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7 Figure seekers

Updated on January 1, 2010

7 figure marketing

Almost in every arena of the social stratum the working class often looks at the rich and famous with a degree of envy. Some have even viewed the wealthy with jealousy, curiosity and suspicion and very rarely with gratification. This is in part due to the old Feudal system where the rich were viewed as the enemy and the fact that whoever controls the gold bears the rule.

Wealth can be passed on by inheritance, theft or by any number of ways that has been created by man to acquire financial wealth in order that they may rearrange their mode of living. They have created the 7 figure marketing school pyramid and other supposedly get rich seven figure schemes which they have launched into the economy with the objective of demonstrating to the poor that they too can be rich and famous.

Money is a means of exchange for services rendered (Jer.32:20, Mark 14:10). But the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and piercing themselves through with many sorrows" (1Tim.6:10).

The Sorrows

  1. Family trouble - Proverbs 15:27
  2. Frustration, regret - Eccl. 5:10
  3. Recklessness, stupidity - Jer.17:11
  4. Misery - Jam. 5:3
  5. Apostasy - I Tim.6:10 - departing from the faith

But some that are rich because of their wealth have stirred up strife, so much so, that one biblical writer penned the notable saying that, “My feet had well nigh slipped. For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked”.

Does that mean that wealth should not be sought after? My answer to this question is that the glory of wealth is manifested as one endeavors to supply a need. Therefore wealth in all its majesty is located in a place called satisfaction.

There is a saying that, “curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back”. Whatever mode of life you have chosen there will always be persons, places or things that need to be satisfied and therefore the place of satisfaction will beyond doubt become the place of wealth which should not be limited only to finance.

The more satisfaction you are found to be releasing on those to whom your services are supplied, then the greater is your acceptance because your value has increase. This increase of value is called wealth which may manifest itself as material in the way of tangible possessions, for instance gold, money or intangibles; revelation knowledge, wisdom and authority.

Therefore one who is wealthy is significant of one who meets a need. For an example we look at Christ who came to us as a servant but became the greatest in his servitude and therefore was given all authority over the church, the fullness of Him that filleth all in all.

Who makes the determination as to the value if the service? Well in carnal things, man but in spiritual things, God.

Some that have gained financial wealth by wicked methods and have attempted to find true contentment but this is not possible, for wicked method only lead to a “false satisfaction”.

For example when a prostitute or “call girl” labors, it appears as if it’s a win- win service, that each party leaves the place of the craft, satisfied. But there are consequences, because one day each individual that was involved in this ancient industry will need to “pay the piper”.

It may have been for,

· the abortion of the homes and the destruction of lives due to the affair;

· for the STD that was carefully delivered and

· for the generational memory of those who were involved, particularly for a young man or woman to overhear conversations or see pictures pointing to his darling mother’s involvement in prostitution.

Some things, even if repented, still have a way of showing its ugly head at a time when you least expect. They become like roaches, leaving its place of untimely development to travels to the center of your dining room table, in the midst of thanksgiving dinner with someone you wanted to impress. I need to say nothing else about ruining the appetite.

But in Psalms 73:5 it says as pertaining to rich man who is full of pride and wickedness and that they have not the trouble of other men; neither are they plagued like other men.

Now let me say here that this statement is not a blanket for all those who are wealthy for there are those who have been made rich by divinity for the expansion of the kingdom and to establish God’s covenant.

But the rich in Psalms 73 have different issues.

  1. The time variables are completely different.
  2. They follow their own sense of direction and should he fail there is no Spiritual direction.
  3. He has no God to which he his in covenant, no failsafe system.
  4. The rich man is brought into desolation in a moment

Let us look at Luke 16:19

There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day”.

The Greek word for sumptuously is lambano, meaning to take in whatever manner.

This rich man had investments that abounded to his prosperity daily. He had seen his investments take off financially, witnessing a daily growth, but he was mean, evil-hearted, and uncompassionate only having a vision that was directed at his own glory.


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