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7 Common Myths Of Christianity.

Updated on February 10, 2016

Dear Friend.

I'm writing this article more as a letter from the heart than my usual "fun and "media rich" blogs. Thank you for reading.

Myth 1. All Christians Are "Religious" And "Preachy".

I hate the word "religion". That's just the honest truth. I think it sounds stiff and impersonal. When I hear the word religion, I think of stain-glass windows and stone statutes. Religion makes me think of rules, guilt, and condemnation. And to some people that is what it means to have anything to do with God. And there are a lot of people that would think that I was sinful and blaspheme to believe the way I do.

There are also so many people who run away and don't want anything to do with God because of the false image religion paints. I don't believe Christianity has anything to do with being religious. It's not a list of regulations. It's about a great and beautiful relationship. It's about a love you cannot fathom.

Religion says you have to be in a building every Sunday morning or you're not holy. I have a relationship with Jesus and that motivates me to try my best. I honestly don't attend church regularly. It's important to have time with God and support from fellow believers, but it doesn't have to be at church.

A relationship with God should improve your life. You should not feel ashamed and try to hide things about yourself from God. Talk to God like you would a best friend. Tell Him everything you're feeling and going through. A relationship with God shouldn't be drab.

Myth 2. Christianity is Boring.

Religion is boring, real Christianity isn't. If Christianity is boring to you, then you aren't seeing the full picture. I use to think it all seemed rather dull before I understood it. A real relationship with Jesus gives you peace and comfort. Having a relationship with Jesus is rich and exciting.

Obviously, we all live in the real world and there's always going to be bad days. There's always going to be those days where you wonder where God is. I'm not saying Christianity makes everything flowers and sunshine, but it does give you hope and a purpose.

Like any relationship, you have to dedicate time and attention for it to grow intimate and strong. Music is my personal link to God. The right song can turn my attitude around and remind of God's presence.

Myth 3. All Christians Are Hypocrites.

I heard the word "hypocrite" more than any other whenever the subject of Christianity comes up. The truth is, we all have a little hypocrite in us. It's our heart, motive, and attitude that controls our inner hypocrite. We all have sin in our lives, that's why we need a Savior. No one should act like they have it all together.

People love to point out the flaws and shortcomings of others. Pointing out the sins of others is much easier than looking at your own. Nobody is perfect, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to be better and help others. It's all in your attitude. If you reach out to someone knowing that you have faults too, you're not a hypocrite. If you ever give advice with a self superior attitude, then you're acting on your hypocritical side my friend.

Myth 4. All Christians Are Judgmental.

This has always been an issue for me. I cannot stand feeling judged or seeing other people judged. The bible says for you to take the log out of your own eye before pointing out the splinter in your neighbor's eye. Being judgmental is like planting the seed for the hypocrite weed.

Nobody can possibly understand what someone is going through or their past. God is the only one who can rightfully judge. Being judgmental is a flaw in humanity we must fight against. All Christians aren't judgmental. Are some? Oh yes, very. I have felt judged many times.
There is a difference from having accountability than people judging you. Anyone that helps you stay on track should know you really well and have earned your trust.

There are many Christians with a rough past. I have met some really amazing people that are real and know how hard life can get. No one prospers from a condescending attitude. What we all need is a brother who understands and will offer a hand up.

Myth 5. All Christians Force Their Beliefs On You.

I remember one day at work a few years ago. At the time I was working at a retail grocery store. A fellow worker who was an atheist asked me what my beliefs were. I repeat, he asked me. When I told him I was a Christian, he quickly warned me not to push my beliefs on him.

He immediately expected me to be rude and obnoxious about my beliefs. It concerns me if that is the kind of reputation Christians have. I don't believe anyone should ever be overbearing about their beliefs, especially with a stranger.

I don't know anyone who became a Christian because someone was pushy and badgered them. Respect is really important and I know I am not the only Christian that believes that.

Myth 6. Christians Don't Have Fun.

This depends on what you consider "fun". Yes, Christians should live their lives differently. I have plenty of fun, of course I don't consider wild partying, drinking, or drugs fun. I don't consider myself uptight, though I'm sure others who are in to that type of thing would disagree.

There are plenty of Christians that aren't stuck up and have fun. I'll watch movies with language and turn up that catchy Ellie Goulding song in my car. I have many friends that are agnostic and we've had some crazy fun times. At least, I hope they had fun. Maybe they were bored ha ha. I definitely have boundaries and morals, but they keep me out of a lot of not fun.

Myth 7. God Isn't A Loving God...

...Because bad things happen. This is the main line tossed out in a spiritual debate. I'm not God. I can't say why terrible things happen to great people. I do know that God originally wanted us to live in paradise because He loves us. We have always had our own will to make out own decisions. In the garden of Eden, we chose to let sin take hold of the world. With sin and free will came corruption.

Countless of times God has extended His hand to help us in our sinful ways. He even gave us His beloved son to wash away our sins and give us the option of eternal life. He doesn't force us to choose Him. He is always working with His children's best interests at heart. He let's us make our own choices and sometimes they have disastrous fallout. Humanity is flawed and selfish. I do know assuredly that God's heart breaks with ours and He listens when we cry out to Him.


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    • HaddieHope profile image

      Hadassah Harrington 21 months ago from Corydon, IN

      Thank you!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 21 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very well done and helpful. Stereotyping has become a way of judging Christians. We seem to get lumped together in a negative way.