- Wolf (Ojibwe)
  213. Amaguk- Wolf (Inupiat)
  214. Rudolph- Famous Wolf (Old German)
  215. Wulffrith- Wolf Peace (English)
  216. Aegenwulf- Sea Wolf (Old English)
  217. Fridolf- Peaceful Wolf (Old English)
  218. Cana- Wolf Cub (Celtic)
  219. Arnulf- Wolf and Eagle Power (Old English/Germanic)
  220. Tala- Stalking Wolf (Sioux)
  221. Wulfgar- Wolf-like Spear (English)
  222. Bjomolf- Bear Wolf (Norse)
  223. Phelan- Like a Wolf (Irish)
  224. Ragnulf- Advisor Wolf (Germanic)
  225. Mohegan- Wolf (American Indian)
  226. Ardolf- Home Loving Wolf (English)
  227. Randall- Shield Wolf (Old English)
  228. Bardolf- Axe Wolf (Old English)
  229. Toralu- Wolf (Telegu)
  230. Channon- Young Wolf (English)
  231. Ulf- Courageous Wolf Heart (Swedish)
  232. Skoll- Sun-chasing Wolf (Norse)
  233. Lyall- Wolf (Old Norse)

Wolf Names and Werewolf Names for Girls

  1. Haquihana- Wolf (Arapaho)
  2. Luperca - She wolf associated with Romulus and Remus (Latin)
  3. Kiyiya- Howling Wolf (Yakima)
  4. Faoiltiama- Lady Wolf (Irish)
  5. Accalia- She Wolf (Latin)
  6. Raffi- Red Wolf (English)
  7. Larentia- She Wolf associated with nursing Remus and Romulus (Latin)
  8. Tasha- Wolf (Caddo)
  9. Botewolf- Herald Wolf (English)
  10. Reule- Famous Wolf (French)
  11. Conwenna- Wolf-Hound (Cornish)
  12. Velvela- Wolf (Yiddish)
  13. Louve- Female Wolf (French-English)
  14. Cathwulf- Pure Wolf (Old English)
  15. Adolpha- Noble She Wolf (German)
  16. Ralphina- Wolf Counsel (Old English)
  17. Seff- Wolf (Hebrew)
  18. Lycandra- Wolfs Bane (Greek Mythology)
  19. Ruelle- Famous Wolf (French)
  20. Singarti- Wolf Spirit (Inukitut)
  21. Cailean- Young Wolf (Gaelic)
  22. Tamaska- Mighty Wolf (Hungarian)
  23. Lupe- Wolf (Spanish)
  24. Daciana- Wolf (Romanian)
  25. Rudina- Legendary Wolf (Germanic)
  26. Ylva- She wolf (Scandinavian)
  27. Lovette- Wolf Cub (English)
  28. Ayame- Demon Princess Wolf (Japanese)
  29. Lupita- Water Wolf (Spanish)
  30. Botolphe- Herald Wolf (English)
  31. Raulina- Wise Wolf (Anglo-Saxon)
  32. Ulrika- Wolf Ruler (English)
  33. Bleddyn- Wolf (Welsh)
  34. Otsana- She Wolf (Basque)
  35. Randie- Shield Wolf (English)
  36. Ulrica- Powerful Wolf (Swedish)
  37. Lovetta- Like a young Wolf (English)
  38. Randella- Shield Wolf (English)
  39. Lovota- Good Natured Fast Wolf (English)
  40. Otsanda- She Wolf (Basque)
  41. Susi- Wolf (Finnish)
  42. Adolfina- Noble She Wolf (German)
  43. Louvel- Little Wolf (French)
  44. Ulva- Wolf ((German)
  45. Adalwolfa- Noble She Wolf (German)
  46. Honi- Wolf (Arapaho)
  47. Loveta- Young Wolf (Old English)
  48. Raula- Wise Ruler Wolf (French)
  49. Agwang- Wolf (Afrikaans)
  50. Lycaonia- She Wolf (Biblical)
  51. Adoqhina- Feminine Noble Wolf (Teutonic)
  52. Shunkaha- Wolf (Lakota)
  53. Adolphine- Noble Wolf (Old English)

More Wolf Names and Werewolf Names for Boys and Girls

  1. Grogan
  2. Freedler
  3. Rafe
  4. Deemothy
  5. Luana
  6. Brulina
  7. Nikkoter
  8. Ordovic
  9. Primalstomp
  10. Greil
  11. Deryn
  12. Marzen
  13. Vladiane
  14. Hegna
  15. Chantelaine
  16. Greezer
  17. Basia
  18. Narmasha
  19. Karner
  20. Sabrione
  21. Harlenta
  22. Deegrin
  23. Marland
  24. Errolina
  25. Jacqui
  26. Lynexa
  27. Amoret
  28. Kritisha
  29. Pilaksha
  30. Judia
  31. Wilder
  32. Ninola
  33. Sadine
  34. Helaine
  35. Bandos
  36. Mazelta
  37. Ralfina
  38. Ephrin
  39. Marlowe
  40. Katelyn
  41. Breezer
  42. Pricola
  43. Truder
  44. Rexitt
  45. Tantrana
  46. Juliantra
  47. Annik
  48. Estrilda
  49. Walushka
  50. Landon
  51. Parella
  52. Nicona
  53. Jirone
  54. Niandra
  55. Merlisha
  56. Aloosa
  57. Milesta
  58. Joshua
  59. Conella
  60. Bartha
  61. Melixa
  62. Linota
  63. Acantha
  64. Norrix
  65. Raulfer
  66. Nia
  67. Barnald
  68. Narcia
  69. Dreamina
  70. Ovidia
  71. Earlene
  72. Lornetta
  73. Mylene
  74. Zulandra
  75. Tibald
  76. Arald
  77. Lecan
  78. Aldina
  79. Garthier
  80. Derston
  81. Kellam
  82. Basiana
  83. Davey
  84. Dzera
  85. Tenila
  86. Beldina
  87. Delina
  88. Lylaine
  89. Resna
  90. Gwenlyn
  91. Finella
  92. Tyros
  93. Meldina
  94. Celestine
  95. Sprenzi
  96. Berlisa
  97. Moon
  98. Jeruza
  99. Belanta
  100. Resno
  101. Saige
  102. Owain
  103. Melruge
  104. Beliz
  105. Laventine
  106. Aldusa
  107. Carrieanne
  108. Diandra
  109. Aldine
  110. Ephinie
  111. Nicken
  112. Truzie
  113. Whispern
  114. Shibene
  115. Lunar
  116. Bartel
  117. Tantra
  118. Bartholomew
  119. Joraine
  120. Luth
  121. Tatiana
  122. Finasha
  123. Ulbrecht
  124. Jamil
  125. Dorlus
  126. Boydster
  127. Lizzle
  128. Azandra
  129. Cloonesta
  130. Nellica
  131. Jenella
  132. Diamendra
  133. Howley
  134. Vivaxa
  135. Lycoona
  136. Thyrius
  137. Merlene
  138. Quillin
  139. Maureen
  140. Charice
  141. Evonda
  142. Marcus
  143. Darcy
  144. Hadesmo
  145. Danill
  146. Imalda
  147. Breeze
  148. Shilo
  149. Idonea
  150. Zyre
  151. Rhett
  152. Brandine
  153. Cylesta
  154. Lashley
  155. Alditha
  156. Noira
  157. Morwina
  158. Kenway
  159. Tulaska
  160. Birood
  161. Sliveen
  162. Gwench
  163. Lynexene
  164. Zunaca
  165. Noyla
  166. Evanne
  167. Herma
  168. Acantha
  169. Maluska
  170. Garter
  171. Delinda
  172. Cylid
  173. Sablina
  174. Brandos
  175. Lyle
  176. Dinella
  177. Nyla
  178. Zoob
  179. Frivina
  180. Valrina
  181. Brianda
  182. Ronster
  183. Niasha
  184. Borus
  185. Hermel
  186. Drackon
  187. Adyle
  188. Elden
  189. Nelissa
  190. Tylene
  191. Dashley
  192. Mistynne
  193. Felista
  194. Cylix
  195. Josiah
  196. Thelda
  197. Degene
  198. Broddi
  199. Marsler
  200. Jower
  201. Zensha
  202. Kruti
  203. Shefola
  204. Gridley
  205. Sevra
  206. Tormond
  207. Camder
  208. Fayer
  209. Lykeen
  210. Ridley
  211. Theola
  212. Morrey
  213. Fredulf
  214. Solarene
  215. Grecia
  216. Rynder
  217. Iossa
  218. Tibran
  219. Drelec
  220. Melisca
  221. Inesha
  222. Antonio
  223. Heskina
  224. Maruska
  225. Dilasha
  226. Raimara
  227. Weldon
  228. Jelene
  229. Darmin
  230. Rumandra
  231. Dornita
  232. Rommik
  233. Harleena
  234. Clovis
  235. Rubella
  236. Jarom
  237. Mervius
  238. Erisa
  239. Groose
  240. Idonea
  241. Felita
  242. Kragen
  243. Darion
  244. Jaylene
  245. Emalda
  246. Gatrie
  247. Axina
  248. Barlog
  249. Yovel
  250. Bermin
  251. Zenisha
  252. Kinolda
  253. Iwena
  254. Baronne
  255. Mizette
  256. Rahl
  257. Fernard
  258. Nolan
  259. Carmelina
  260. Maricca
  261. Dalisha
  262. Arion
  263. Emron
  264. Alfride
  265. Delmor
  266. Myndill
  267. Luandra
  268. Reyna
  269. Tizzle
  270. Adela
  271. Trither
  272. Hoshi
  273. Pavel
  274. Lucianne
  275. Mizona
  276. Trisha
  277. Flarie
  278. Torino
  279. Meider
  280. Mitchelda
  281. Abemora
  282. Petrina
  283. Baize
  284. Weizen
  285. Arnette
  286. Skully
  287. Norriz
  288. Osald
  289. Consella
  290. Petrine
  291. Deriston
  292. Trishana
  293. Bruma
  294. Dagger
  295. Willona
  296. Gremella
  297. Versum
  298. Tilaine
  299. Mistina
  300. Suma
  301. Royd
  302. Jorad
  303. Briana
  304. Erlene
  305. Hegna
  306. Grivana
  307. Nelisha
  308. Adlina
  309. Luzu
  310. Dower
  311. Mautreen
  312. Greema
  313. Orkney
  314. Ariston
  315. Jessdyl
  316. Grivania
  317. Fliona
  318. Laudon
  319. Bulia
  320. Tyrene
  321. Lukester
  322. Narsia
  323. Artila
  324. Elzina
  325. Marnald
  326. Breeona
  327. Lorena
  328. Silveen
  329. Bowdin
  330. Wyngel
  331. Ramola
  332. Lylie
  333. Richita
  334. Trezz
  335. Colton
  336. Hemina
  337. Valgerd
  338. Grenita
  339. Ivalio
  340. Ronther
  341. Elmaria
  342. Aurela
  343. Milligan
  344. Omega
  345. Templina
  346. Armin
  347. Zog
  348. Triston
  349. Fergus
  350. Tybalt
  351. Lothian
  352. Colby
  353. Dreus
  354. Fina
  355. Margus
  356. Armadyl
  357. Gaius
  358. Triantra
  359. Quillard
  360. Cordea
  361. Lillian
  362. Izolda
  363. Darther
  364. Kashgar
  365. Lyndel
  366. Balkin
  367. Arooba
  368. Lukina
  369. Ruthela
  370. Lucatra
  371. Petrine
  372. Breena
  373. Trezmor
  374. Annik
  375. Gluda
  376. Ionna
  377. Barther
  378. Wyett
  379. Alfer
  380. Dalton
  381. Clementine
  382. Brondy
  383. Kirala
  384. Minerva
  385. Refia
  386. Victrine
  387. Gharneff
  388. Alonda
  389. Etienne
  390. Lordella
  391. Bertolf
  392. Theorin
  393. Ricola
  394. Irutha
  395. Aura
  396. Cybella
  397. Lucita
  398. Jillera
  399. Asterbelle
  400. Chandi

What comes to mind when you hear the word Werewolf?

See results

© 2018 Ansel Pereira


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